Mail Mint Giveaway Contest 1 Winner

The Mail Mint Giveaway Contest Has Ended

Hey everyone, thank you all for participating in the Mail Mint Giveaway Contest.

Let’s congratulate our 3 Winners:

1. Makoto

2. Osman Safdar

3. Ngoc Nguyen

Thank you for your amazing effort in helping us spread the word about the Mail Mint launch.

Each of the winners will be awarded a Small Lifetime Plan of Mail Mint Pro.

**If you are one of the winners, please reach us at [email protected] via the email you used to enter the contest,
and we will help you with claiming your free Mail Mint Lifetime License.

Following is the leaderboard for the top 20 contestants.


#NameEmailReferralsPoints Earned
1🏆 Makotoara*****[email protected]1287
2🏆 Osman Safdaroth******[email protected]878
3🏆 Ngoc Nguyenngo********[email protected]978
4DanFyndan*********[email protected]978
5Venerando Abaven******[email protected]875
6Oscarkuk***[email protected]154
7Ndenwa Elijaheli********[email protected]154
8Mohd Azimazi****[email protected]454
10Michael Klein[email protected]******ork.de051
12Gregory TYNDALgre****[email protected]051
13Francescofra****[email protected]***le.it051
14GDPR MySitesthe**********[email protected]051
15Stephenrea*********[email protected]051
16David Hibbertda***@flu*********
17Francescosvi***[email protected]***le.it051
18Yaz Touyto****[email protected]051
19Noureddine DH (nourdh)dh****[email protected]051