Combine SMS Marketing With Email Automation – Twilio + Mail Mint

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Combine SMS Marketing With Email Automation – Twilio + Mail Mint!

Hey everyone!

Today, we are ecstatic to announce our latest update!

  • Twilio Integration with Mail Mint

Now, you will be able to make your automation workflows even more effective using SMS marketing.

Basically, if you have a Twilio account, you will be able to connect it to Mail Mint and then set up automation workflows where you can not only send emails but also send SMS and Whatsapp messages (if you have your prospects’ phone numbers).

Whether it is a workflow for product promotion, recommendations, or abandoned cart recovery, SMS marketing will be a great way to increase your customer interactions and possibilities, and generate higher conversions.

This will be especially effective if you run an eCommerce store because people are always on the lookout for good offers, and an SMS can easily bring them to your site and place more orders.

Go ahead and try it out. You will surely love it.