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3.4 How To Use An Order Bump At The Checkout Page

One of the best ways to increase your sales is to add an order bump offer at the checkout.

When you use such an offer, the buyer has the chance to get a related product or offer at just a single click, while you get a chance to increase the average order revenue.

Once you set up a basic sales process, i.e., you have setup the landing page, checkout page, and thank you page, you can then focus on including an order bump at the checkout for this particular funnel.

Let us go through a step-by-step guide so that you can easily add an order bump to your funnel using WP Funnels.

So let’s begin.

Step-by-step Guide To Add An Order Bump At The Checkout Page

1. Click on the Checkout step from the WP Funnels dashboard and you will see some new options.

WP Funnels Editor Checkout Options

2. Click on the Settings icon for the checkout step settings.

WP Funnels Checkout Settings Option

It will take you to the checkout page settings, and you will be on the Products tab by default.

3. If you have already added products to your funnel, you will see them here, or you can add new products by searching the products in the “Search for products” search field and then clicking on the “Add Products” button.

WP Funnels Add New Product

**The product(s) you add here is the main product for which you have created this funnel.

**After adding a product here, if you haven’t imported a template and are creating the checkout step from scratch, then make sure to Edit the checkout page and add the Checkout Widget (for Elementor) or the Checkout Block (for Gutenberg) on the page and update it. You can then follow the steps below to add an order bump.

4. Click on the Order Bump tab options and it will take you to its settings page of this sales funnel. Enable it.

WP Funnels Enable Order Bump

It will give you options to configure and add a one time offer to the checkout of this funnel.

5. First, select an Order bump template

WP Funnels Order Bump Template Style

You will get a preview of the style on the right side.

6. Now, select the position to place this offer at the checkout

WP Funnels Order Bump Position

This will determine where in the checkout page will the order bump appear. If you are confused, you can always edit the checkout page later to view the offer position on the Preview mode of the page (and will be able to change the position via the Checkout widget/block settings, if you want to change it).

7. Choose a product that you want to use as an order bump offer for this funnel.

WP Funnels Add Order Bump Product

Here, you can choose the quantity you will offer and change the product image if needed.

**We recommend creating a special image for the offer, rather than using the default image.

8. Next, add a Highlight Text, Checkbox label, and the Offer/Product description.

WP Funnels Order Bump Product Details Info

You can get a live preview of what you have entered on the right side.

9. Include a discount on the offer if you want to.

WP Funnels Order Bump Product Discount

You can switch the Discount Type to Percentage or Flat amount and assign a discount to the price of the product you added on the order bump.

This offer price will be shown on the order bump as an offer price compared to the original price, as shown in the preview on the right side.

10. Scroll down and click on the Update button below.

WP Funnels Order Bump Save Changes

And that’s it. You can then view your order bump by previewing the Checkout page.

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