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3.3 Designing Your Landing Page Using Elementor

With WP Funnels, you can design and edit your Landing Page using Elementor.

To design or edit your Landing Page with Elementor, at first go to your funnel canvas.

Now, when you click on the Landing step, you will see two new options on the top of the Landing step, the first one is the view option and the second option is the edit option.

To edit the Landing page, click on the edit option and a new tab will open with the Elementor page builder plugin, through which you can edit your Landing page with Elementor.

I should mention that, here, I’ve set Elementor as the default page builder, this is why this Landing page will open with Elementor. You can change the default page builder from the WP Funnels Settings.

Now, you can edit the landing page from scratch, or if you’ve selected a Landing template, you will get the pre-made template here.

On the left you will find widgets, just drag and drop the widgets to your template and edit them. Also, you can search the widgets from the widget bar.

For example, to add the Next Step Button to your Landing page, scroll down to the bottom of widget bar and find WP Funnels, or search for Next Step Button.

Drag and drop the Next Step Button widget to your template.

You will see that the button type is selected as Checkout by default.

To make any changes to your Next Step Button, click on the Next Step Button Content, and you will get some options to change the button text, alignment, size, icon, etc.

Click on the Update button from the bottom left.

Also, by clicking on the Style or Advanced option, you will get some more options to change the button style.

Now, finally, to see your landing page in action, click on the view option next to the Elementor Update button, and it will open a new tab and will show you the live view of the page.

That’s it, your Landing page is ready.

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