How to Create A Financial Advisor Lead Generation Funnel With High Results in 2024

Financial Advisor Lead Generation Funnel

Generating leads for financial advisors is challenging because most people are insecure and hesitant to share their financial situation.

Surprisingly, only 8% of individuals actually speak to a financial advisor despite going through hardships and poor finances.

However, if you can plan a good marketing tactic, it is possible to generate more leads without spending a fortune.

Today, you will learn how you can craft a well-planned financial advisor lead generation funnel so that you can generate quality leads and grow your business.

After reading this article, you will have a good idea of

  • the steps involved in this funnel
  • and ways to turn prospects into potential leads.

Eventually, you will have a complete system in place to generate financial advisor leads on a regular basis.

So, let’s begin.

Required Steps To Conduct Lead Generation For Financial Advisors

To generate a proper financial advisor lead generation funnel, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Step #1: Plan A “Free Value” To Offer In Exchange For Email
  2. Step #2: Create A Lead Funnel (Landing Page, Thank You Page, Email Automation) – A landing page to promote this free value – A Thank you page
  3. Step #3: Drive Traffic Into The Funnel

Let look get into details so that you know exactly what you have to do.

Step #1 – Plan A “Free Value” To Offer In Exchange For Email

As a financial advisor, you have to find creative ways to collect leads. It’s not as simple as running Paid Ads to get form submissions.

People are not comfortable discussing financial matters unless they trust you enough and are speaking in a personalized space.

The best way to gain trust and get leads is by offering something for free, that your target audience will want to get their heads on.

Let’s say you are an expert in helping people with retirement planning.

Following are a few lead magnets you may prepare:

  1. A Free E-Book To Solve A Financial Concern
    • You may write a book on how one can prepare himself for retirement, let’s say, “You Are The Boss Of Your Retirement Plan.” Make it a bit detailed with how to calculate finances, plan savings, and set up the exit plan for retirement. Turn it into an ebook and get it ready to give away for free.
  1. Webinars or Workshops
    • Host a live session discussing various aspects of retirement planning. Address common misconceptions and provide valuable insights to help people navigate their retirement journey more effectively. Plan out such a valuable webinar and plan to offer it for free.
  1. Execution Checklist
    • You may create a checklist for people to follow to meet their financial goals. For example, you may develop a concise, practical checklist for retirement planning, A “Retirement Readiness Checklist” that will cover vital areas like savings, investments, and insurance, providing a clear picture of what needs attention.
  1. Free Financial Calculators
    • Offer a free calculator to find out the required financial outcome. For example, in the case of a retirement plan, you may create a calculator to find out the monthly savings a person might need.

Once you have decided on this lead magnet and prepared the required documents or resources, you have to create a lead funnel.

Step #2 – Create A Lead Funnel (Landing Page, Thank You Page, Email Automation)

Suppose you have prepared the “Retirement Readiness Checklist” as the lead magnet. Let us look at how you can use it to create a funnel to capture financial advisor leads.

To create this funnel, you will require the following tools:

  1. Landing Page Builder – Elementor would be perfect for this.
  2. Lead Funnel Builder – WPFunnels will be the best option for this.
  3. Email Automation Tool – We recommend you use Mail Mint.

In the following steps, we will create this funnel.

I. Create A 2-Step Funnel Using WPFunnels

1. In WPFunnels, click on “Create New Funnel.” Here, you have the option to choose a template or create from scratch.

2. Change the funnel type to “Lead Funnel” and choose a suitable template.

Two-step lead gen funnel

It will add the two required steps –

  • Landing Page
  • Thank You Page

II. Customize The Landing Page To Promote The Free Resource

1. Click on the landing step & click the ‘edit’ icon.

Click edit icon on Landing Step

It will open up the page in Elementor edit mode.

2. Design the landing step with a specific copy just to promote your free resource, in this case, the “Retirement Readiness Checklist.”

The copy should be aimed at why people should get this checklist and what benefits they can expect.

Landing page for your financial advisor lead generation funnel

3. Place a WPFunnels opt-in form on this page.

4. Once you are happy with the page design, update and go back to the funnel canvas.

III. Use Email Automation To Give Access To The Free Resource

Normally, you could have allowed the prospect to download the resource right after submitting the email. But that would mean people could use wrong/fake emails to gain access to your valuable resource.

To avoid this, you should use email automation.

Now, here’s something unique. WPFunnels and Mail Mint have a special integration to allow you to set up email automation right on the funnel canvas.

1. Below the Landing step, click on the “+” icon and choose an action “Add to List.”

2. Here, assign a list, and set the condition “Opt-in form submission is true.”

3. Add another action “Send An Email.” Here design an email with the link to the free resource.

Email Automation in Common Canvas

**You may also add an extra layer of quality control by enabling double opt-in confirmation on Mail Mint. That will mean people will have to confirm their email first before receiving the free resource, i.e., the email has to be authentic.

This will mean that after one has submitted the form, he will get the resource via email.

IV. Customize The Thank You Page For Social Growth

After setting up the automation, customize the Thank You step the same way you edited the Landing Page.

But, here, no need to add any widgets. Rather, ask the user to check the email to receive the free resource.

And then, ask the user to follow you on social media.

This will give you a chance to get some social followers while getting potential leads.

Step# 3 – Drive Traffic Into The Funnel

Once you are ready with your financial advisor lead generation funnel, it’s time to drive traffic into the funnel landing page to start getting leads.

following are ways you may drive traffic into your funnel.

  1. Run Paid Ads
    Run Ads on social media and Google to reach targeted audiences. Yes, you are not making money from these leads right away. However, investing in collecting these leads will mean you will have a chance to sell your high-ticket services to potential leads.
  1. Make Social Posts
    You may share your free resource giveaway on social channels and on other social communities so that like-minded people can join your email list to collect it.
  1. Facebook & YouTube Live
    You may host a live session on Facebook and YouTube to invite people to collect this free resource. Here, you can use storytelling to connect with people and make them realize the end results they will get if they collect this free resource.
  1. Mention On Blogs
    You may write relevant blogs and add this as a section in them. You may even reach out to similar bloggers and request them to include a section to highlight your free checklist.
  1. Attend Podcasts
    Outreach to podcasts related to financial advising and join to discuss relevant topics and in the process, softly promote this free resource.

There are many other ways to generate potential traffic. You may read this guide to get more ideas.

And that’s it, you are ready to collect financial advisor leads that are highly qualified.

Why This Process Is A Good Lead Generation Tactic For Financial Advisors?

You see, the key element of this strategy is the free resource. People who are ready to provide their email addresses to collect it are people who want the financial outcomes that you can help with.

Here’s the main secret. Whatever resource you plan, it should help to deliver the same outcome as what you can help people achieve with your service.

But then, why will they take your service if they already have what it takes to reach that outcome?

The fact is, what you are giving away is theoretical knowledge or a partial solution to reaching the outcome. Yes, the free resource will help to reach the same end goal, but it will not be enough to reach it completely. That’s where you come in.

Once a person starts moving towards their end goal, they wouldn’t want to back down. If you stay connected, then the moment they realize they can do it on their own, you will be the first one they will remember.

So the bottom line is:

  • The free resource cannot be a complete guide.
  • Giving it away for free will only attract more qualified leads.
  • More qualified leads will mean you can convert them more effectively.

This is why this financial advisor lead generation funnel will work really well.

Final Thoughts

As you saw, lead generation for financial advisors is quite different from most other lead generation processes, also, the concept is the same – you need to offer something valuable to get qualified leads.

Once you have enough financial advisor leads, the next step is to start planning a way to convert them into your customers.

Now, one thing I will point out. Your funnel is not supposed to work if you are only starting out in the field. Most people want to work with experienced individuals when it comes to financial matters. Hence, make sure you are certified and have worked with financial agencies for some time before starting your own journey. That way, you will have some accolades to mention on your website for people to trust.

The tools involved in this process can make a big difference. If you do not have the right features in your selected tools, then you won’t be able to create the whole journey efficiently. So make sure you are using, either the tools suggested here or similar alternatives.

But if you are using WordPress, then using WPFunnels and Mail Mint would be the best option.

Check out WPFunnels and Mail Mint now.

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