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7 Best Constant Contact Alternatives In 2024

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Constant Contact has long been a staple in the world of email marketing, catering to a diverse user base, including small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs.

However, there are several reasons why you may want to explore a few alternatives. Constant Contact comes with limitations in advanced automation, customization, and high pricing structures.

Today, we came up with a few Constant Contact alternatives that have better features and more affordable pricing plans. Learn about them and decide which one you want to move to and enhance your email marketing efforts.

So let’s begin.

What is Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an established email marketing platform renowned for its intuitive interface and a suite of tools designed to facilitate effective communication with customers via emails.

Constant Contact

Founded in 1995, it offers an array of features such as email templates, contact management, automation, and analytics, making it a popular choice among small businesses and nonprofits.

Its user-friendly approach and accessible tools cater to a wide range of users, aiding in email campaign creation, list management, and analysis, thereby helping with engagement and growth for businesses.

Reasons to Consider an Alternative to Constant Contact

Despite its popularity, this email marketing tool comes with a few limitations which can hamper your email marketing efforts and require you to into other Constant Contant alternatives.

  • Limited Automation Features
    Constant Contact’s automation capabilities might not meet the advanced needs of your business, in case you require intricate automated workflows or behavior-based triggers.
  • Lack of Customization Options
    The platform’s customization options may fall short if you are aiming for highly tailored and unique email campaigns.
  • Price Restrictions
    The pricing plans of Constant Contact may prove to be quite expensive for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Analytics Constraints
    There have been discussions in forums about the lack of detailed analytics in Constant Contact, Which is necessary to assess sophisticated email campaigns.

Quick List of Constant Contact Alternatives

  1. Mailmint – Email Marketing Automation Made Easy In WordPress
  2. Moosend – Email Marketing Software For Thriving Businesses
  3. AWeber – Email Marketing & More For Small Businesses
  4. SendGrid – Email Delivery, API, And Marketing Services
  5. Campaign Monitor – Email Marketing Platform And Services
  6. ConvertKit – Email Marketing For Content Creators
  7. EmailOctopus – Simplified Email Marketing Platform

Constant Contact Alternatives – Comparison Table

SolutionEmail CustomizationEmail AutomationLead ManagementLead SegmentationEase Of UseNo. Of ContactsPrice
Constant ContactLimitedBasicModerately EasyLimitedModerately EasyLimitedStarting at $12/month
Mail MintFull ControlAdvancedVery EasyAdvanced Very EasyUnlimitedStarting at $12.5/ month (billed annually)
MoosendLimitedAdvancedComplicatedAdvancedComplicatedLimitedStarting at $9/month
AweberLimitedBasicModerately EasyAdvancedVery EasyLimitedStarting at $20/month (billed annually)
SendGridLimitedBasicModerately EasyAdvancedComplicatedLimitedStarting at $19.95/month
Campaign MonitorFull ControlAdvancedVery EasyLimitedModerately EasyLimitedStarting at $11/month
ConvertKitLimitedAdvancedComplicatedAdvancedComplicatedLimitedStarting at $9/per month (billed annually)
EmailOctopusFull ControlBasicModerately EasyAdvancedVery EasyLimitedStarting at $8 – $1200/month

Top 7 Alternatives to Constant Contact In 2023

Now, let us look at the top 7 Constant Contact alternatives that have unique features to help you get better results form your email marketing efforts.

1. Mail Mint

Mail Mint is currently one of the easiest email marketing automation tools for WordPress. The plugin aims to simplify the whole email marketing process with easy lead management, advanced lead segmentation, customized email campaigns, email automation flows, lead forms, and tons of pre-made email templates.

Mail Mint - One of the Constant Contact alternatives for WordPress
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About Mail Mint

  • Founding Year: 2023
  • Founder: Lincoln Islam
  • Founding Company: Code Rex

Key Features of Mail Mint

Key Mail Mint Features
  1. Unlimited Subscribers
    You may add as many subscribers to your lists as you want. There is no extra cost based on no. of subscribers.
  1. Lead Management & Segmentation With Full Control
    Distribute your subscribers to lists and tags or create custom lead segments based on subscribers’ data easily.
  1. Easy Email Campaign Builder
    Mail Mint comes with one of the easiest UIs to create any email campaigns you want whether it’s a single email or an email series with fixed intervals.
  1. Powerful Drag And Drop Email Builder
    You may customize your emails with its powerful drag-and-drop email builder which comes with all the essential blocks with full design control for your emails.
  1. Visual Email Automation Workflows
    Use one of the easiest email automation creators for WordPress and WooCommerce. Set up complete automation workflows based on the conditions you set and leave the rest to Mail Mint. Plus, you will get several automation recipes that you may start using with just a few clicks.
  1. Built-in Lead Form to Collect Leads
    Use Mail Mint’s own lead form to collect leads from anywhere on your website.
  1. Beautifully Designed Email Templates
    Get several email templates that you may import and customize real quickly to launch your next email campaign with minimal effort.
  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce
    Use its advanced abandoned cart recovery automation to plan automation recovery emails to be sent to abandoned customers.

Best Use Cases of Mail Mint

Here are some of the best use cases of Mail Mint:

  • Create email campaigns for discounts, greetings, special offers, etc.
  • Set up email automation workflows for WordPress & WooCommerce.
  • Use abandoned cart recovery emails to win back lost sales.
  • Collect leads and set up automation for engagement and onboarding.
  • Schedule email series, product launch campaigns, etc.
  • Segment leads for personalized email marketing.

Pros of Mail Mint

  • Self-hosted email marketing
  • User-friendly UI
  • Easy Automation Workflows
  • Pre-made Email Templates
  • Easy email building & execution.
  • Drag and drop email builder
  • Scalable with unlimited leads

Cons of Mail Mint

  • Limited to WordPress only.
  • Need external SMTP to use.
  • No trial on Pro features.

Mail Mint Pricing

Mail Mint Pricing

As you can see, Mail Mint’s pricing plan starts at $12.5 per month (billed $149.99 annually). However, if you notice, the pricing plan differs only based on the number of domains you want to use its license on. If you just have 1 domain, then the small plan is enough.

Why Choose Mail Mint Over Constant Contact?

Constant Contact definitely is a great choice for email marketing however, Mail Mint does it even better. If your website is created using WordPress, then Mail Mint is definitely the better option.

While offering a much easier UI, Mail Mint is way ahead in terms of setting up automation workflows. Plus, lead management, full email customization, and lead segmentation are something you want to use for successful email marketing at an affordable cost.

At a close price range, Mail Mint offers more features and an easier interface, saving you time and increasing your overall ROI.

How To Get Mail Mint

You may try the free version of Mail Mint from the WordPress repository, or you may get the Pro plugin from the website.

2. Moosend

Moosend emerges as an all-in-one email marketing platform catering to diverse user needs, ranging from small businesses to enterprises.

Moosend has a unique approach to creating email campaigns that have mixed reviews – many find it easier than most other email platforms while some find it complicated due to its out-of-the-box UI.

Moosend home

About Moosend

  • Founding Year: 2012
  • Founder: Yannis Psarras
  • Founding Company: Sitecore

Best Features Of Moosend

  • Sophisticated Automation Workflows
    You may create advanced automation flows for your subscribers.
  • Email Personalization Tools
    Use personalized data of your leads in your email copies easily.
  • Segmentation Capabilities
    You may segment your leads based on any contact information for targeted email marketing.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    Moosend offers in-depth analytics and reporting functionalities for comprehensive campaign assessment.
  • A/B Testing Of Subject Lines
    Test multiple subject lines to see which one works better.
  • Integrations and Scalability
    Extensive integrations and scalability to accommodate varying business needs.

Pros Of Moosend

  • Advanced automation unlike most email clients
  • More control over personalized emails
  • Detailed analytics for measuring success.
  • Well-designed email templates.

Cons of Moosend

  • Complicated UI for beginners.
  • Often too cluttered when creating emails.
  • Limited email customization without HTML.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend comes with a generous 30 Days Free Trial and then starts at $9 per month. The more leads you store, the higher the price goes.

Moosend Pricing

Moosend Customer Reviews

Is Moosend Better than Constant Contact?

Moosend presents a robust alternative to Constant Contact, particularly beneficial for businesses seeking advanced automation and personalized email campaigns.

So, if you want more than just basic email automations and email campaigns, then Moosend is a great choice. Of couse, your decision should also revolve around the number of subscribers you have as Moosend may get comparatively expensive as you grow your email list.

3. AWeber

AWeber is another giant in the email marketing industry with one of the easiest email builders out there.

The tool is well known for email campaigns, drip automation, and a high deliverability rate.

AWeber for email marketer

About AWeber

  • Founding Year: 1998
  • Founder: Tom Kulzer
  • Founding Company: AWeber Communications

Best Features Of AWeber

  • Well-designed email templates
    Get pre-built email templates for almost any occasion or purpose.
  • Easy drag-and-drop email builder
    Super easy drag-and-drop email builder.
  • Automation for welcome and confirmation emails
    Design welcome email series or order confirmation emails.
  • Abandoned cart recovery emails
    Set up automated abandoned cart recovery emails.
  • Weekly recurring newsletters
    Send newsletters every week on set days.
  • A/B testing of emails
    Run A/B tests for email body and subject lines.

Pros of AWeber

  • Easy to build emails.
  • Extensive automation options.
  • Reliable support team.

Cons of AWeber

  • Limited customizations.
  • Basic analytics.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber does offer a free plan for upto 500 subscribers. Then it starts from $12/month and can go up to $899/per month depending on your requirements. However, to remove AWeber branding from your emails, you need to at least go for the Plus plan, which is $20/month.

AWeber Pricing

AWeber Customer Reviews

Is AWeber Better Than Constant Contact?

AWeber is a viable alternative to Constant Contact in terms of ease of use and a few automation features that Constant Contact lacks. However, they are both quite similar in terms of use case and deliverability.

4. SendGrid

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that is focused on high deliverability and scalability.

Using SendGrid, you may use its APIs to integrate with any online shop to send promotional emails, transactional emails, recurring newsletters, and basic automation.

SendGrid pricing

About SendGrid

  • Founding Year: 2009
  • Founders: Isaac Saldana, Tim Jenkins, and Jose Lopez
  • Founding Company: SendGrid Inc.

Best SendGrid Features

  • Email campaigns
    Send promotional emails for online shops.
  • Robust easy-to-use APIs
    SendGrid offers all the necessary APIs to connect it’s email marketing and other services to any business websites easily.
  • Send Transactional Emails
    Once you get orders, send confirmation emails, and transactional emails to customers.
  • Email Validation
    Once you collect leads, you may run through email validation to scrape invalid emails.

Pros of SendGrid

  • Exceptional email deliverability rates
  • Scalable solution suitable for businesses of varying sizes
  • Extensive API integrations for added functionalities

Cons of SendGrid

  • Quite complicated for beginners
  • Basic limited analytics
  • Limited email automation control
  • Expensive for medium-sized businesses

SendGrid Pricing

SendGrid allows you to send 100 emails per day for free with slow support responses. For faster support and higher email sending limits, you have to go with Essentials or above plans which start at $19.95/month.

SendGrid Pricing

SendGrid Customer Reviews

Is SendGrid Better Than Constant Contact?

SendGrid excels in email delivery and scalability, making it a suitable alternative for businesses prioritizing these aspects. However, for those requiring advanced analytics and automation features, exploring other alternatives might be advisable.

If you are struggling with email delivery rate with Constant Contact, then SendGrid is a better alternative as it is well-known for high deliverability. Plus, its seamless integration with online businesses and the ability to send transactional emails with more control definitely puts SendGrid ahead of Constant Contact.

However, if you only need the core email marketing features, then Constant Contact will be better and more affordable in terms of price.

5. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing and automation platform that allows you to create, send, and optimize email marketing campaigns.

The tool comes with a drag-and-drop email builder and great control in email customization without any technical knowledge.

Campaign Monitor home

About Campaign Monitor

  • Founding Year: 2004
  • Founders: Ben Richardson and David Greiner
  • Founding Company: Freshview Pty Ltd.

Best Features of Campaign Monitor

  • Easy Customizable Email Templates
    It provides a collection of pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop builder for creating customized emails that are responsive and visually appealing.
  • Personalization and Segmentation
    You can personalize emails based on recipient data and segment your subscriber lists to send targeted and relevant content to specific groups or individuals.
  • Email Marketing Automation
    Campaign Monitor enables you to create automated email workflows triggered by specific actions or events, such as welcome emails, birthday greetings, or abandoned cart reminders.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    It offers detailed insights and analytics on email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, conversions, and subscriber engagement metrics.

Pros of Campaign Monitor

  • Easy to customize emails
  • Extensive personalization options
  • Details analytics to help improve efficiency

Cons of Campaign Monitor

  • Expensive for small businesses
  • Complex Automation UI
  • Performance issues for large-scale campaigns

Campaign Monitor Pricing

While they offer a trial period, its pricing starts at $11 for up to 500 leads. The more you add for email marketing, the higher the pricing.

Campaign Monitor Pricing

Campaign Monitor Customer Review

Is Campaign Monitor Better Than Constant Contact?

Campaign Monitor serves as a user-friendly alternative to Constact Contact, particularly suitable for businesses emphasizing visually appealing and personalized email campaigns.

However, Constant Contact offers other useful features such as CRM, social media marketing, and event management which makes it useful for certain businesses.

In terms of pricing, they aren’t much difference. Hence, the choice will really depend on your use case.

6. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing platform designed primarily for content creators, bloggers, online course creators, and small businesses.

The tool comes with useful features such as lead management with segmentation, automation and sequences, custom forms and landing pages to collect leads, and customizable email templates.

ConvertKit pricing

About ConvertKit

  • Founding Year: 2013
  • Founder: Nathan Barry
  • Founding Company: ConvertKit LLC

Best Features of ConvertKit

  • Easy Subscriber Management
    You will be able to easily manage their subscribers through segmentation based on interests, behavior, and interactions for personalized communication.
  • Automation and Sequences
    ConvertKit offers automation tools that will enable you to create sequences of automated emails based on triggers, such as subscriber sign-ups, purchases, or specific actions taken by subscribers.
  • Customizable Forms and Landing Pages
    Users can create customized opt-in forms and landing pages to capture email subscribers and grow their audience. These forms are customizable and can be integrated into websites or used as standalone pages.
  • Email Design and Templates
    While ConvertKit focuses more on simplicity and functionality, it provides a variety of customizable email templates and a user-friendly editor to create visually appealing emails.

Pros of ConvertKit:

  • Visual automation builder for creating complex workflows
  • Tagging and segmentation for targeted campaigns
  • Tailored templates for content creators
  • Great lead generation features

Cons of ConvertKit:

  • A high learning curve for beginners
  • Limited email customization
  • Basic analytics

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit offers a free plan for 1000 subscribers with limited features. To get all the features, you have to go for the Creator plan and above, which starts at $9/month (annual plan). However, the plan will depend on how many subscribers you have. The more subscribers you have the higher the price.

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit Customer Reviews

Is ConvertKit Better Than Constant Contact?

ConvertKit does stand as one of the optimal Constant Contact alternatives, particularly beneficial for content creators seeking a subscriber-centric approach and visual automation. Plus, it also offers an option to host and sell digital products.

However, Constant Contact is more efficient in terms of deliverability and an easier UI to create emails.

Overall, if you are a content creator then ConvertKit is definitely a better alternative to Constact Contact.

7. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is an emerging email marketing platform that focuses on simplicity, affordability, and user-friendly features. It is designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers create, manage, and send email campaigns efficiently.


About EmailOctopus

  • Founding Year: 2014
  • Founder: Artas Bartas
  • Founding Company: EmailOctopus Ltd.

Best Features of EmailOctopus

  • Email Campaign Creation
    The platform provides a drag-and-drop editor and customizable templates to create visually appealing emails without requiring extensive design skills.
  • List Management
    You can manage your subscriber lists, segment audiences based on various criteria, and personalize emails to target specific groups of subscribers.
  • Essential Automation
    While it may not offer as complex automation sequences as some other platforms, EmailOctopus does provide basic automation capabilities, allowing you to set up autoresponders and simple workflows.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    EmailOctopus offers basic analytics to track email open rates, click-through rates, and other key metrics to assess the performance of email campaigns.

Pros of EmailOctopus

  • Simplicity at its peak for a user-friendly UI
  • Easy lead management
  • Very affordable for any business
  • Lucrative free version for small businesses

Cons of EmailOctopus

  • Limited automation features
  • Basic analytics data
  • Limited to email marketing only

EmailOctopus Pricing

EmialOctopus starts with a lucrative free plan with 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails per month, which is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, although you won’t be able to remove the EmailOctopus branding from the emails.

For full control in designs and sending options, you may want to go for the Pro plan starting at $8, which will increase based on how many subscribers you have.

EmailOctopus Pricing

EmailOctopus Customer Reviews

Is EmailOctopus Better Than Constant Contact?

EmailOctopus serves as a budget-friendly alternative, particularly suitable for small businesses and startups seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

However, for users requiring advanced features for email campaigns and CRM, you should stick with Constant Contact.


You’ve just learned about 7 of the best Constant Contact alternatives that each have their own unique features and use cases. From the WordPress-centric Mail Mint to the visually engaging Campaign Monitor, and the content creator-focused ConvertKit, each alternative brings distinct advantages to the table.

For example, if you use WordPress, Mail Mint is the clear better choice. If you are a content creator, then ConvertKit is a great option. And if high deliverability is the issue, then SendGrid would be your top pick.

It all depends on your business requirements and what lackings Constant Contact has that you need.

So go ahead and pick your best alternative to Constant Contact. The right tool will help you enhance your email marketing game and achieve greater success.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best Constant Contact alternative for WordPress?

Among all the alternatives mentioned here, Mail Mint is the best option for WordPress. The plugins offer extensive features to create and send emails, set up automation workflows, and manage leads easily.

2. Can you use Constant Contact for free?

The free trial is your time to explore all the campaign types and features that Constant Contact has to offer. You can create as many campaigns as you want, and try out all the different tools available – there’s more than email! In addition to our email editor, test drive our social tools, landing pages, and more.

3. Which alternative provides the best automation features?

ConvertKit and Mail Mint stand out for their advanced automation capabilities, offering intricate workflows suitable for most businesses.

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