Strategies For Abandoned Cart Recovery To Win Back Lost Sales

5 Proven Strategies for Abandoned Cart Recovery to Win Back Lost Sales in 2024

Running an e-commerce store can be quite challenging, with several barriers here and there.

If you run a WooCommerce store, then one of the major issues you will face is cart abandonment.

Seemingly, buyers come to your shop and add products to the cart, but many of them do not complete the order. They rather abandon your site. And this number is not small.

E-commerce brands, all over the world, lose around $18 billion in sales revenue every year due to cart abandonment

As a result, it has now become crucial for e-commerce sites to run abandoned cart recovery campaigns.

If you can devise a well-planned abandoned cart recovery process, then you will be able to recover over 20% of these missed opportunities into sales.

Today, you will learn how you may use different cart abandonment recovery strategies to bring back potential buyers and grow your revenue.

After reading this article, you will learn

  • The main benefits that you will get when running an abandoned cart recovery campaign,
  • Different strategies you may implement in your recovery process,
  • Get a comprehensive blueprint for setting up a customer recovery automation.

So let’s dive in.

Why Is Abandoned Cart Recovery Crucial For Business Growth?

Normally, when you look at your analytics, you will notice that you are probably converting around 3% of your visitors. This means, out of every 1000 people that visit your store, you are able to convert 30 of them.

However, the average add-to-cart rate is around 8%, i.e., 80 out of every 1000 visitors.

If you compare, you can see that over 60% of the people who were interested in buying a product abandoned the order.

That’s a huge loss.

To reduce this number, you first have to implement strategies to avoid abandoned carts so that you stop losing fewer of these potential buyers. And then, run an abandoned cart recovery campaign to bring back as many of these abandoned buyers as possible.

Overall, a recovery campaign will help to

  • Recover missed revenue that you deserve.
  • Increase the number of sales.
  • Improve the conversion rate for your online store.
  • Help buyers remember what they were about to miss.

While it is a crucial step, you still need to make sure you do it right. You have to implement proper strategies to get the maximum output from your recovery campaigns. That’s exactly what you will learn in the next section.

Five Reliable Tactics To Recover Abandoned Carts

Following are some proven tactics you want to use when devising an abandoned cart recovery campaign.

1. Set Up Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads are the most popular approach to bring back customers who once visited your site.

It’s a way to run targeted Ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms for people who have visited specific pages or taken specific actions on your site.

What you can do is you may create customized banner Ads or product videos and set up these Ads for people who have visited your product pages, cart page, and checkout page.

And this works quite well. According to Motocoms, retargeting Ads can reduce cart abandonment by 6.5% and increase online sales by almost 20%.

For example:

You Have an online clothing store. A customer added a trendy pair of jeans to the cart but leaves without completing the purchase. With retargeting ads, you can display ads featuring those exact jeans or similar products on popular websites or social media platforms they are surffing.

This serves as a gentle reminder that, previously, they did show interest in these jeans or products in your store and can still go back to complete the order.

Here are some best practices for creating effective retargeting ads:

  • Keep the ad creative, simple, and eye-catching
  • Use persuasive language to emphasize the value or benefits of the product
  • Include a clear call to action to encourage your customers to complete their purchase
  • Target ads to customers who have shown a higher intent to purchase

Meta Pixel, Google AdWords, and AdRoll are 3 of the most popular re-targeting Ads platforms that you may use to set up the Ads.

2. Give A Reminder To The Prospect via Emails

Apart from Ads, the next best approach is to use reminder emails.

You see, it has been observed that most prospects do not abandon your shop intentionally. They usually get too busy or distracted by something else and forget about the product they are about to order.

So, a simple reminder email will act as a friendly nudge, reminding customers of the items they left behind and providing an opportunity to complete their purchase again.

For instance, if you run an electronics store and a customer added a high-end smartphone to their cart but didn’t checkout, you can send them a reminder email. A simple subject line such as “Did you forget something ? Your favorite product is still available!” will be good enough. Then, in the email, include an eye-catching image of the smartphone, a brief description of its features, and a clear call to action to “Complete Your Purchase Now.”

You may use Cart Lift or Mail Mint to automatically initiate this reminder email to abandoned customers.

Tips when sending reminder emails for abandoned cart recovery:

  • Send this email within the next 6 hours since cart abandonment so that the prospect doesn’t forget about it.
  • Keep the email copy short and precise. It should sound like you are actually reminding them rather than trying to persuade them.
  • The email design should be as simple as possible so that the CTA button is the most highlighted element.

3. Make A Discount Offer To Trigger Conversion

Discounts are the most powerful triggers to drive conversion. And since the people you are trying to win back are already interested, you may offer a discount to convince them to come back and complete the orders.

In this case, you may offer a coupon discount to the ones you are re-targeting via Ads. Or, you may send an email to abandoned customers and offer them a special coupon to complete the orders in the next few days.

This could be a small 10% or 20% discount. In many cases, people do consider taking you up on the offer.

While using this tactic, try to do the following

  • Send this email within 12 to 48 hours since abandonment.
  • The coupon you send should not be available naturally on your website. It should be exclusive to abandoned customers.
  • Always set a deadline for your coupon, let’s say, around 3 to 7 days to claim the discount.

4. Express Scarcity To Trigger Immediate Action

While discounts work great, another great approach is to use “scarcity” as the sales trigger.

Seemingly, if your prospect was really interested when he abandoned the order, then he will be worried if the product runs out of stock.

So, what you can do is you can send an email 3 to 5 days after abandonment and inform him that the product is still available but about to get out of stock.

For example. Suppose a person abandoned the cart while adding a pair of Limited Edition Sneakers to the cart. After 3 days, you may send an email stating that the sneakers are still available, but the demand is high, and the stock may run out soon. This will create a sense of urgency in the buyer’s mind and he will make a quick decision on if he wants to purchase it or not.

This approach will often influence a few buyers to hurry and complete the order as he was very interested but couldn’t purchase earlier for some reason.

However, it’s even better if you combine it with the previous tactic, and send this as a follow-up to the discount email you send. For example, suppose you send a discount coupon 24 hours after cart abandonment. Then, 3 days later, send the scarcity email, but this time, in the email copy, also remind him of the coupon that he can still use before the product runs out of stock.

In this case, there will be two triggers acting at the same time – a discount and scarcity – which will double the chances of conversion.

Do not state how long it will take for the stock to run out.
For example, don’t say, “The product may run out by next week.”
People will often wait till the last day to make a decision.

IV. SMS Marketing

Just like the email campaigns mentioned above, you may try the same approaches via SMS.

SMS messages have a high open rate with quick response times, making them an ideal opportunity to engage with your customers who abandoned their carts.

And it will especially work for consumer goods and groceries.

However, make sure you are careful here.

  • Ask for buyers’ permission before sending an SMS. People are more open-minded about emails than receiving an SMS.
  • Do not send too many SMS to a single customer in a week – send at max 3 SMS per week.
  • The message should be as small as possible. People don’t like reading long text messages.

Twilio is a great tool that you may look into for SMS marketing.

The Abandoned Cart Recovery Blueprint For E-Commerce

The process of recovering abandoned carts is actually not so complicated if you know the process.

Following is a curated blueprint of what you need to launch your abandoned cart recovery campaign for your WooCommerce store.

  1. Use A Tool That Can Track & Capture Abandoned Carts
    • Normally, your WooCommerce analytics won’t keep track of the buyers who are abandon orders. You will need a plugin that can track the cart abandonment events and capture the buyers’ data who left.
    • You may consider looking into Cart Lift or Cart Bounty, which are specialized for these.
  1. Choose A Reliable SMS Marketing Tool
    • Twilio is the best option in this regard.
  1. Set Up A Reminder Email & SMS within 6 hours after cart abandonment.
    • We recommend you send this within 1 hour after abandonment.
  1. Create An Email And SMS With A Discount Coupon within 48 hours after cart abandonment.
    • We recommend you send this within 6 hours after abandonment.
  1. Set Up A Last Call Email And SMS within 7 days after cart abandonment.
    • We recommend you send this within 3 days after abandonment.
    • Make sure to use both scarcity and coupon deadlines as triggers.
  1. Set Up Re-targeting Ads For People Who Visit The Cart Page Or Checkout Page
    • You may set it up for any visitors, but being specific to these pages will re-target abandoned customers.
    • Adroll is probably the most popular tool to help with this.

As long as you follow this blueprint and work on writing proper emails, you will be able to see higher conversion rates in your recovery campaigns.

Final Thoughts

The key to success in e-commerce is to make sure you convert as many potential buyers as possible. And the abandoned cart recovery process will help you win back up to 20% off all your lost customers. The rest may not come back, but they will still result in almost twice as many sales.

As long as you understand the tactics properly, you will be able to write effective copies and set up meaningful Ads that will be optimized for conversion.

So go ahead and set up your own abandoned cart recovery campaign to grow your WooCommerce revenue.

If you feel frustrated to recover your abandoned cart be strategic to avoid it.

Here is a strategic Guide To Avoid Abandoned Cart

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