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Version 2.2.326 January, 2022
  • Divi builder issue when editing in front end
  • Conflict when SEO tool used with Elementor
  • Payment gateway not working for $0 product + Order bump
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Version 2.2.220 January, 2022
  • Variation should display variation product image
  • Out of stock product can be added as OB
  • Multiple product variations showing "Size is a required field"
  • Multiple connectors allowed when toggling global funnels or saving funnel title
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Version 2.2.118 January, 2022
  • Issue with variable products order details error
  • Missing Divi builder warning although builder is active
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Version 2.2.014 January, 2022
  • Divi builder & Theme support
  • WPF Divi Modules (Next Step Button, Opt-in, Checkout, Order details)
  • WPF Shortcodes (Next Step Button, Opt-in, Checkout, Order details)
  • Show Order bump added or not on the visual canvas
  • WooCommerce v6.1.0
  • Improved UI with meaningful tooltips
  • Template style and design optimization
  • Optimize templates for mobile responsiveness
  • Improved Conditional Step control
  • Improved WPF Elementor widgets to avoid conflict with other Elementor Addons
  • Improved discount application
  • WooCommerce action scheduler older version support
  • Improved steps slug control
  • Order bump variation pricing display optimization
  • Deleting Conditional Step showing No Product Added Label
  • Settings tab slug conflict with other plugins
  • Duplicated funnel's checkout being replaced with WooCommerce checkout
  • Duplicated funnel not taking set conditions
  • Duplicated funnel not taking all events for CRM integration
  • USD (or currency) not showing when order bump is added
  • Order bump issue when the same product is assigned as Main offer and order bump
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Version 2.1.2014 January, 2022
  • Conflict with WooCommerce German Market plugin hooks
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Version 2.1.194 January, 2022
  • Fixed - Issue with variable product in the Checkout step
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Version 2.1.1831 January, 2022
  • Fixed Compatibility issue with global funnel
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Version 2.1.1731 January, 2022
  • Fixed - Logging into existing account during funnel checkout takes user to WC Checkout
  • Fixed conflict with Astra Shop archive hooks
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Version 2.1.1629 December, 2021
  • Padding option added on Checkout Form for Elementor & Gutenberg widget/block
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Version 2.1.1524 December, 2021
  • Compatible with PHP 7.2
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Version 1.2.326 January, 2022
  • Mollie Payment Gateway Support for one-click upsell
  • Error when updating WPFunnels Pro from dashbaord updates
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Version 1.2.220 January, 2022
  • Quantity selection not working for multiple products
  • Issue after closing Integrations tab
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Version 1.2.118 January, 2022
  • Fixed function conflict with eLumine Theme
  • Checkout field editor bug - custom field data missing in order details
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Version 1.2.014 January, 2022
  • Divi Theme & Builder Support
  • WPF Pro Divi Modules (Offer Accept/Reject button)
  • WPF Pro Shortcodes (Offer Accept/Reject button)
  • Multisite support
  • UTM Parameters support
  • Thank you page auto redirect to another page
  • Variation selection for product variation as main product
  • Optimized Replace Main Order
  • Upsell/Downsell step template style improvement
  • Checkout Field Editor error messages
  • Removing Condition causing Upsell to become first step
  • Can't remove first event for CRM integration
  • Not Product Added label not working
  • CRM integrations not working on Duplicated funnels
  • Enabling and disabling Global Funnel allows to add checkout to multiple steps
  • Variable product price showing $0
  • Discount not working for Variable product variation sale price
  • Variations not showing on product tile in Upsell/Downsell setting drawer
  • Product variations details for upsell/downsell not showing in order details in Thank you
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GBF Version 1.0.414 January, 2022
  • Condition-based on Specific product
  • Can't remove the product from Upsell/Downsell
  • Quantity selected not working with Global Funnels
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Version 1.1.231 January, 2022
  • Fixed Compatibility issue with Global Funnels
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GBF Version 1.0.331 January, 2022
  • Improved Cookie storage for Global Funnels
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GBF Version 1.0.231 January, 2022
  • Hide Main Preview Button from Global Checkout
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Version 1.1.131 December, 2021
  • Fixed error while Adding field in CFE
  • Fixed Quantity Selection Issue for 0 input
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Version 1.1.028 December, 2021
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) support for Upsell & Downsell

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