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Introduction to WP Funnels

Welcome to this guide on WP Funnels(WPF).

WP Funnels is a simply but effective plugin that helps to Plan and use Sales Funnels in your WordPress site.

Whether you are offering courses, selling products or eBooks, offering subscriptions, or simply trying to generate more leads, WP Funnels will help you increase sales.

The purpose of WP Funnels is to help you plan and create complete sales funnels without any complications and within your WordPress dashboard.

No need to use one tool to Plan a funnel, and then another to create and execute it. You will be able to do everything you need to build a successful funnel within your WordPress dashboard.

Moreover, you can create fully-functioning sales funnels in as low as 10 minutes using this plugin.

You will get exclusive features such as:

  • A Drag-and-drop canvas for funnel mapping and funnel planning
  • All the typical steps needed (Landing, Checkout, Thank You)
  • Orderbump offer at the checkout
  • Upsell and Downsell offers after checkout
  • Full analytics of every funnel step (Coming soon)
  • A/B testing of every step (Coming soon)

The best part is, the plugin is simple and easy to use and it comes with actionable sales funnel templates for several niches, which you can import with just a click. This means you will need no design & development skills. All you need is to input contents, and the funnel will do the rest for you.

Throughout this guide, you will get step-by-step instructions on creating complete funnels, whether it is for sales or for lead generation, on your own easily, and using all the features to make the funnel flawless for your desired businesses.

This guide will cover the following:

1. Getting Started With WP Funnels

  • How to Install and Activate WP Funnels
  • How to create your first funnel in less than 10 minutes!
  • A Basic Plugin Overview

2. Step-by-step guide to creating successful Sales Funnels

  • How To Import Funnel Templates for Sales Funnels
  • How To Set Up A Landing Page For Your Sales Funnel
  • Designing Your Landing Page Using Elementor
  • How To Use An Order Bump At The Checkout Page
  • Designing Your Landing Page Using Using Gutenberg
  • How To Choose Primary Product(s) For Your Sales Funnel
  • How To Configure The Funnel Checkout Page
  • Designing Your Checkout Page Using Elementor
  • Designing Your Checkout Page Using Gutenberg
  • How To Configure The Funnel Thank You Page
  • Designing Your Thank You Page Using Elementor
  • Designing Your Thank You Page Using Gutenberg

Once you follow the steps, you will then be able to create complete sales funnels for any online businesses and increase your online sales even faster.

So let’s dive into it.

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