Product Launch Email Strategies

How To Craft A Product Launch Email Strategy For A Successful Launch in 2024

Launching a new product is a tense moment.

Many will tell you that a product launch has to be this grand event that requires a huge budget with a lot of steps involved. Perhaps that is true if you are with a new business, about to make their first or second product launch.

But, trust me. That’s not the only way to do it.

If you have invested in lead generation over the past few years, then you can rather only use emails and still make a fortune.

That’s right. Today, we will look at how you can devise a product launch email strategy that will help you get instant sales without all the extra effort, unlike a typical product launch.

So let’s begin.

The Product Launch Email Strategy That Works

Let us first understand how you should approach the idea of launching a product with just emails.

It will only work if you have the following criteria met.

  1. You must have a collection of leads – maybe 2000 to 10,000 or more.
  2. The leads must be qualified – you have to segment leads based on their target niche or interest.
  3. Your leads must be warm – nurturing your leads is a must for this to work.

Here’s the fact. It’s awesome that you are about to learn a strategy that will save you a lot of time and money during your next launch. But, this strategy will only work for you if you have been around for a while, has good authority over your niche, and has a collection of qualified leads that are potential customers of your product.

For example, suppose you are a course creator that helps freelancers to get more gigs on If you have a lot of leads that are interested, you could easily launch your next course and expect a huge number of sales in the first 3 days.

Since these leads trust your expertise and know that you always offer great value, many will not hesitate to invest in your new course.

In the next few sections, you will learn how you will be able to craft a brilliant email marketing strategy that will help to get you the high numbers right from the get-go.

Steps To Creating The Perfect Product Launch Email Campaign

You will have to consider planning for 3 stages of your launch

  1. The Pre-launch
  2. The Main Launch
  3. The Post-launch
The Product Launch Email Strategy

1. The Pre-launch Emails

When you have your product ready, you should start with a pre-launch phase where you may send 3 specific emails.

The 1st Pre-launch Email – The Problem And A Hunt For Solution

Start with an email where you may state a problem you noticed that many are facing. You can then tell them that you have found a way to overcome this, which you will share with them next week.

Let us go back to the example where you are a course creator for freelancers.

Here’s an example of how the first email could be like,

Hey CS,

Today I have a great news to share!

In the past 6 months, I have been trying to find the best way to land clients without lowering my rates.

After several experiments, I have finally got a breakthrough!

In the last 2 months, every job I applied for, even with ridiculously higher bids, I was surprised to get every single job!

And trust me, it's a lot easier than you think.

I'd be happy to share this new solution with you.

In fact, I am working on creating a guide that will tell you exactly what you need to do.

Click here if you are interested and I will make sure to reach out to you when it's ready.


John Doe

This email really sets the stage for your launch. People who are interested will surely show their interest.

On the “Click here” text, you may link to an opt-in page to ask them to join a particular list in your email list. This is just to segment the leads which will help in future campaigns.

The 2nd Pre-launch Email – Soft Introduction The Best Solution & Its Outcomes

In the next email, you may share that you found a solution and how that solution helped to solve your problem. Plus, if you tried the solution with another person, share how it helped him as well, though this is not mandatory.

Plus, give a glimpse or teaser of what you have ready.

Then, give a few stats of what was achieved and what are expected from this new product or solution.

It could go like this:

Hey CS,

Last week, I told you I was preparing a guide with the solution that I newly found out to land clients with high rates.

With this new strategy, in the past 2 months, I landed 11 clients for writing their marketing copies.

I pitched within $100 to $700 in different jobs. On these same jobs, there were others who bid for as low as $50. Yet I landed the jobs! Crazy right?

I even helped one of my friends, Dave, who used the same strategy to land 8 new clients and earned a total of $2200 in less than a month!

Having said that, my guide is almost ready and I plan to launch it early next week.

But, I've got something special for you today!

Here's a free issue of the 1st chapter.
I'm sure you will love what you see.

Now, I know you are as excited about this as I am. So I will make sure you will be able to get your hands on this guide next week without breaking your bank.

So see you next week.


John Doe

This email will make your prospect excited. And that free access to a glimpse of what’s in store is what will close the deal for many.

You have to make sure this sneak peek includes data and case studies on what your prospects will be able to achieve using this product. It will act as icing on the cake for the anticipation you are building with these emails.

3rd Pre-launch Email – The Launch Invitation

This email will be an early reminder before the launch, maybe 24 hours prior.

Here, make sure to add a hook or a reason for them to visit the launch page if not purchase.

The email may go as follows:

Hey CS,

In my last email, I talked about my best solution to getting clients without high costs and gave you a glimpse of the course I am creating.

I just want to let you know that I will be making the course available for you to purchase in just 24 hours.

But I do not want you to feel like I am trying to make a buck without giving you any benefit of the doubt.

Hence, I'll give you a little tip. The course will cost you way less than you may think. It's not $90 or even $50 dollars. In fact it will cost way less than that.

So, make sure you visit this link at 10:00AM EST.

You will love what I have in store for you.


John Doe

Notice how the tone is all about giving attention to the prospect. The whole email is written in a way that the reader feel special. At the end of the email, the prospect will at least visit the launch page to look at your offer.

2. The Main Launch

Now, it’s time for the big launch. You have created a huge anticipation and your prospects are waiting to get their hands on this.

The Launch Email

Right on the promised time, the launch email should go out.

It could be as simple as,

Hey CS,

It's finally out there!

~ How To Land More Freelance Clients With High Hourly Pay

This course will tell you exactly what I do to land my clients and win the bids every time.

In fact, I even landed a new client yesterday on a $1200 bid!

Now, it's your chance.

I want you to start becoming a Freelance superstar in the next two months. And so, I promise you, I will not make you pay a fortune for this!

In fact, just for you, I have decided to offer a 40% discount for this week!

So, you will not only get this high value course at a low price, but get a bonus discount on top of it as well!

Go ahead and have a look now!

[Get the course now!]

With this email, your main aim should be to add more reasons for the prospect to take a look at what you have to offer with a positive vibe.

You have to make sure your product is affordable. And you have to make sure you have a good offer, maybe a discount, or a huge bundle (that includes added resources) without extra cost, lined up for your list.

For example, the course in the example could be priced at $26 as the offer price ($40 original).

The idea is to convert more quantities while still making a profit after the acquisition cost.

Since, the whole process is based on emails, your acquisition cost is already low. So it’s easier for you to make a good offer.

The On-boarding Automation

Whoever purchases the course, may set an automation to send a sequence of 3 emails.

  • 1st email will include instructions on how to start watching the course.
    To be sent as soon as an order is complete.
  • 2nd email could be some resources or documents such as ‘pitch templates’ that they would find useful.
    To be sent within 24 hours after purchase.
  • 3rd email will include a form to ask for testimonials.
    To be sent 1 to 2 weeks after purchase (depending on how soon they may get results from your product).

3. The Post-launch Email Sequence

After the launch, depending on how long you run your special offer, you may create a lucrative email sequence.

You also have to think of adding more value down the line to make sure more indecisive people make up their minds and convert.

For example, during the launch, you made the offer available for 1 week. So, in the post-launch period, you could extend it to two weeks.

In another example, suppose you are selling a digital product. You could launch another major feature 1 week prior to end of offer.

During post-launch, you may send 3 to 7 emails depending on your offer period.

In the case of our example, an 5 email sequence would be great.

  • Email 1 – An email with free resources or documents such as ‘pitch templates’ with request to enroll to get more resources and guidance. It could be sent 2 days after launch.
  • Email 2 – Case study or stats on how this course can help to get more results. This email may be sent 5 days after launch.
  • Email 3 – Announce the good news of extending the deal period by a week, to be sent 2 hours prior to the deadline.
  • Email 4 – Remind them of the results and benefits of the course along with the special price it is in. This may be sent 15 days after launch.
  • Email 5 – Give a final reminder email with a countdown timer to indicate the end of the deal period, to be sent 6 hours prior to the end of the offer period.

This whole sequence will help to convert 10-20% of the remaining interested leads.

And that’s it. You will notice your launch has generated huge revenue with a high profit margin despite having a low priced product.

Tools Required To Create A Successful Product Launch Email Campaign

So far, you have learned about how the whole process works. But to implement this process, you may need a few tools.

  1. Email Marketing Automation Tool
    We recommend using Mail Mint, an easy-to-use, self-hosted email marketing automation tool in WordPress, along with Amazon SES or Brevo sending service to set up the email sequences and automation flows in this strategy.
  1. AI Email Writer
    Often writing email copies may seem difficult. But nowadays, you will find amazing AI writers such as Jasper AI, Closers Copy, etc., that will help you generate brilliant email copies. You may even use ChatGPT Pro for great results.
    If you use Mail Mint, you may connect your ChatGPT account to it to generate AI email copies while setting up the emails.
  1. Lead generation tool
    Try to create lead generation funnels to grow your leads on a regular basis. Quality leads are the number one requirement for this strategy to be successful. WPFunnels could be a good option for you to create lead gen funnel.
  1. Tools To Host Your Product
    You may either host your products on your website or other marketplace platforms. The idea is to allow a seamless checkout and hassle-free access to your product. LearnDash or TutorLMS are great plugins to host courses in WordPress. For other products, you may look into EDD, WooCommerce or Shopify.

Final Thoughts

This strategy has a chance to get you 3 times more results than your usual email campaigns. It can go even higher if your leads are qualified and warmed up on a regular basis.

A low acquisition cost along with the right copywriting skills can ensure high success for your product launch email campaign.

So go ahead and plan your next product launch using emails.

Also, check out Mail Mint.

It will make email marketing so much easier for you.


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