The WPFunnels Affiliate Program - Earn Up To 50% Commission!

With the new and improved commission rates, you can now become a star affiliate of WPFunnels and earn what you deserve!


Let Us Grow Together

Become one of our long-term affiliates to help us promote our plugins and upcoming innovations to the right audience. In return, we promise to give you more for your efforts!

Earn Higher Commission Rates

The more you refer, the higher your commission rates.

Recurring Earnings

Earn recurring commissions for renewals on every annual plan sold.

Low Payout Threshold

Get paid if you earn more than $50, i.e., only 2 sales to reach the mark.

Tier-Based Commission Rates To Match Your Efforts

Check out the lucrative commission rates that you can easily achieve with the right effort.

Tier 1 (1-30 sales)

20% commission

Tier 2 (31-50 sales)

30% commission

Tier 3 (51-100 sales)

40% commission

Tier 4 (101+ sales)

50% commission

Calculate Your Commission Earnings

Total Estimated Earning

Tier 1

20% commission

Tier 2

30% commission

Tier 3

40% commission

Tier 4

50% commission

**Rates are subject to change during the deal period.

Refer Now To Earn Commissions For
3 Years!

The new recurring commission structure means you may earn from the same referral for 3 years! Simply refer an annual customer and earn an initial commission. Then get a 20% commission if the customer renews his license in the next two years!

Claim Your Pro License To Start Promoting

Just by becoming our affiliate, you have the chance to win a free lifetime license for our plugins. Here’s how you can start.

Affiliate Application

Apply to become our affiliates with links to your social channels and how you what to promote our plugins.

Get Approved

If you have enough followers or can show us that you can bring us significant results, we will approve your affiliate application.

Get A Temporary License

Once you are approved, we will send you a temporary license for our Pro plugins so that you can start creating content.

Claim A Lifetime License

Once the content is published for a week, reach out to us, and we will assign you a free lifetime license. (Applicable for new affiliates only. For existing affiliates, reach out to us.)

Promoting WPFunnels & Mail Mint Is Easier Than Ever

As an affiliate of WPFunnels, you will be promoting tools that are mainframe solutions for business to increase their revenue. And we make sure you have no issue promoting our plugins.

Refer Tools That Sell Easy

As an affiliate of WPFunnels, you will be promoting tools that are mainframe solutions for business to increase their revenue. And we make sure you have no issue promoting our plugins.

Refer tools - WPFunnels Affiliate Program
  • Visual funnel planner
  • Custom Landing & Checkout Pages
  • Pre-made funnel templates
  • Order bumps
  • One-click upsell Offers
  • Easy leads management
  • Regular Email Campaigns
  • Email Sequences
  • Email Automation Flows
  • Lead Form To Collect Leads
  • Full package of WPFunnels & Mail Mint
  • Visual canvas for funnel pages & email automation

Ready Brand Assets To Start Promoting Immediately

Get ready creatives, resources, and brand assets to help you start promoting our plugins easily.

Brand Assets For


The WPFunnels affiliate program comes with a tier-based commission structure and the opportunity to earn recurring commissions.

Based on the number of sales you generate, your commission structure will be determined:
Tier 1: 1 - 30 sales | 20% commission
Tier 2: 31 - 50 sales | 30% commission
Tier 3: 51 - 100 sales | 40% commission
Tier 4: 101+ sales | 50% commission

If you refer annual customers, then for the next two years, if this customer renews the license, you will get a 20% commission.
Yes, your commission is payable once the total is $50 or more.
Once the commission threshold is reached, we pay you via Paypal or via Bank Transfer (using Stripe).
You will get your own affiliate dashboard where you can track your earnings and status.
Both WPFunnels & Mail Mint are created to solve real-world problems for prospects.

WPFunnels is the only drag-and-drop canvas-based funnel builder in WordPress where you can visually plan and craft complete sales funnels easily. You will have full control over making upsell & order bump offers, customizing the landing & checkout page, offering special discounts, running conditional funnel campaigns for WooCommerce, creating special funnels for courses, and many more. Plus, it's super affordable compared to other such tools. Its ease of use and unique UI is what make it the easiest funnel builder to promote.

Mail Mint is an email marketing automation tool that was created to make lead management easier than ever, along with simplified approaches to collecting leads, running email campaigns & setting up automation workflows. Compared to other email tools, it has proven to be so much easier, making it a great tool to promote.

The two plugins also work together in a unique way so that you can set up funnel pages and email automation flows on the same visual canvas!

Overall, these are solutions that are super unique and can easily be promoted to the right audience.
You may always contact us via email to [email protected] with the words "Affiliate Question" in the subject line,
Whenever you influence a sale of an annual plan, you get your initial commission as per your tier. Then, in the next 2 years, every time this customer renews the license, you will get a 20% commission.
A referral commission will be considered payable if the purchase is older than 30 days and is not refunded by then. So we will release a payment every 30 days.
If a purchase is refunded within 30 days of purchase, then it will be disqualified as a commissioned referral, and you will not receive any commission for it. However, if the refund is issued after 30 days of purchase, then you will still get your commission.
Becoming an affiliate does not mean that you are in any way associated with WPFunnels. You are not an employee of WPFunnels, and it is strictly prohibited to claim that you represent WPFunnels.
We will provide several contents for you in the Affiliate dashboard area or you may collect them from our Brand Assets.

We discourage you from republishing duplicate content from other areas of our website. You can however contact us with any ideas you have that you are unsure of.
We understand that you need the plugin to be able to promote it. So we decided to make it easy for you to get access to our Pro plugins. 1. Join the WPFunnels affilaite program. 2. Reach us at [email protected] and request a temporary license by sharing your promotional plan and which of our plugins you will promote. 3. We will create a temporary license for you which will be valid for the next 10 business days (i.e. 2 weeks). 4. Once you have published your content and it is live for a week, let us know, and we will assign you a Pro license for the respective plugin. That's how easily you can get access to our plugins and become a long-term affiliate.

How to Use WPFunnels Affiliate Program.

  • Use word of mouth to refer our plugin to friends
  • Write blogs and reviews about the plugin
  • Refer to people who seek similar plugins on various platforms
  • Refer our plugins to your email subscribers
  • Share on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • Create video tutorials or review of our plugin (maybe on Youtube)
  • Go to live sessions on social platforms to preview our plugin
  • Do not promote on coupon or discount deal sites
  • Do not offer unofficial or fake coupon codes or discounts
  • Avoid spamming on emails, ads or on other websites with referral link
  • Never pretend to be an employee or representative of WPFunnels
  • Do not use affiliate link to purchase on your own. Self purchases do not count
  • Do not copy or use WPFunnels' assets (designs, images, etc) without permission
  • Please do not give any false information about WPFunnels

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