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7 Best Email Marketing Books You Must Read To Grow Your Business in 2024

Email marketing is considered the best marketing strategy in any niche. However, let’s face it – sending emails isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It’s about making an impact, not just sending messages.

You have to worry about the email copy, structure, best practices, spam score, strategy, and so much more.

The good thing is, today, you will find several resources to learn email marketing. And one of the best ways to improve your email skills is by reading good email marketing books.

Marketing pioneers from around the world have written amazing books on email marketing to help you hone your skills and run successful campaigns.

Today, we have rounded up some of the best email marketing books that will cover everything you need to know to grow your business using emails. Plus, you will learn a few unique strategies from experts that can help you boost your email success rate significantly.

So, let’s begin.

Why read books to learn about email marketing?

Email marketing is a common topic, and many resources are available online. But then, why would you read a book?

Well, here’s the thing. A book is where an expert shares his/her experience on email marketing and devises a guide you can follow.

Yes, you can learn a lot about email marketing online. But a book will give you a personal point of view from the writer, which is often unique to what you get on YouTube. You may get to know about various situations he/she faced in the past and have managed to overcome them.

So, you will be able to get personal tips that may help to take your email marketing knowledge to a whole new level.

This is even more important for beginners in email marketing or marketing in general. If you are new at it, books are much easier to understand and follow than online guides. (Though a few premium courses can sometimes be great.)

Some other benefits of reading email marketing books:

  • Easy guide for beginners.
  • Experience improved email success rate.
  • Gain knowledge directly from an expert marketer.
  • Learn about new email marketing ideas and strategies.
  • Get a direct guide from an expert who specializes in email marketing.
  • Identify existing flaws in your current email marketing plans.

As we introduce each book in our list, we’ll highlight what you will learn from them and why they are effective.

7 Best Email Marketing Books You Must Read

Following are some of the best email marketing books out there that are well-written and have actionable tips from email experts.

  1. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White
  2. Email Persuasion by Ian Brod
  3. The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly
  4. Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulso
  5. 30-Day Step-By-Step Formula For Growing Your Online Business With Email Marketing by Nathalie Lussier
  6. 6. 300 Email Marketing Tips By Meera Kothand
  7. Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck by Bobby Klinck

1. Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

Email Marketing Rules by Chad S. White

Chad S. White shares his 13 years of digital and email marketing wisdom in one of the best mail marketing books ever – Email Marketing Rules. It’s a practical guide that cuts through the clutter to help you effectively plan, build, and optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Topics Covered In This Book

  • Ensuring emails comply with network service provider guidelines.
  • Identifying subscriber sources for optimization.
  • Engaging both inactive and loyal subscriber groups.
  • Leveraging automated email features for better marketing.
  • Managing inactive subscribers to reengage or remove them from your list.

This book caters to individuals who possess a basic understanding of email marketing. It’s not suitable for beginners but is ideal for those who are looking to enhance their email marketing expertise.

About the Author:

Chad S. White, with over two decades of experience in the email marketing field, has led email marketing teams at major organizations such as Oracle, Salesforce, Responsys, and ExactTarget. His practical insights and 150 best practices in this book originate from his extensive hands-on experience, making him a reliable source for mastering email marketing strategies.

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2. Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

Email Persuasion - Ian Brodie

The “Email Persuasion” by Ian Brodie is a great email marketing book that will help uncover the secrets of crafting persuasive emails that resonate with both customers and businesses. This book is a treasure trove of practical advice and strategies to help you become an expert email marketer.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of email marketing.
  • Developing the art of crafting compelling email content.
  • Exploring the world of email metrics and analytics.
  • Creating personalized and persuasive emails.
  • Building and managing an engaged subscriber list.
  • Implementing automation for more effective email marketing.

It is specially designed for digital marketers who want to specialize in email marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate-level email marketer, it’s a great resource if you want to gain expertise in persuasive email marketing to achieve better results.

About the Author

Ian Brodie is a marketing consultant with decades of experience in this field. With a focus on practicality, he helps you integrate persuasive email strategies into your marketing efforts. Ian’s goal is to empower you to create compelling emails that drive conversions and engage your audience effectively.

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3. The New Email Revolution by Robert W. Bly

The New Email Revolution - Robert W. Bly

If you’ve spent countless hours watching videos on email marketing without success in creating a winning strategy, “The New Email Revolution” by Robert W. Bly is the solution you need. This book empowers readers to develop effective email marketing strategies, even when they seem elusive.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

  • A variety of suitable email templates for various scenarios.
  • Best time to send emails and when to hold back.
  • Ways of crafting profitable, engaging, and persuasive email templates.
  • Factors that may be undermining a company’s email marketing strategy.
  • Evaluation of the overall success of email marketing campaigns.

This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills and create successful email campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience, “The New Email Revolution” provides practical guidance.

About the Author:

Robert W. Bly, an accomplished American writer and copywriting expert, authored this book in 2018. His expertise shines through as he guides readers in mastering email marketing strategies. By the time you finish “The New Email Revolution,” you’ll have the skills to create compelling emails and evaluate the success of your email marketing campaigns.

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4. Email Marketing Demystified by Matthew Paulson

Email Marketing Demystified - Matthew Paulson

In “Email Marketing Demystified” by Matthew Paulson, you can explore the intricate world of email marketing. This book goes into the details and reveals the techniques used by top email marketers.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

  • Starting an email list from scratch.
  • Understanding the value of your email list.
  • Writing effective email content.
  • Exploring outbound email marketing.
  • Complying with email marketing regulations.
  • Avoiding spam folders and ensuring email delivery.
  • Maximizing the impact of email marketing funnels.
  • Generating revenue through email campaigns.
  • Choosing the right email service providers.

This book i written to help email marketers at the intermediate and advanced levels, providing practical insights and strategies to enhance your email marketing skills.

About the Author:

Matthew Paulson, a digital marketing expert and founder of MarketBeat, an Inc. 5000 financial media company, shares his knowledge to help companies build email lists, create engaging email content, and generate revenue.

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5. 30-Day Step-By-Step Formula For Growing Your Online Business With Email Marketing by Nathalie Lussier

The 30-Day Step-By-Step Formula For Growing Your Online Business With Email Marketing by Nathalie Lussie

In Nathalie Lussier’s practical email marketing book, you’ll set out on a 30-day journey, where each day’s small actions add up to significant email list growth. Every chapter focuses on a specific list-building aspect, empowering you to attract more of your ideal clients and customers, ultimately helping you expand your online business.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

  • How to expand an email list strategically, a fundamental step for reaching a wider audience.
  • Methodology of attracting the right audience, ensuring that the emails resonate with those who matter most.
  • List-building processes through automation, that focus on strategic aspects of a business.
  • Secrets of converting subscribers into loyal customers, and driving revenue growth through effective email marketing strategies.

This book is primarily for individuals at the intermediate and advanced levels of email marketing. It provides practical insights and strategies to enhance your email marketing skills and knowledge.

About the Author:

Nathalie Lussier, an entrepreneur, specializes in simplifying web development and demystifying technology. Her expertise, prominently featured in leading publications, ensures that complex concepts become accessible and actionable for her clients, making her a trusted resource in the field.

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6. 300 Email Marketing Tips By Meera Kothand

The 300 Email Marketing Tips By Meera Kothand

300 Email Marketing Tips” by Meera Kothand offers a comprehensive email marketing course in writing emails to strengthen your business. Meera Kothand, an expert email marketer, compiles 300 tips that cover every aspect of email marketing, from list building and strategy development to email writing, lead generation, and revenue generation.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

Within this invaluable resource, you’ll find guidance on various topics, including:

  • The significance of branding in email marketing strategies.
  • Essential elements that emails (welcome, onboarding, retention, etc.) should incorporate.
  • Effective planning of email calendars.
  • Authentication of the progress of your email campaigns.
  • Adding lead magnets into emails and understanding their purpose.
  • Generating innovative email content ideas.

In a nutshell, “300 Email Marketing Tips” serves as a compendium of expert advice from a single source. It underscores the importance of branding in emails and provides actionable insights to capture readers’ attention while ensuring your emails are not deleted.

This book is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their email marketing skills, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced marketer seeking to boost subscriber engagement and conversions. Meera Kothand’s 134-page book is packed with actionable tips and tricks that can breathe new life into your email marketing efforts.

About the Author:

Meera Kothand is a distinguished entrepreneur with a remarkable journey in web development that began in her early teens. Armed with a degree in Software Engineering, she made a bold decision to launch her own business right out of college.

Today, she operates a successful consulting company, assisting individuals worldwide in navigating the intricacies of technology. Meera’s expertise has earned her recognition in esteemed publications, making her a reliable source for simplifying complex concepts in technology and digital strategy.

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7. Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck by Bobby Klinck

Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck - Bobby Klinck

‘Email Marketing That Doesn’t Suck’ by Bobby Klinck is a unique email marketing book where he breaks down the art of email copywriting for beginners and experienced marketers. The advices are practical and the whole book is based on his own real-life use of copywriting in email marketing.

What Topics Does the Book Cover:

  • Bobby’s experience using emails to sell seemingly ordinary products like legal templates effectively.
  • Avoiding overly salesy language in emails while building meaningful connections with subscribers.
  • The CATCH system, is a valuable framework for crafting engaging emails.
  • Setting up nurturing, welcome, and sales sequences for maximum impact.

This book is aimed towards to a wide audience, from beginners to advanced marketers, providing valuable insights for enhancing email marketing strategies.

About the Author:

Bobby Klinck brings a unique perspective to email marketing. His unconventional yet effective approach has earned him recognition, making this book a must-read for those seeking advanced knowledge in crafting engaging emails that resonate with subscribers.

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How To Conduct Email Marketing In WordPress Easily?

Once you become good at emails by reading this books on email marketing, you would definitely want to use a reliable tool to implement what you learned.

If you are using a WordPress site, then one of the best tools to use is Mail Mint.

Mail Mint is currently the easiest email marketing automation tool in WordPress where you can collect & organize leads, and then run email campaigns. Plus, you will be able to setup automation workflows for your leads for best results.

You will have full control over everything – perfect for testing out your new skills from these email marketing books.

Final Thoughts

There is no limit to gaining knowledge, and with the right set of guides to help you out, you, too, can become a pro with emails.

Writers such as Chad S. White, Matthew Paulson, and the rest of the writers on this list have extensive experience in the field of email marketing. Reading their books about email marketing means you are getting direct pointers from these expert marketing specialists.

So go ahead and start reading these amazing books and improve your email marketing skills now.

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