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5 Local Lead Generation Strategies To Grow Your Local Business in 2024

If you are running a local business, then you know how difficult it is nowadays to stay ahead of the competition. Every business is trying to offer something new and attractive to win over the local clients.

At this point, the only way to ensure you can get maximum ROI from all of your campaigns is by collecting local leads.

Today, we will look at how you can use a few proven local lead generation strategies to build up a strong email list.

This will ensure you have a large number of potential local buyers on standby, and you can easily convert them whenever you run your next promotional campaign.

After reading this article, you will learn

  • the key benefits of conducting local lead generation,
  • proven strategies to collect local leads effectively
  • understand how you can become more prominent locally

And eventually, start growing your local business with effective marketing campaigns.

So, let’s begin.

5 Crucial Benefits Of Effective Local Lead Generation

Normally, you would expect people to easily find you and place orders whenever they need a product you sell or a service you offer.

But there are others who offer the same. So why will buyers go to you instead of them?

Through local lead generation, you can reach out to them with updates, offers, and promotions so that they consider your business when they need a relevant product or service.

Business growth with local lead generation

Apart from these, the following are some of the key benefits of using local lead generation.

1. Increased Local Brand Awareness

You may easily run brand promotion campaigns to your leads and become more popular in the community.

The idea is to highlight the pain points you solve or the benefits you promise in your promotional materials.

You may send your brand message and promotional content to your local leads via emails, social posts, or even SMS.

If you do it right, people who are active online will remember your brand name when considering buying a relevant product the next time.

2. A More Targeted Approach With Personalization

A huge advantage of having local business leads is that you can take a more personalized and targeted approach to your marketing campaigns.

For example, you can use the local language in your email copy or refer to a recent local event that took place.

You may even have specialized products that only your local customers will recognize if you refer them to your email campaigns or social posts.

3. Easy To Grow Social Presence

Often, as a business owner, you may not have a website or are new in the neighborhood. At this point, some effective lead generation strategies can help you get potential prospects who you can request to follow you on your social pages.

This will grow your social presence and allow you to plan local campaigns via social media.

In the long run, you may even consider creating Facebook groups or Whatsapp chat groups where you discuss promotions throughout the year.

4. Cost-effective Promotions

Local promotions mean you already have a narrower audience. But nevertheless, you would still want to run paid Ads on Facebook and Instagram (or even Google if the CPC is low).

But think of it this way. If you have a good chunk of active local leads, then you can get a lot of conversions just by running promotional email campaigns. This will cost you a lot less, seemingly an ROI rate of 36:1 (i.e., for every $1 spent, you earn $36) on email campaigns compared to a 4:1 ROI on Paid Ads.

**Of course, it will depend on how well you plan & execute your email campaigns.

5. Expect Greater Response From Your Marketing Campaigns

If you collect leads the right way, it will mean your leads will be more responsive to your emails.

Hence, you can achieve high open rates and clickthrough rates, which are crucial to achieving the high ROI we spoke of earlier.

One important step for this is to try and ensure the leads you collect have submitted their real emails. You may use double opt-in to confirm emails or send the details on collecting the offer via email. These approaches will mean the prospects have to use real emails.

5 Strategies to Generate High-Quality Local Leads

Now, If you don’t have an online business, that doesn’t mean you can’t build an online presence.

In fact, people are now more accustomed to purchasing online or researching online before relying on contacting a business.

According to a survey by Verisign back in 2015, it was found that 84% of consumers find a business more credible if there is a website.

It’s 2023 now – almost everyone trusts a business more if there is a website available. Plus, social business pages are also a great area to focus on to attract a local audience.

Having said that, whether you have an online presence or not, you can still generate local leads and run email marketing campaigns to convert them successfully.

Following are 5 proven local lead generation strategies that will help you build up your email list with local clients.

1. Host Local Workshops or Events

You may issue free workshops or host local events in your neighborhood to get the attention of your prospects.

Live Workshop for Local Lead Generation

For example, suppose you are a local recruiting agency. You may host a free workshop to teach amateur HRs to understand if a candidate is the right talent. This will allow you to connect with other businesses, whom you may later offer your assistance through smart promotions.

Let us look at another example. Suppose you opened a new restaurant in your neighborhood. You can run a 1-week event to claim a 50% coupon on orders by simply signing up to your mailing list and following your Facebook page.

While the 50% coupon will cost you some percentage of your potential revenue, it will also help you build up leads whom you can later invite to come again via emails or SMS.

You have to make sure you are making them register on a lead form that stores the collected data for you to be able to use again later.

2. Offer Free Trials

You might think a free trial is probably just a thing for software or online services. But that’s not true. You can still offer a free trial even if your business offers some sort of direct service.

Let us look at an example.

Suppose you are a local GYM. You can promote to your locals that they can get a 2-week free trial of the GYM services.

People may register for this free trial online or by filling out a form, which you will later input into your lead management tool.

Now you have leads and a chance to prove your worth.

During the trial period, you must prove to them that your GYM is top-notch. Hence, you may offer them an exercise routine and even a 1-hour free session with a personal trainer. At the same time, send them more fitness instructions via email (which you can automate).

If the prospects feel that this is something they love, they may go for the premium service.

For others, you have the leads. So, you can run a promotional email sequence to try and convert them over the next two weeks. Also, you can send any future promotions you run later to try and convert these prospects, even if they do not convert initially.

Hence, there are plenty of opportunities to convert them.

~ If you do run a GYM, you may read this guide to create a complete GYM funnel for leads & sales.

3. Local Advertising For Lead Generation

In this strategy, use the detailed targeting options on platforms like Facebook or Google Ads to run targeted ads specifically to your local demographics.

Local Advertisements to promote local business

For example, if you deliver in Sydney only, then set the target demography to Location: Sydney.

This will narrow down your target audience and increase your chances of reaching potential prospects. However, we are not talking about running Paid Ads for your products or services. We are talking about local lead generation.

As explained earlier, email marketing has a greater ROI than Paid Ads. So, early on in your business, using Paid Ads to collect leads is more logical than spending on product promotion.

Once you have a good amount of leads, you can then shift your budget and invest more in email marketing while still investing some of your budget on Paid Ads for product promotion. (We still want to keep the opportunity to reach new clients.)

This will help you grow your email list much faster and help you achieve greater ROI.

4. Convert Social Followers Into Leads via A Live Session In Local Language

The best way to connect with local people is via the local language. And if your marketing campaigns are designed in the native language, people will be able to connect with you better.

Having said that, you can host a free webinar or live session online in the local language.

For example, suppose you are a makeup artist who also owns a cosmetics shop. You can plan to host a free webinar to teach people how to do minimalistic bridal makeup on their own in, let’s say, Spanish.

The catch here is to make it a private live session. Let me explain.

Even if you have tons of followers on your social profile, you have no idea on how many will respond to your promotional posts. Sometimes, your usual product live showcases will get a very high response, while you may not get enough orders in others.

But, if you can turn your followers into leads, then you can make personalized promotions via email or SMS.

In fact, the next time you bring in new products or offer good packages, you can directly inform them about it via email.

For this, you have to create a 2-step lead generation funnel – a basic squeeze page to accept opt-in and a thank you page – plus set up email automation to send the time and access details to the live session. Once this is ready, you can share it on your social media or even create a short promo video about it to attract more people to join the list.

Make sure the landing page copy, the social caption, and the language used in the promo video are in your local language.

Since it will be in the native language, people signing up will be mostly locals.

5. Issue Free Membership Programs

You may organize a special membership program where the members will get some additional benefits.

For example, people on the list may get early notifications on new collections, get coupons from time to time, get free access to certain resources, etc.

You could have offered all of these for free anyway. But tying them to a membership is more profitable. It will allow you to collect the emails and phone numbers of prospects with permission to send promotional content in the future.

Let’s say you own a local bookstore. You may compile a “Readers Club Membership,” which will allow customers to get monthly book recommendations, exclusive 20% off on 1st purchase every month, and invitations & news on book events.

You may promote the membership on social media, on your website, or via flyers. You may also request buyers to join while they are buying books from you physically.

This will help you have a good chunk of local leads to work with on special occasions such as Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

You may find more creative ways to generate leads, such as accumulating purchase points to get discounts, partnering up with other local businesses, arranging training sessions in local venues, video promotion on Instagram or YouTube, and many more.

The main idea of lead generation for local businesses is to ensure you have a clear way to generate revenue for your local business with reduced cost, no matter what campaign you plan.

Bonus: Optimizing Your Online Presence As A Local Business

Now that you know how to carry out local lead generation strategies and understand the benefit of collecting local leads, let us learn how you can build an online presence as a local business.

1. Set Up Google My Business

The 1st place people usually search for a business is Google. So, you must get your business listed on Google My Business.

Optimize your profile with a proper description of what your business is all about.

Include necessary details such as contact details, address, images, menus (if application), and directions on Google Maps.

Having a Google My Business Profile is like putting your shop on the town’s main street, but online. It will help people to find your location and recognize your business easily.

2. Implementing Local SEO

When people search for a certain service “near me,” you would want to be at the top of that list if you offer that service.

The trick here is to optimize your website to rank for a few local keywords on your website.

For example, suppose you own a bakery in Denver. Then, you would want to use phrases such as “Denver bakery” or “chocolate cakes in Denver” in your landing page copies or product descriptions.

The use of the word “Denver” will indicate to SERPs that this is where you operate or serve. So, they will prefer displaying your business on search results for customers in Denver who require cakes or bakeries.

3. Connect via The Local Language On Your Website

Having your website in the local language is ideal to get preferred by the locals and SERPS.

For example, having an Italian website would be ideal if you are a local business in Italy.

People will be more comfortable browsing through your websites, and Google or Bing will consider displaying your business to local customers searching for your products or services.

4. Building A Facebook Page With Accurate Location

You may create a Facebook Page business page and mark your real location there.

Plus, you may also indicate to Facebook that you only deliver to your local demographic. This means that if you operate in Germany, Facebook will only display your business to Germans.

You may also consider using a cover photo with texts in the native language and the same for the company description, welcome posts, basic social posts, etc.

Setting up the messaging auto-responders in the same language would be great as well.

5. Attending & Organizing Local Events

A good way to local brand awareness is to sponsor or attend local events or even host one yourself.

For example, as a beauty products supplier, you may host a photo contest for locals.

This will get you a good reach on social media and help spread your local business to more potential customers.

Again, suppose you are on a local brand of Household Electronic. You could sponsor a competition for primary schools and provide one of your products, let’s say, a vacuum cleaner, as the award for winners. This will be well received by the parents who will recognize your brand. And if the product is good, they will visit your store for more.

How To Run Email Campaigns For Your Local Leads

Well, so far, you have learned how to use local lead generation strategies and and build an online presence. But what’s the next step?

Now, it’s time to plan email campaigns and promotional activities for your leads.

To do so, you will need a reliable email marketing automation tool that also has the option to manage your leads and segment them properly.

If you use WordPress, then you may consider using Mail Mint – an easy-to-use email marketing tool that will help you easily organize your leads, design emails, and set up automation flows.

~ Get Mail Mint

Apart from an email marketing tool, you may also consider using a sales funnel builder to create proper funnel journeys that are tailored to convert prospects and increase AOV.

WPFunnels is right now the easiest sales funnel builder in WordPress. You will find useful features such as a visual funnel planner, compatibility with WooCommerce, and popular page builders (Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg). You will also be able to customize the checkout form and make conditional offers based on what buyers purchased in your WooCommerce store.

~ Get WPFunnels

Eventually, the goal is to ensure you are not only generating leads but also working on converting them into paying clients in the near future.

Final Thoughts

As you just read, local business lead generation is not as difficult as it sounds. And if done right, you may end up with quality local leads that you can leverage to generate more revenue in any future promotional campaigns.

So go ahead and start collecting leads to grow your local business.


WPFunnels and Mail Mint can be a powerful combination to help you create sales funnels along with email automation flows. And these will be useful when running local lead generation campaigns online and when you want to promote local business. So make sure to check out these plugins.

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