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50 Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines to Boost Conversion in 2024

When it comes to your online store, there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing potential customers leave their carts behind. Those are missed sales, and you deserve to get them back. The best way to handle this situation is to use an abandoned cart email recovery campaign.

If you can plan a good email series with the right intervals, then you have a chance to win back many of your abandoned customers. However, the success of this campaign depends a lot on how well you’ve written the overall email copies and the subject lines.

Today, you will learn how you can write great abandoned cart email subject lines to ensure your recovery campaign has a high open rate. Which in turn will allow you to convert them using a persuasive email copy.

In this article, we will discuss various strategies when it comes to abandoned cart subject lines along with examples so that you can optimize your abandoned cart email campaign right away.

So let’s begin.

What are abandoned cart emails and why are they important?

An abandoned cart is when a prospect adds items to their online shopping cart and then leaves without completing the purchase. That’s like going to a supership, filling up the cart with products, and then walking out without eventually buying them.

Now, in online stores, in most cases, people get so busy with life that they decide to complete the purchase later but end up forgetting about it. In other cases, people browse the internet for competitive pricing or better quality products but eventually have to stop due to other important activities in their daily lives.

Due to this, you are left with people who were initially interested in your products but didn’t place the orders. Looking at the cases, it’s safe to say that a simple reminder is more than enough to bring back several of these buyers.

And the best way to do so is by sending an email. If a simple reminder doesn’t work, you may try another type of email such as an email on benefits missed without the product, FOMO due to lack of stock, or a small discount. Of course, you have to send additional emails after certain intervals; people won’t be happy about getting too many emails in a matter of minutes.

These emails are referred to as abandoned cart emails because your sole purpose with these emails is to try and bring back abandoned customers to complete their pending orders.

But, these emails won’t work if you don’t write good cart abandonment email subject lines.

According to a recent study, more than 35% of people decide whether to open an email just by looking at the subject line.

Your email subject lines should clearly connect with the prospect so that he/she is eager to open your emails. And that’s what you will learn in the next sections.

7 Strategies To Write Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines With Examples

The following are proven strategies when it comes to writing abandoned cart subject lines. Learn the concepts behind them and observe the subject lines thoroughly so that you can implement these strategies immediately and start getting higher results.

1. The Direct Reminder – “You forgot..”

As mentioned, a simple reminder is enough to win back a lot of your customers. And the most common way to do so is to go for a direct approach. Meaning, you just remain straightforward about the purpose of your email right on the email subject line.

This is very effective if sent within 2 hours of cart abandonment and will immediately remind the prospect that he wanted to purchase a certain product from you. We recommend you set it up to be sent by 45mins since abandonment.

Here are a few examples of abandoned cart email subject lines with the direct reminder approach:

  1. You forgot to complete your order
  2. “[Your Name], you forgot to complete your order!”
  3. “[Your Name], you left something in your cart!”
  4. “[Your Name], forgot something? Your cart is waiting!”
  5. “[Your Name], items in your cart are selling out fast!”
  6. “[Your Name], your cart is feeling lonely!”
  7. “[Your Name], did you forget your [Product] in the cart?”
  8. “[Your Name], your [Product] is still waiting for you!”

Along with this, the email copy can be just as straightforward. Here’s an example:

Direct Email
Fabletics Abandoned Cart Email

2. Showing Concern – “Did Something Go Wrong”

This approach is rather a way of telling the customer that you care, while still insisting to complete the order. You will be able to connect with many of your customers more effectively by showing how much you care with a simple gesture like this. Yes, this is a marketing tactic, but many will appreciate you asking about it even if the intention is just to make sales.

Here are a few examples you may try using:

  1. “Did something go wrong while purchasing [Product]?”
  2. “Are you experiencing any issues with your cart?”
  3. “Had trouble checking out? We’re here to help!”
  4. “Need assistance with your purchase?”
  5. “We noticed a hiccup in your checkout, need help?”
  6. “Stumbled at checkout? We’ve got your back!”

Of course, you need to match your email copy with it.

Here’s a great example of how Bonobos designed the email after using a similar subject line.

Showing Concern

3. FOMO Subject Line

The concept of FOMO (fear of missing out) is the same in any marketing aspect. Basically, you use some sort of message to convey that the customer may not get the same offer or benefit any time soon if he/she doesn’t complete the order.

For example, you could say the stock is going to be over, or the discount period is about to run out, and so on.

Many do not want to miss out on good deals and will end up coming back to your store and completing the purchase.

Here are a few FOMO-packed cart abandonment email subject lines you may use:

  1. Your [product name] will be out of stock soon!
  2. Last call to finish your order! Discount ends in 24hrs!
  3. A few hours left to grab this [Item] with discounts.
  4. You won’t find [item name] at this price again.
  5. Clock’s ticking! Only [hours] left to complete your purchase.
  6. Hurry! Your cart is expiring soon.
  7. Don’t miss out; grab the last chance for free shipping.
  8. Quick! The stock for [product name] is running low.

After using this type of subject line, make sure to create a similar FOMO effect in your email. Here’s an example:

Let’s look at the example from Chatters

FOMO email subject line
FOMO abandoned cart email used by Chatters.

4. The Desirable Discount

Offering a discount is like saying, “Come back and buy what you liked but for less!”

It’s a great way to grab the attention of shoppers who left because of the extra costs like tax and shipping. When the price drops, people are more likely to finish their purchases.

Here are some straightforward subject line examples that show you’re offering a sweet deal:

  1. “Grab your items now and enjoy a 10% discount!”
  2. “Snag this 20% off and complete your order today!”
  3. “Finish buying and pay 10% less!”
  4. “Act fast! Your [item] is 15% off!”
  5. “Buy now and get a surprise gift!”
  6. “Don’t miss out! 5% off your last order!”
  7. “Surprise! We’ve slashed 10% off this [item]!”
  8. “Seal the deal! Free shipping and an extra 5% off!”

Adding a discount can be the nudge shoppers need to complete their orders. It’s simple—make them an offer they can’t refuse and watch them come back to grab their favorite items!

In the email body, make sure to put extra emphasis on the discount you are offering. Here’s an example of how:

Here’s an example from Ruggable.

The desirable discount
Abandoned cart recovery discount by Ruggable.

5. The Expected Outcome

You may set up custom abandoned cart recovery email campaigns for specific products and write a more meaningful subject line for the emails. Seemingly, you could focus on highlighting the main outcome people will get if they use your product.

Many prospects will find this meaningful and aligned with their goals and may end up coming back.

Try these subject lines that give a glimpse of the good things to come:

  1. “Unlock more sales with Mail Mint! Finish your purchase!”
  2. “Your boost in appointments is just a click away! Secure it now!”
  3. “Boost your productivity with [Product]! It’s waiting in your cart!”
  4. “Get ready for a surge in leads! Complete your order!”
  5. “Elevate your performance! Your [Product] is waiting!”
  6. “Enhance your experience! Secure your [Product] now!”
  7. “Transform your results! Your [Product] is one click away!”

Now, these subject lines do work quite well, but they are not well-suited for the traditional e-commerce business with tons of products. It’s rather more suited for businesses such as software firms, service-based businesses, or single product companies.

If you use a subject line related to increasing marketing results, then the following is a good example, from Zero Bounce, of the abandoned cart email you may use.

Expected outcome email

You can see, that this is an abandoned cart email, but the CTA is not for purchasing the product. They invited the prospects to get a demo so that they could make a good pitch.

This is a sensible approach for subscription-based or high-ticket businesses.

6. Missing Out On Real Value

When shopping, we all look for the best deals and value. Pointing out the real value that customers are missing out on is a great way to entice them back to their abandoned carts. It’s like whispering, “See the incredible benefits you’re choosing to pass!”

Here are a few subject lines with this approach:

  1. “Don’t miss the chance to double your leads!”
  2. “Huge Savings Is About To Expire: Your [Product] is still in the cart!”
  3. “Don’t miss out on getting higher revenue! Your [Product] is waiting!”
  4. “Unlock big savings with your purchase. You’re about to miss it!”
  5. “See what you’re leaving behind! Secure your [Product] now!”
  6. “Get more, spend less. Your [Product] is ready!”
  7. “Don’t fall behind your competitors! Your AI assistant is waiting!”

This approach will work best if you offer some sort of service or a huge deal. And then,

7. The Proof Hook

Everyone likes to see proof before making a decision, especially when it comes to purchasing. Using real success stories can encourage shoppers to return to their carts and complete the purchase. It’s like saying, “Look what they achieved with this product. You could be next!

For example, abandoned cart subject lines that share success might look like:

  1. “John secured 5000 leads in one month! Your turn…”
  2. “Unlock the course that brought in millions for marketers!”
  3. “See the results! Thousands have benefited, you can too…”
  4. “Discover the product everyone is talking about!”
  5. “Join the ranks! Become another success story…”
  6. “Find out why [Product] is a game-changer for many!”
  7. “See the difference! [Product] brought success to many…”

These subject lines actually work well for both abandoned cart emails and promotional emails. You should try it.

But do make sure to write a good email copy to highlight the success of your other customers.

The success of these strategies will depend on your product type, niche, and target customers. But if used properly, they will trigger a high open rate. And then it will be up to your email copy to push for the conversion.

Reliable Tools For Abandoned Cart Recovery In WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce to run your e-commerce business, then you should pick out the right tool that can track abandoned carts and send emails at the right intervals.

1. Mail Mint

Mail Mint is one of the easiest email marketing automation tools in WordPress. Besides having a great lead management system with advanced segmentation options, this plugin has one of the best email campaign builders and visual email marketing automation.

One of its specialties is abandoned cart recovery. You may enable Mail Mint to track potential buyers who abandon their carts. And then set up automation workflows to send out abandoned cart emails at set intervals to win back those customers.

So, you are getting a complete package to help you with leads management and email marketing for your overall WooCommerce store.

2. Cart Lift

Cart Lift is a simplified abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce and EDD. It’s sole purpose is to help you set up an abandoned cart recovery campaign for your online store with custom emails, personalized coupons, and detailed abandoned customer tracking.

The best part about Cart Lift is, it’s simple, easy-to-use and not overwhelmed with any other features. Plus, you may connect it to your Twilio account to also send reminder text messages to your customer’s phones.

3. ELEX WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

This plugin is a premium abandoned cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce where you can create multiple email templates for your recovery emails, have full control over email customization, and generate smart discount coupons.

The plugin comes with easy-to-understand analytics, abandoned customer details, and email logs.

4. Abandon Cart Pro for WooCommerce

Abandoned Cart Pro is a brilliant premium cart recovery plugin for WooCommerce that gives you full control over planning your abandoned cart emails and custom email designs.

It also allows you to set up recovery texts via SMS and messenger besides emails.

5. Retainful For Abandoned Cart Recovery

Retainful is a popular email automation plugin for WooCommerce that specializes in setting up abandoned cart recovery emails and post-purchase promotional emails.

It has a detailed analytics feature and a great UI for running recovery campaigns.


Recapturing abandoned carts is more than just sending a reminder email. It’s a marketing tactic for maximizing the revenue that you are losing without any particular flaw of yours.

As long as you know the right strategies, maintain high-quality abandoned cart email subject lines, use persuasive email copies, and have a well-planned recovery email series in place, you will be able to convert more abandoned customers into sales.

So go ahead and update your cart abandoned email campaigns with proven subject line tactics.

And if you don’t have a campaign ready, get one of the recommended tools above and automate the whole process now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is an abandoned cart a marketing email?

No, an abandoned cart reminder is actually a transactional email, not a marketing one. This is an important difference. Transactional emails are part of the buying process, like order confirmations, while marketing emails are about promotions and sales. However, they both are marketing tactics to increase sales & revenue.

Yes, they are legal. For marketing emails, customers need to say it’s okay to receive them and can choose to stop getting them at any time. But, under GDPR, which is a law about data privacy in Europe, you can send abandoned cart emails if you have a good reason, like helping customers finish their shopping.

3. What is the success rate of abandoned cart emails?

In 2021, about 8.76% of people who got these emails clicked on them. This rate has been pretty steady since 2016. In 2022, the rate went down a little to 8.38%. This means that when people get these emails, a small percentage of them go back to buy what was in their cart.

But these tests were clearly done with generic email strategies. If you take a strategic approach, you have the potential of getting over double the results.

4. How many abandoned carts is normal?

On average, about 70% of shopping carts are left without buying. This number comes from looking at lots of studies, which show rates between 56% and 81%. So, normally, only about three out of ten people who add items to their carts actually buy them.

5. How many emails should be sent in an abandoned cart email recovery campaign?

The best approach is to go for a 4 email series –
Email 1 (30 mins after abandonment) – A soft reminder
Email 2 (6hrs after abandonment) – A benefit-focused email
Email 3 (24/48hrs after abandonment) – A “stock running out email”
Email 4 (3 days after abandonment): FOMO + discount email

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