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How to Use One Click Upsell to Increase Online Revenue for Woocommece in 2024

Running an e-commerce store can be challenging at times. You need to set up your store, and then prepare a lot of tactics to increase sales and generate handsome revenue.

The most common approach to increase sales is to use discounts and run flash sales. But what these will do is, it will bring in more new buyers and increase the number of products sold.

Did you know, there is a PROVEN way to increase your revenue from EVERY potential buyer?

This means, you will sell more products or earn more money from everyone that purchases from your store, without spending a fortune.

The secret is One Click Upsell offers‘ after checkout.

This is a special tactic where you make a good offer right after a buyer has made a purchase. And if the buyer has more funds available, he may go ahead and accept your offer.

According to HBR, using upsell offers is more profitable than competing for new clients since acquiring a new customer is up to 25 times more expensive than nurturing the current one.

One of the reasons why this works far better than making pre-purchase offers is that the buyer has already trusted you enough to purchase from you, and if your upsell offer is sensible and attractive, he will be less reluctant about taking the offer. We will look deeper into it via examples later on.

In this article, you will learn exactly how to use post-purchase upsell offers in the right way so that more buyers accept your offers.

After reading this guide you will

  • Understand the concept of Upsell with relevant examples.
  • Learn how to choose the right one click upsell offer.
  • Get a step-by-step guide on using upsells in your WooCommerce store.

So let’s get started.

The Ideal One Click Upsell Offer

The main concept of ‘upsell’ is to make a buyer spend more than what he/she initially intended to. This could be either by making him purchase something of higher value or by making him buy something extra that increases his spending total.

Let us look at a couple of examples.

Example 1 – Making an offer of higher value

Let’s say you sell t-shirts in your WooCommerce store and each t-shirt costs $20.

Right after a buyer purchases a white t-shirt, you may offer him to buy 5 t-shirts at a 15% discount, instead of just one t-shirt.

Example of upsell offer to increase order value

So in total, the buyer will have to pay $85 for five t-shirts. This is a good $15 savings for the buyer and may consider taking the offer if he has available funds.

Look at the bigger picture here. You just made the buyer spend $85 instead of $20.

If your acquisition cost per customer is $3, then you just made five sales by spending the same amount.

And normally, if your profit per t-shirt was $7, then you would make $35 from five buyers. But here, you made $20 from just 1 buyer (after a $15 discount)!

Example 2 – Offering a relevant product to increase order value

Let’s say you sell computer accessories in your WooCommerce store where you have a gaming keyboard that costs $25 and a gaming mouse that costs $20.

Suppose a buyer just purchased a keyboard, you can then offer him to purchase a mouse, right after the checkout, at a 10% discount.

Example of increasing order value by making a relevant upsell offer

If the buyer was planning to get one soon, then the discount may attract him/her to accept the offer.

So the same buyer, who initially planned to spend $25, may take the upsell offer and pay $18 more.

In this case, you are making a revenue of $43 from the same prospect, rather than selling them on two different orders.

As you saw in the two examples above, using upsell offers after checkout not only lets you get more profit over acquisition cost but also boosts your total revenue.

Concept Of ‘One-click’ Upsell

Now, the concept of ‘one click’ upsell is to allow the buyer to accept your post-purchase offer with just one click, without having to go through the checkout form all over again.

This saves buyers from spending time filling out the form and removes a chance for the buyer to change his mind when he has initially decided to accept it.

Why Post Purchase Upsell Is A Better Option Than Pre-Purchase Offers

Normally, if you make upsell offers before one goes to the checkout page, the user gets a chance to choose if he wants it or not, before choosing to pay.

This means he may start browsing for more options for similar products – which could be on your website or an external one, the latter means you may lose a potential buyer if another store has a better offer.

Also, this increases the possibility of an abandoned cart.

You should know that the longer a buyer takes to decide on his purchase online there is always the chance that he/she will get busy and end up not completing the purchase (unless it’s a necessity).

However, when you make an offer after purchase, this means, you have already earned some money. So, even if the buyer rejects your upsell offer, you are not at loss.

Every buyer that leaves your site without buying has cost you the money you spent for acquisition.

So your first target should be to make sure the buyer has made a purchase. And right after that, your second priority should be making him purchase as much as possible right then and there.

This is one of the main reasons why post-purchase offers are a must.

Another big reason to use post-purchase offers is to convert more. Once a buyer has made a payment, you can be sure he trusts you to some extent. So a lucrative offer afterward has a higher chance of a conversion.

How To Choose The Right One Click Upsell Offer – Proven Tactics

Even if ‘one click upsell’ seems like an ingenious idea, it still needs to be done right. You cannot just make a random offer and expect a conversion. The approaches will vary for different industries or product types. Let us look at some of the proven tactics that work.

1. More Value Upsell Approach

This approach is when you offer a product of a higher value or price as upsell after a buyer purchases a product.

In this case, once a purchase is made, you can ask the buyer to rather go for another model or brand of the same product that is of a higher price.

For example, let’s say someone purchased a regular Laptop bag for $20. You can then offer him a Waterproof Laptop bag, which cost $40, as an upsell offer, maybe with a 10% discount.

One click upsell - waterproof laptop offer

The discount in this offer will put some thought in the buyer’s mind, and if within budget, may end up accepting the offer. Thus making you a higher revenue than you were about to make initially.

This approach works for products that don’t have too many other relevant products but you have different models, quality, or brands of that product.

Just like the laptop bag, this tactic can be used for other products such as

  • Phones of the same brand
    Example: iPhone 11 as upsell instead of an iPhone 10.
  • Essential Electronics
    Example: An International branded trimmer as upsell offer instead of a local one.
  • Basic Accessories
    Example: A better quality headphone as the upsell offer instead of the one purchased.
  • Software Subscription
    Example: Offer the Advanced plan with all features as upsell instead of the Basic plan.
  • Expensive home decors
    Example: Terracotta-designed dressing table as upsell instead of an ordinary one.
  • Event Tickets
    Example: Tickets for a premium row seat as upsell instead of a regular ticket.
  • Courses with multiple expertise levels
    Example: Advanced marketing course as upsell instead of the Beginner’s course.
  • High Ticket Services
    Example: A 3-months personalized coaching instead of a 5-day crash course.

There are several other cases where you can use this tactic, but I believe you already get the picture of how this works.

This approach is aimed at helping you try and sell something of a higher value than what the buyer initially purchased.

2. The Irresistible Synergy Offer

This is the most successful approach to using one click upsells in most eCommerce businesses that sell various categories of products.

The idea is to make an upsell offer with a product, that a buyer may also look to purchase along with the product he/she already purchased. And the specialty of this offer is that these two products can be used together, i.e., in synergy.

For example, let’s say someone purchased a Gaming Keyboard. You can then offer him to buy a Gaming Mouse from the same brand as well.

Gaming Mouse - Sales Funnel Upsell Offer

Here, you can see, that most people who purchase a Gaming Keyboard are most likely to purchase a Gaming Mouse as well. So a lucrative offer on it may trigger an extra sale from the same buyer.

This approach works for products that are usable together. Some of these products include:

  • Beauty Products
    Example: A Face Cream from the same brand as upsell along with a Facewash.
  • Certain Clothing Products
    Example: A Sweat Pant as upsell along with a Sweat Shirt.
  • Electronic Accessories
    Example: A Laptop Cooler as upsell along with a Laptop Table.
  • Few Food Products
    Example: Butter as upsell along with Bread.
  • Utensils
    Example: A set of Forks as upsell along with a set of spoons.
  • Sports Products
    Example: A Pumper as upsell along with a Football.
  • Innerwear
    Example: A 3-pack tanktops as upsell along with 3-pack underwear.

These are just some examples. But this tactic can be implemented for almost all products that can have a coherent use in some way.

So, using this approach, you are able to sell a few related products that people usually use together.

Leveraging “A Necessity” To Your Advantage

One special use of the Irresistible Synergy Offer tactic is to sell necessary items that may be required to use the initial product.

Let me explain with an example.

When you purchase a Printer, you definitely need Ink toners to be able to use it, thus making it a necessity. In this case, you can offer the ink as the upsell offer.

And since it’s a necessity, you can even offer more quantities and the buyer still may consider taking the offer.

In this case, you can rather go for a funnel with both an upsell offer and a downsell offer.

In the Upsell, you may offer a higher quantity at a discount. In case of the Printer and Ink toner, you can offer 5 Ink toners at a 25% discount as upsell. The buyer may consider this offer if it is within his/her budget.

In case the buyer rejects the offer, you can make a Downsell offer with 2 Ink toners at a 10% discount. This, if within budget, most buyers will choose to accept as he/she must buy the Ink toner to be able to use the Printer.

If you have products that are related in this way, then you should not miss out on the opportunity to create profitable sales funnels for them. The Irresistible Synergy Tactic almost always works when it comes to necessities.

3. The Increased Quantity Upsell

This approach is exactly as its name implies – you offer a higher quantity of a product that a buyer just purchased.

For example, let’s say someone purchased a beauty soap. You can then offer her 3 soaps at a 10% discount.

3 dove soaps as the quantity upsell offer

This is a basic marketing tactic with products that people don’t mind purchasing more of. It’s best to use this tactic for products that aren’t too expensive, and for products that can be shared or used by multiple users.

Some examples of products for which these works are as follows:

  • Food and beverages
    Example: 10 packs of Chips instead of two.
  • Some Clothing products
    Example: More pairs of socks instead of just one.
  • Some toys & Sports products
    Example: 3 Tennis balls instead of one.
  • Event Tickets
    Example: 4 tickets instead of two.
  • Certain Home & Lifestyle products
    Example: 3 bedsheets instead of one.
  • Stationary and Art Items
    Example: 10 pens instead of two.

The Increased Quantity upsell offer has a 50/50 chance of converting, provided that the offer is within budget.

If you are to use this tactic, make sure you are making the offer on the right products. For example, most people will not consider buying two Fridges instead of one even if you pull off a great discount, as most households usually require only one fridge of a certain kind.

4. The Bundled Budget Offer

It’s no secret that people love bundles. Normally, if you have a good price on the bundles you offer, people are more likely to purchase them instead of individual products. It’s no different in the case of upsells.

You can make a prospect purchase a whole bundle of products during upsell if he purchased one of the products that are part of the bundle.

For example, let’s say a buyer just purchased a couple of Chocolate bars. You can then offer him a bundle of different brands of chocolates at a 20% discount.

One click upsell bundle offer - Chocolates

Since the buyer purchased chocolate bars, offering him a whole pack at a lower price is quite attractive to the buyer.

The concept of this offer is to make sure you have relevant products bundled together into a single attractive price. The products can be relevant either because they serve a similar purpose, are from the same brand, can be used together, or in other similar cases.

If the prospect had the intention to buy some of the products in your bundle in the near future, then it’s a high chance he will take the bundle.

In some cases, even if the buyer never thought of purchasing other products, the bundle may create a new interest in some of the products in the bundle and trigger a conversion.

Some product types that are perfect for this tactic are as follows:

  • Relevant products from the same brand
    Example: A Levi’s bundle of a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a jacket, instead of just the Levi’s Jacket.
  • Common clothing products
    Example: A bundle of all five colors of half-sleeved t-shirts instead of just the Black one.
  • Food and snacks
    Example: A Chocolate gift box of 10 different brands of chocolate bars instead of just one.
  • Seasonal or occasional items
    Example: A whole Valentine’s gift box that includes chocolates, flowers, and a card, instead of just a Valentine’s card.
  • Computer Accessories
    Example: Gaming bundle consisting of a mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and a wireless headset instead of a Gaming Keyboard only.
  • Beauty Products
    Example: A bundle of beauty soap, a facewash, and face cream instead of just a beauty soap.
  • Software products
    Example: 4 WooCommerce Extension plugins in a bundle instead of just one of them.

As long as you can make sensible bundles, offering them as the upsell offer can bring great results.

The key to success of this tactic is to make sure your bundle makes sense. Do some research before bundling them up. One wrong item in the bundle can reduce your chances of conversion.

5. The Category Chain Upsell Offer

The Category Chain offer is basically making an upsell offer with a product that falls in the same category as the initial product that the buyer purchased.

This ensures the products are of the same type and may have some sort of relevancy.

For example, if a person purchases Lipstick, you can offer her a face powder as upsell, which is in the same ‘Beauty & Personal Care’ category.

Blush on offer at the upsell as offer from same category

This approach works in the case of a handful of categories as relevancy is important when it comes to making upsell offers in a sales funnel.

Some product types that are perfect for this tactic are as follows:

  • Specific Clothing Category
    Example: A Men’s Shirt as upsell along with a Men’s Jeans
  • Certain Electronics
    Example: A Computer Mouse along with a Computer Keyboard
  • Few Grocery Items
    Example: Onions along with Potatoes
  • Sports Items
    Example: Knee Guard along with Football Boots
  • Similar Software
    Example: An Abandoned Cart Recovery plugin along with A Sales Funnel Plugin (for WooCommerce)
  • Jewelry
    Example: A pair of bangles along with a pair of earrings
  • Fitness Supplement Products
    Example: A Protein Shake along with a BCAA supplement

This tactic will only work if you create a sales funnel for the right category. For example, if you choose the Phone category, then it won’t make any sense for many as most people won’t purchase two different phones at once.

The specialty of this upsell approach is that, so long as you choose the right category, you can create a sales funnel with up to 5 upsell offers, and people won’t get too annoyed. That is why we call it a ‘Chain.’

Too many offers can annoy buyers but in this case, people often will be patient. But let’s not get too excited and make hectic number of offers – 5 is already a lot.

There can be many other tactics out there. The 5 upsell approaches above are just some of the proven ways you can drive more sales in your WooCommerce store.

Why Is It Important To Use A Discount In Upsell Offers?

Many have asked is it really important to offer a discount when making upsell offers. Well, yes, it is very important.

Sure, you can offer relevant products to buyers as upsell without a discount, and sometimes they will accept it. But a discount will almost double your chances of conversion.

One of the main reasons to use discounts on upsell products is to make the offer special throughout the store.

Normally, the buyer could have purchased that product from your store anyways. So what’s so special about it just because you displayed it as an upsell offer? The reduced price will help to convert buyers that were on a tight budget or were in a dilemma to purchase the product elsewhere.

The other reason to use discounts is to take advantage of the psychological influence a discount can have on the buyer when it comes to accepting the offer.

I understand that the user’s need, the offer timing, and the sales copy can have some influence on conversion. But you would rather want a way to convert as many buyers as possible – a way that you know will work.

And what works better than discounts?

According to Business2Community, 83% of online shoppers tend to convert due to discount offers.

It’s a proven tactic that has been working for decades and will continue to work as long as you can think of.

The discount will make your upsell offer special and help to trigger conversions far more often than you would normally get.

So yeah, discounts are a powerful tool for any sales funnel.

How To Create A Sales Funnel with One Click Upsell Offers in WordPress

So far, you looked at what a one-click upsell is and how you can use it for your online shop.

Now, if you run an online store using WooCommerce, the question is, how can you create a sales funnel for your store without too many complications or expensive investments?

The answer is WPFunnels.

WPFunnels, right now, is the easiest funnel builder in WordPress that gives you every feature you need to craft perfect sales funnels for your WooCommerce store.

  • You can set up direct sales funnels for specific products and assign them appropriate upsell offers.
  • Or, you can use the Global Funnels feature to set up dynamic offers based on conditions such as product category, cart total, product popularity, and many more.

And the best part is, you can plan your funnel steps on a visual canvas and configure the whole funnel from there.

No need to use any external tools. And you won’t need any manual work such as placing links in buttons or assigning funnels within each product and so on. It’s all simplified for you so that you can start creating sales funnels with no coding skills.

Final Thoughts

It is high time you start using one click upsells for your online shop if you want to stay ahead of your competition and increase your revenue.

If you run a WooCommerce store, then WPFunnels is the perfect tool to help you create highly converting sales funnels along with meaningful one click upsell offers.

So start creating your own sales funnels today.

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