Why Do We Collect Non-Sensitive Diagnostic Data?

When you activate WPFunnels we ask you to help us improve the plugin by sending us non-sensitive diagnostic data.

We do this via a service called Appsero and you do have the option to not opt-in.

If you do not opt-in, no data is sent.

Let us look at what non-sensitive data we collect and why/how we use it.

What Non-sensitive Data do we collect?

When you opt-in, we collect the following information:

  • – Your name and email address.
  • – Site name and url
  • – Site language
  • – Number of active and inactive plugins
  • – Number of users in your site
  • – PHP version
  • – WordPress Version
  • – Server environment details (mysql, server)
  • – WPFunnels Version
  • – WPFunnels Plugin Status (Active, Deactivated , Uninstalled)

No sensitive data is tracked.

Opting in also subscribes you to our announcement, promotional, and newsletter emails.
**You can unsubscribe to our emails at any time.

Why do we collect Non-sensitive Data?

We collect non-sensitive data to:

  • – help us improve our plugin update plans
  • – improve troubleshooting and user support,
  • – send you emails about important announcements
  • – inform you of latest promotions (discounts & offers)
  • – send you newsletters

**You can unsubscribe to our emails at any time.

An example of this is, when you deactivate WPFunnels, through Appsero we ask you for a reason with a few pre-defined options. This helps us understand why users deactivate WPFunnels so that we can plan on improving, and possibly fix a reported issue.

What happens if you press ‘No Thanks’?

If you choose not to opt-in and press ‘No Thanks’, then no data is sent at all. This will not affect the plugin functionality in any way.

Is Appsero safe?

Yes, Appsero is completely safe. You read about Appsero and its privacy policy here: