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15+ Email Popup Examples to Grow Your Leads List – 2024

Collecting leads is crucial for any business to have long-term success when running promotions. And one of the best ways to collect leads is to use email popup forms on your website.

There’s a lot of talk out there about how popups don’t work anymore, but that’s far from the truth.

In fact, the average conversion rate of email popups is about 11.09%!

The challenge here is to understand what type of popup forms to use and on which page to generate the maximum number of leads.

Today, in this blog I have gathered more than 15 email popup examples that you can take ideas from and some best practices to create effective email popups.

So let’s get started.

What Is An Email Popup Form?

Think about a few websites you visited recently. Have you seen a case where you were browsing, and a small window appeared asking you to sign up for a newsletter or maybe offer a discount if you subscribed?

That’s an email popup form.

It’s a simple way to ask for a visitor’s email & name (and maybe phone number) by offering some sort of value.

And since it’s a popup, it’s hard to miss.

Mail Mint Popup

Now, let’s look at some real-life email popup examples and why they work.

15+ Email Popup Examples And Why They Work

Here are some of the best popups that may help you plan your popup design and copy the right way.

1. Newsletter Popup Examples

Asking people to subscribe to the weekly newsletter is probably the most common value offered in email popups. And it still works quite well, as long as you ask for the email subscription correctly.

Let us look at a few examples.

i. Mangools Newsletter Popup

Mangools is an amazing website with a large collection of blogs related to SEO and Keyword Research.

They usually have a newsletter popup on button click.

Mangools Newsletter CTA
Newsletter CTA on top right corner
Mangools Newsletter popup
The Newsletter Popup To Sign Up

The menu is sticky, which is why this works quite well. Also, the CTA to subscribe to the newsletter is always visible.

When you click on it, a popup appears with an image that aligns with the content category you are reading. It is a simple text explaining what you will get by filling out the opt-in form.

ii. BloggingWizard’s Unique Email Subscription For Newsletters

BloggingWizard is one of the best websites to get detailed guides on how to blog the right way and several strategic articles on several marketing strategies.

They have a popup set up based on scrolling past 60-70% of an article.

Bloggingwizard newsletter
Bloggingwizard’s unique newsletter subscription popup

This one is really good because of the unique way they ask for the email. You can see they used an image of a cartoon-like wizard to match their brand, and the copy states the exclusivity of the emails they will send to subscribers only.

Moreover, they only asked for one piece of information – the email. The CTA has a contrasting color to make it more noticeable.

Overall, it’s a great email popup.

iii. WPBeginners Simple Newsletter Popup

WPBegginners set up a timed popup to ask people to sign up to their weekly newsletter on WordPress-related content.

WPBeginners Simple Newsletter Popup
WPBeginners Standard Newsletter Popup

As you can see, this popup is straightforward. If you found value in their blog, then you won’t hesitate to subscribe.

iv. The Hubspot Newsletter Popup

Besides being a great tool Hubspot has a great newsletter pop up to invite people to subscribe to their mailing list.

Hubspot newsletter popup
Hubspot’s newsletter popup

The best thing about this popup is they are not only promises quality tips but also highlights how many people trust them. Also, they honor privacy protection as an assurance.

2. Best pop ups for Offering Discounts to Capture Emails

A discount popup is commonly used by e-commerce sites or other businesses running a promotion to get leads. Basically, you ask for the visitor’s email address in exchange for a discount coupon.

This helps in two ways:

  • You get to collect leads easily.
  • It will excite prospects to make their next purchase ASAP.

Let us look at a few real-life examples.

i. Woven Store’s 10% Off To Register With Name & Email

Woven Store is an amazing online shop in the UK that specializes in women’s clothing, household items, and other accessories.

They have a pop-up setup for first-time visitors or prospects with no account.

Woven Store Discount Popup
Woven Store’s 10% off Email Popup

The headline and the image are the apples of the eye here. They are perfect for interacting with new visitors convincing them to provide their names and emails, and eventually making them register.

ii. Hydrant’s $5 Off For Email Subscription

Hydrant is all about keeping you hydrated with its unique dissolving drink mixes that are packed with balanced electrolytes.

They are offering a $5 incentive to sign-up with emails.

Hydrant's $5 Off For Email Subscription
Hydrant’s Discount Popup

This one’s straightforward. If you want a discount, you sign up with your email. Moreover, the colorful image makes it more exciting.

iii. AppSumo’s Popup With 10% Off For Email Subscription

AppSumo is currently the number one lifetime deal hosting firm for software and SaaS tools. They are using a strategic popup to insist new visitors to submit their emails, along with permission to send future emails.

Appsumo's 10% off for email subscription
AppSumo offers 10% off to capture emails.

The specialty of this email popup is that the main value is apparent at first glance due to its large font. Plus, they have carefully added a sentence below the title and above the opt-in form to get permission to send future promotional emails.

You will realize you are permitting them to send marketing emails, but you will still submit your email because you will be excited about the discount.

3. Gamified Email Capture Pop Up- Examples

Sometimes, it’s better to offer something out of the box to grab the attention of the buyers. A great way to do that is to include some sort of game as part of the email opt-in process.

This is a unique email popup strategy that often works well if you have good offers in place.

Following are some great examples of gamified popups.

i. Christmas Spint The Wheel Popup by Optimonk

Optimonk is a renounced popup builder that has several gamified templates, and their spin-the-wheel popup templates are amazing.

Here’s one of the templates:

Christmas Spin The Wheel Popup by Optimonk

The great thing about this template is it goes perfectly with the festive mood of Christmas, thanks to the color and design. Plus, the mystery of how much discount people may get is another exciting aspect.

ii. Pick A Gift Popup by PopupBuilder

PopupBuilder is a great tool to help you create gamified popups easily and one of their best templates is the “Pick A Gift Popup” which allows visitors to pick a random gift box to claim a discount, coupon, or store credit.

Pick a gift popup by PopupBuilder

You can see that the design is simple, and the idea is clear – the prospect has to choose one of the boxes after providing his email to claim a reward.

iii. Creating Gamified Email Capture Popups by SmashPops

SmashPops is one of the best popup builders to create gamified email capture popups for your website. They have some amazing gamification ideas that will be brilliant for the holiday season.

Let us look at a couple of their best gamified popup templates.

Claw Machine Popup To Claim Discount by SmashPops
Claw Machine Popup To Claim Discount

This popup has an interactive game where a person has to guide the claw machine to grab a random gift, which may be a discount, free shipping, etc.

But, to drop the claw, the prospects have to submit their names and email addresses. Pretty exciting stuff.

Slot Machine Popup To Claim Discount by SmashPops
Slot Machine Popup To Claim Discount

The slot machine discount generator is another of their unique gamified popups where a person gets a feel of a slot machine. People who has been to a casino or played a game of slot machine will love this.

4. Free Resource Popup To Capture Leads – Examples

Offering a free resource is the easiest way to attract leads, and it will also help you identify targeted customers – people who take the free resources is probably interested in what you have to offer later. (Though it will depend on how well you planned your lead magnet.)

Let us look at a few real-life examples.

i. E-Club Membership with Free Cookbook by Sienna Sauce Co.

Sienna Sauce Co. is a growing company that offers premium sauces of various flavors.

They are using a pretty good free resource – a cookbook and a free membership in exchange of an email address.

E-Club Membership with Free Cookbook by Sienna Sauce Co

The reason this works really well is because the free cookbook is something that their target audience will love. It’s perfect to not only attract cooks but also to convince them to purchase more sauces to follow those recipes.

ii. Email Popup On Button Click To Collect Product Guide by ROOM

Room is a great online shop that has stunning interior decor for both homes and offices. And they are using a button-click popup to offer a product guide that people can collect via email.

Button on top corder to trigger popup - Room
Button On Top Corner To Trigger Popup
Room's popup to collect leads
Room’s Button Click Popup To Collect Leads

They have a sticky menu with a button to request a product guide. Upon clicking, a popup will appear to collect the email and the country. This is mainly aimed at businesses and decorators.

iii. Free Student Tool Box As Email Capture Popup by Your Guitar Academy

Your Guitar Academy is pretty popular for guitar lovers and students who want to learn to play guitars.

One of the things they are doing to get more clients is they are offering a free Student toolbox that includes handbooks and guides to learn guitar more efficiently.

Email popup using a free student toolbox

The popup is brilliantly designed with a nice image while highlighting the “Student ToolBox” with an underline. The underline will ensure people read the text below it. The opt-in form looks simple, which matches the simplicity of the website quite well.

iv. Personalized PDF Format via Email Popup by Converflow

Convertflow is a brilliant marketing software along with a website full of valuable resources for marketers. They have an interesting approach where they are simply offering to send a PDF copy of the guides people are reading.

Popup to request a PDF copy
Popup To Request A PDF Copy

Initially, a popup appears that asks the reader if he would like a PDF copy of the guide he is reading. There is no form; only a CTA button. Upon clicking on this button, the opt-in form appears.

Opt-in form to collect emails
Opt-in form to collect emails

What they did brilliantly here is, first, they managed to use color contrast to keep the focus on the popup, and second, they made the reader decide first before revealing what information was needed. And the uniqueness here is they have used a 2-step opt-in form, which is rare but very effective.

5. Future Updates & Notification Email Popup

These are ways to make people subscribe with the expectation of getting future notifications on new products, discounts, deals, or launches.

Let us look at a relevant example.

i. “Stay Notified For Future Deals” Email Popup by Electronic Express

Electronic Express is a popular online marketplace for electronics, and they are using a simple popup to collect emails – a promise to inform people about future discounts.

"Get the Inside Scoop" email popup
“Get the Inside Scoop” Email Popup

It’s a great message – get the inside scoop. The title will make prospects curious and will consider joining the list.

How To Set Up An Email Popup On Your WordPress Site?

In WordPress, you will find several plugins to help you create popups. However, you should find a tool that is easy to use and can be connected to your email marketing tool along with proper lead management.

You may consider using Mail Mint, an easy-to-use email marketing tool for WordPress that has plenty of pre-built popup forms that you can start using right away for several industries or you can just start creating from scratch.

Mail Mint Pre-built popups

Using Mail Mint, you will be able to design and execute most of the email popups you learned about here and assign them to specific pages on your website.

Mail mint canvas to create popup forms

Plus, the plugin has great lead management features, including segmentation and custom contact details. And it has several automation triggers to allow you to run email campaigns easily.

Best Practices for Creating an Effective Email Popup

The success of popups depends largely on how well you execute them. Here are some best practices to help you get it right:

  1. Offer Value in Exchange for Emails

    Don’t just ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Offer them something valuable in return, like a high-quality article, an eBook, or exclusive content. Make sure your offer is compelling enough to convince them to hand over their email address.
  2. Keep It Short and Simple

    Long forms can discourage people from opting in. According to HubSpot, 50% of respondents believe long popups can be a turnoff. Aim for a simple, short form—just a name and email address will do.
  3. Design a Clean and Clear Popup

    Avoid clutter. Keep your popup design simple and use colors that complement your site’s look without being too distracting. Adding a relevant image can help convey your message and make the form more engaging.
  4. Make Your Popup Relevant to the Page

    Match your popup’s value offer to the page the visitor is on. For example, if someone’s reading an article about copywriting, offer them a copywriting script as a lead magnet. Relevancy is key.
  5. Time It Right

    Timing is crucial and depends on your niche. In e-commerce, a popup with a discount coupon after 3-5 seconds might work well. For SaaS businesses, give visitors time to browse before showing the popup.

If you follow these best practices, you’ll likely see more opt-ins from your visitors.

On average, email popups can convert up to 3.8% of your website traffic into leads.

Make sure you’re using the best email popups on your website, and if you aren’t yet, it’s time to set one up.


Email popups are super easy to create, and, as you saw, several large brands are actively using pop-ups to get more leads.

Depending on your niche and considering the email popup examples mentioned above, decide what sort of popup form you can use. As long as your pop up promises some value to the visitors, you will be able to get high conversion rates, i.e., more curated leads.

In the long run, you will have a large lead list that will help you run successful promotional campaigns to grow your business.

So go ahead and start using email popups now.

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