How To Increase Your Agency Revenue By Offering WordPress Services

Grow Your WordPress Revenue: 5 Expert Tips for Agencies [2024]

Running a WordPress development agency can be tough. Even if you put in a lot of hard work and do everything right, it doesn’t mean the money will keep coming in. 

And let’s face it, everyone wants to stand out and be the best in the market, but it’s not always clear how to do that. Plus, keeping your customers happy and coming back for more is another big challenge.

But, there are ways you can expand your horizon and scale up your agency’s WordPress revenue.

Today, we will discuss a few ways you can offer more WordPress services and start growing your revenue significantly.

So, let’s begin.

5 Unique Strategies To Increase Your Agency’s WordPress Revenue

The WordPress ecosystem is quite competitive no matter what service you offer. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to stand out. Apart from offering your Web development services, you can look into a few additional ways to add to your agency revenue stream.

Following are 6 ways you can have an extra opportunity to earn more money from your clients.

1. Offer Maintenance and Support Plans

A common mistake most agencies make is they offer web design and development services on a single contractual basis. This means, you only agree to do a one-time project. While this is totally fine, what if you could earn more from the same client on a long-term basis?

You see, even if you have the best development team, a WordPress site will always require supervision as the CMS itself, along with its plugins are regularly updated with new features and improvements.

Chances are, sooner or later, the website you developed will face some sort of issues. Most clients already know that. Hence, the most logical option would be to offer a lucrative website service plan for maintenance and support to your clients.

What makes it a good method for increasing agency revenue?

Most clients aren’t very good at the technical aspects of a website. So, if they face any issues in the future, they will be in in trouble and may seek help from you or others.

But, if you have a package that’s not too expensive, and offers relief to your clients for any future issues, they many of them will be willing to take on this package.

Tips for Offering Maintenance and Support Plans

As you plan to offer this service, you can try your hands on services like version updates, security checks for WordPress site backup, and technical support for basic to advanced troubleshooting.

Based on the level of assistance you’re going to offer, you can have multiple subscriptions with varied costs. Don’t forget to tailor maintenance and support plans to the specific needs of each client. Not all websites require the same level of attention, so offer different tiers of plans.

If you want this plan to work, make sure that you’re not overcharging for your services.

Eventually, a well-thought-out offer will help you get more long-term clients to work with and set up a recurring agency revenue stream.

2. Cut Down the Development Time Without Compromising on Quality

As a WordPress development agency, you may want to look into an opportunity to take on more projects with the same available resources. Hence, you would want to look for ways to speed up the development process.

In this case, you may want to rethink the tools you are using right now and try to find better alternatives that will help to make it easier for your team to complete projects with high speed and good quality.

We all know that project planning and using the appropriate framework and libraries are prime strategies for achieving this goal. But, we would like to add one more here, and it’s using viable WordPress sandboxing.

You can look into using an optimized sandbox that is in your control and offers a better approach to development.

What makes it a good method for increasing revenue?

A highly optimized and engaging website can take up to 240 hours to come into being. And it’s shocking to know that a huge chunk of these hours go into site testing. So, if you want to speed up the development, using a viable WordPress sandboxing resource is a must.

Tips for Cutting Down the Development Time

InstaWP is a great option for optimizing WordPress development workflows. Its intuitive interface, automated setup, and one-click staging environment enable agencies such as yourself to save valuable time, enhance collaboration, and deliver top-quality websites at high velocity.

You can have instant sites that you can use for testing plugins and themes without any extra effort. Just enter the site details, choose what themes and plugins you want to create a test environment with, and an instant WordPress site will be ready to help you. 

Use InstaWP to offer WordPress services and increase agency revenue

This automation is going to help you a lot as you won’t have to think of manually setting up staging sites for your clients. You can have as many staging sites as you need and the magic login feature will help with providing quick access to the site.

There are more benefits to using InstaWP.

  • InstaWP simplifies the creation of staging environments for testing and development. With just a few clicks, developers can clone a live website to a staging environment and vice versa.
  • It enables the isolation of multiple WordPress projects. Each project can have its environment. So, developers don’t have to look after the project isolation manually and can control the spread of errors and bugs. 
  • You can create templates – reusable sites with plugins, configuration, themes, and content pre-set for them. So, for similar requirements, you won’t have to create sites from scratch.
  • Creating staging for your live site takes a few seconds. Once staging is ready, go ahead and make changes in a separate testing environment. You can use the 2-way sync feature of the InstaWP Connect plugin to push the changes back to your live site.
  • It promotes easy and effective collaboration among team members. Developers can share their project environments with colleagues, clients, or stakeholders, making it easier to gather feedback and streamline the development process.

So, the bottom line here is, that you may cut down on time spent for quality website testing using InstaWP thanks to its highly efficient staging and sandboxing workflows. This is a great way for you to increase your agency revenue by freeing up time for more projects.

3. Start Offering Plugins and Themes

Since you are in the WordPress community, there is a large opportunity to have your own software to get you regular income, without worrying about project hunting.

When you only offer end-to-end WordPress development services, you can only attract clients who need a fresh site. But, if you can offer a beneficial plugin or theme that people can use on their existing websites, it will be much more convenient.

Additionally, incorporating white label WordPress development services can significantly expand your offerings, allowing you to provide customized and branded solutions to clients without the overhead of in-house development.

So, you could focus on an additional business strategy where you can develop and sell your own plugins & themes.

For example, we were originally called Code Rex, a web development agency. But we also have our own premium plugins under RexTheme and WPFunnels, where we currently have over 30k active users. So, while we can make money by offering WordPress services, we have a regular income thanks to selling our self-developed plugins.

What makes it a good method for increasing revenue?

This approach will not be directly connected to your service department. You will have a whole new opportunity to earn more WordPress revenue. The best part, you will have full control over how these tools are developed. As an owner, if you do proper market research, you will be able to come up with plugins that people actively looking for, and gradually grow your customer base.

Tips for Launching Your Plugins and Themes

As you plan to move ahead with this strategy, it is wise to keep a few pointers in mind.

  • Keep your focus on quality. Don’t ever think that if these are not your primary services, then quality can be compromised. You have to continue offering unique features, excellent design, and top-notch coding standards via themes and plugin development as well.
  • Make sure to set up product demos so that your prospects can have quick insights into your product.
  • Ensure that these products often include advanced functionalities, customization options, and additional tools that go beyond what free themes or plugins offer.
  • Offer some of these as free resources and keep a few for premium users.  
  • You can charge extra for Premium themes and plugins.
  • If you’re not selling themes and plugins as a part of your primary services, then make sure that they are reaching your targeted customers using the right path. Online marketplaces like ThemeForest and CodeCanyon are great options for selling WordPress themes and plugins. (If you build InstaWP templates, you can monetize them as well.)

In short, this will be another branch of your total agency revenue generation plan.

4. Optimize Your Entire Sales Process

You may have a very experienced team and a good way of sourcing clients via phone calls or email marketing. But, what if you could optimize the whole process so that you can land more interested clients?

The best option here is to plan a complete sales funnel that is properly shaped to convert prospects into committed clients.

For example, you could create a funnel journey where you first have a survey to understand your customer needs, and then, based on their answers, drive them to specific landing pages that address their requirements. Whoever qualifies, you may insist via a custom landing page, to book a call with you and talk in detail with no obligation. You may also set up automated emails to be sent at fixed intervals to try and convert your clients actively.

This will create an automated process where you will constantly get potential leads and a chance to convert them.

What makes it a good method for increasing revenue?

Having an autonomous process for lead generation and client sourcing means you will always have something ready to work on. Whether you are selling software or offering WordPress services, a proper journey that is optimized for conversion will increase the number of sales and client pipelines significantly, without any unnecessary manual effort from your end.

Tips for Streamlining Your Sales Process

One of the best ways to handle such workflows in WordPress is to use WPFunnels, a simple, but powerful sales funnel builder in WordPress. Using this plugin, you will visually be able to plan out the complete sales journey for your potential clients, use beautifully designed landing page templates, offer order bumps & one-click upsells, make specialized discounts, and many more.

Along with WPFunnels, you may use Forminator to craft the survey to set up conditional flows for your clients.

For email marketing, you may look into Mail Mint, an easy-to-use email marketing automation tool in WordPress.

All in all, WPFunnels, Mail Mint, and Forminator can be used actively to make the whole process automated and effortless for you, hence, making it easy to grow your agency revenue.

5. Offer Custom Development for Niche Markets 

Custom development for niche markets strategy that can significantly benefit a WordPress agency’s growth by focusing on serving specific industries or niche segments within the broader market. 

What makes it a good method for increasing revenue?

Customers of the present era love customization. A recent study by McKinsey revealed that 76% of customers prefer buying from brands that offer customized solutions. So, customization is the need of the hour. 

As Niche markets often have fewer competitors compared to broader markets, growth will be speedy in this domain. If you haven’t started offering it, make a move now. 

Focusing on a niche allows agencies to build a portfolio of projects within that specific industry. This portfolio serves as a powerful marketing tool when targeting new clients within the same niche. It’s like winning at every single front. 

Tips to Get Started with Custom Niche-based Development

The road that leads you to an established customization service provider is not easy. You have to play smart, and you have a strong hold on the covered niche. 

  • Train your team well for it. Focus on a few or just one particular niche. A WordPress development agency specializing in niche markets can often charge premium rates for their services. 
  • Have experts and researchers in your team. Clients are willing to pay more for experts who understand their industry inside and out.
  • You also have to continuously monitor industry trends and technological advancements to ensure your agency’s offerings remain relevant.

Make it happen, and there is no stopping for you. 

Growth is Possible if You Look Beyond The Ordinary

Growing your WordPress development agency isn’t just about hard work; it’s about smart strategies. You’ve learned how diversifying services, like offering maintenance plans and niche development, can boost your agency revenue. 

Tools like InstaWP and WPFunnels can optimize your processes, making projects smoother and more efficient. Don’t forget about selling themes and plugins or exploring affiliate marketing. 

Remember, your clients trust you; offering them more comprehensive solutions not only benefits them but also opens new revenue doors for you. 

With the right approach, you’re not just surviving in the competitive market – you’re thriving. Keep these strategies in mind and take your agency to greater heights!

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