Sales Funnels For A Business Leadership Coach – Complete Guide [2023]

Sales Funnels For A Business Leadership Coach - Complete Guide

The online coaching business today is expanding rapidly with more and more talented coaches offering their services. However, not everyone has a high turnover out of their sales campaigns.

As a business leadership coach, when you plan on promoting your coaching services and getting clients, it’s crucial to embrace a sales funnel strategy that will bring in qualified leads and convert visitors into paying clients.

Today, we will look at how you can successfully plan and execute a sales funnel in WordPress as a business coach.

This guide will also help you whether you are a traditional business coach, business consultant, or in any coaching field to help grow businesses.

After reading this article, you will be able to

  • Learn how to grow your audience
  • Plan a persuasive funnel journey for your clients
  • Launch your sales funnel campaign

So let’s begin.

Planning A Sales Funnel For A Business Leadership Coach

To plan a business leadership funnel that will land more clients, you have to go through 3 crucial steps.

  1. Identify Your Target Audience
  2. Become A Reliable Leadership Coach – Gain Public Authority
  3. Create A Sales Funnel That Converts

1. Identifying Your Target Audience

Before you start using any sales funnel strategy, you first need to take time and learn about your target audience.

For an instance, if you offer a leadership coaching service, then you need to find out what areas of a business may require your service and what pain points you intend to solve.

On top of that, you need to invest time in which business niches will be able to use your service more effectively. It will really depend on your expertise.

For example, if you are well-suited for corporate offices, then there is no point for you to target other business areas such as the field workers group.

To do this, you will need time and experience. You can attend sessions with other experienced coaches to know what they focus on. Plus, you can work with startups to gain practical experience and find out the most frequent issues they face that you can solve.

That will help you learn your strong suit and understand your target audience better.

Why is this crucial?

A sales funnel depends a lot on the copies you use in your offer pages, emails, and other content. And the only way to write good copies is by knowing your target audience to the core.

Once you have good knowledge about your potential clients, the next thing to do is to start preparing for your sales funnel.

2. Become The Go-to Leadership Coach

Business coaching services are expensive, and taking such training is a big decision. Hence, it’s necessary for you to gain the trust of potential clients in your ability to train them.

The best way to do so is by devoting 3 months to gaining as much authority from your target audience as possible.

Following are some of the steps you can take during this period.

  1. Create a Facebook Group related to your services.
    Write a good group description to indicate that this group is dedicated to helping business entrepreneurs and high officials develop their leadership skills.
  1. Run A Squeeze Page Funnel To Collect Leads
    Create a simple squeeze funnel that consists of a landing page and a thank you page.

    Here, you may offer a free valuable resource, let’s say an eBook on “Basic Leadership Skill Development,” to collect the names and emails of the prospects.

    Promote this landing page using social media and PPC campaigns to drive traffic into this funnel.

    Upon claiming the gift and submitting the form, take your lead to a Thank you page where you may ask them to join your Facebook Group.

    And then launch a nurturing email campaign to send at least 1 email per week for the next 3 months. In every one of these emails, share unique valuable content for the prospect.
  1. Host A Free Webinar Series
    Create a webinar funnel with 3 planned webinars with topics related to business leadership, for example,
    – Conflict Management,
    – Critical System Thinking, and
    – Business Communication Skills

    Set these to be viewable on fixed dates on 5-7 days intervals in a month.

    After the 3rd webinar, take the attendees to a page where you may request them to join your Facebook group and follow you on your social profiles.

    Once this funnel is ready, promote it via social media or paid Ads to get people to register for it.

    Re-issue this webinar every month for 3 months to get more new leads and followers.

    Anyone who registers, trigger a nurturing email campaign for them and send one email per week with some unique valuable content.

Within the 3 months that you follow the steps above, you will be collecting leads and nurturing them, while growing your own community (Facebook Group) and reputation in the niche.

Of course, in the Facebook Group, you should post short useful content from time to time, or may host surprise live sessions to interact with members to keep the group active and interested. If you are up for sharing video content, then try text animation apps to make them compelling.

You may even give away more free stuff there.

By the end of three months, you will have a good number of leads, and quite a few members in your Facebook Group. Now, it’s time to offer your service and find the right clients.

3. Create A Sales Funnel For Your Service That Converts

Let’s say your main service is a 3-month package on “How To Ensure Employee Performance Consistency As A Leader” worth $1500 – $2000. And this may include about 6 live sessions a month and a full employee analysis to find out the flaws and areas of improvement in the company.

But offering this expensive service directly is not wise. Even if you have gained authority by offering free knowledge, people are yet to get practical experience of what you are capable of for their business.

Rather, plan an offer that costs less but will give them a chance to take your service. This can be a 3-day paid Bootcamp on “How to identify the lacking of an employee.” And you can offer this at $59 only.

Whoever takes this service, you may then offer them your main package.

So in this case, the Bootcamp will act as a tripwire offer to filter out the entrepreneurs that really need the solution and are willing to spend money to improve their business. And then you can offer them your core service.

Let us plan the sales process for it.

Step 1 – Create A Tripwire Sales Funnel

First, create a 4-step tripwire funnel to offer the Bootcamp.

  • The Landing page copy and the content will be focused on your paid Bootcamp, highlighting the benefits and outcomes your prospects can expect from it.
  • The Checkout page will allow your clients to make a payment for your Bootcamp.
  • Immediately after checkout is complete, make an upsell offer with your core service, maybe at a small discount. Let’s say $1800 instead of $2000.

    Most people will not accept this offer as they would rather wait and judge you on your Bootcamp. But this will work as a memory glue, i.e., they may remember it when you offer them your service in the future.
  • And finally, include a Thank you page with instructions on what’s next.

Step 2 – Create An Irresistible Sales Funnel For Your Core Offer

Once you have the tripwire funnel ready, create a second funnel dedicated to your core service with added discount, this time, maybe at $1500 instead of $2000.

  • Here, on the landing page, offer your core service while mentioning its benefits and outcome. And highlight the discount you are offering.

    You may also attempt to make the offer irresistible by giving away extra resources. People love to get more value for money.

    So in this case, you may prepare a few extra sets of useful resources that you are willing to give away to your paid clients even if it is not part of your core service. It could be a book you wrote or a checklist on improving other areas of the business that you do not cover in this service.

    And then, if you can show a combined value of your services and these extra resources and show huge savings, it may often get more entrepreneurs interested.
  • Create a simple checkout page to pay to register, but make sure to assure them to get a contract from you once the checkout is complete.
  • And finally, include a thank you page with what will happen next.

    If you are giving away extra resources with your core offer, then save one or two, even if they are small stuff, which you can mention as a surprise on the thank you page to make the clients feel special.

Step 3 – Promote Your Offers

Once you have the funnels in place, you can then focus on promoting the funnel.

  • Send an email to the leads you collected in the last 3 months, and invite them to register to join your Bootcamp.
  • Post about the Bootcamp offer on your Facebook group.
  • Also set it up as a re-targeted Ad to anyone who has landed on your Squeeze page, Webinar funnel landing, or your website (if you have any).

Step 4 – And Set Up Automated Email Campaigns

Setting up automation campaigns is important to segment leads in a way so that your whole sales process is meaningful.

  • For your Bootcamp funnel, set automation so that when someone takes the Upsell offer, you assign them a specific tag, maybe ‘offer_accepted’.
  • Then set an automated email to be sent out to all the Bootcamp attendees who did not take the upsell offer, i.e., do not have the previous tag ‘offer_accepted’, with a link to your core offer funnel, and schedule it to be sent 1-day after the Bootcamp is over.
  • For the core offer funnel, set automation to assign the same tag ‘offer_accepted’ to anyone who takes the offer. And set automated emails to be sent out to them with instructions on what’s next, right after they make the payment.
  • Anyone who does not take the offer within 1 week of launching the campaign, set up an email drip campaign to offer them your service. This could be a 3-email drip for the next week.

**Also remember to set up re-targeting Ads for anyone who has visited your core offer funnel but did not complete the purchase.

Step 5 – Conduct A Trophy BootCamp

Now comes your final chance to prove your worth – the BootCamp. This should be so good that the entrepreneurs are amazed by your expertise.

The BootCamp you host can be a personal or a group BootCamp, depending on how you planned the activities. But here, everything you teach should offer real benefits to the attendees.

As per the example earlier, since you are supposed to help them identify the lacking of an employee, your questions and planned activities should help the entrepreneurs eventually note down what each of his employees is not doing well on. And if they are spot on, they will be able to then decide how to fix that situation.

This small achievement will ensure that the attendees will trust you completely and may consider taking your core service to improve upon his leadership shortcomings other than just Employee lacking identification.

At the end of the Bootcamp, you can pitch your core service and direct them to visit your Core offer funnel, while mentioning the added benefits and discounts.

Many will remember this offer from the tripwire funnel they entered before and may notice extra giveaways and discounts. Some will convert immediately.

And since your automation is in place, right after the Bootcamp, anyone who did not take the service will get the offer emailed to them.

And that’s it. Your whole sales funnel strategy is in place and you can now focus on satisfying the clients that took your service.

In the future, when you run a similar coaching funnel again, you will expect a few clients via word of mouth from your satisfied clients.

Creating These Sales Funnels In WordPress

If you want to host your sales funnels at an affordable price, then running a WordPress site would be the best option. At the same time, you will find all the necessary tools to help you achieve these quite easily without much hassle.

For an instance, in this guide, we discussed 4 funnels

And you can create all of them using a single plugin, WPFunnels Pro. This is currently the easiest sales funnel builder in WordPress that comes with a visual drag-and-drop canvas to plan and develop the whole sales funnel real quick, without much technical knowledge.

For automation, you may consider using Mail Mint Pro, which has native integration with WPFunnels. Based on user actions in your funnels, you may add the user data to Mail Mint and then you may run automation campaigns for them.

  • Get Mail Mint Pro to set up automation campaigns for your funnels.

When designing the funnel pages, WPFunnels is compatible with Elementor, Divi, Oxygen, and Gutenberg.

**You will also need WooCommerce to be able to use WPFunnels and manage your paid services.

Other Resources

The whole funnel creation process is lengthy and often challenging if you have any shortcomings in required skills such as web design, copywriting, email writing, Ads creation, etc. Following are some ways you can get all of your requirements covered.

  1. If you are looking to get help with web design, you may contact Code Rex. They have an expert web design and development team.
  1. For copywriting, you may seek help from MarkSmiths who are professional copywriters.
  1. If you want to learn or improve your copywriting skills, and if you want to learn how to run paid Ads, you can take courses via DigitalMarketer.
  1. For retargeting Ads, you may check out AdRoll, a great tool to manage and launch retargeting Ads.

Final Thoughts

As you saw above, running a sales campaign for a business leadership coaching service isn’t as easy as many portray. Even if you have a perfect coaching funnel in place, if your content is not up to the mark, it may not succeed.

That is why, even before you can launch your sales funnel, you need to spend weeks planning and creating high-quality content, copy, and page designs.

Plus, the BootCamp and your core service should be well polished. You must deliver results once people pay for them. Remember, this is not a one-time thing. You want to create a lifelong reputation in the industry and want to become a pioneer in your field. And the only way to do that is to deliver what you promise.

So go ahead and start preparing for your ticket to a 7-figure income as a business leadership coach with the right coaching funnel.

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