Celebrate The 1st Anniversary Of WPFunnels With 50% OFF!

Celebrate The 1st Anniversary Of WPFunnels With 50% OFF!

Today is a special day for Team WPFunnels. The office here is filled with excitement as we celebrate the 1st anniversary of WPFunnels!

In the past 12 months, WPFunnels has come a long way with over 3000 active users to date and growing!

And we want everyone to celebrate with us as well! So, for the next 15 days (1st Nov 22 till 15th Nov 22), we are launching the biggest discount of the year!

  • 50% off on all WPFunnels plans!

This is a great opportunity for you to get WPFunnels and start creating sales funnels like a Pro.

Why WPFunnels Is A Game Changer For Marketers & Funnel Creators?

Unlike other tools, the sole purpose of WPFunnels is to make the funnel-building process easy and affordable.

Rather than using one tool to plan a journey, another tool to design, and yet another tool to develop your sales funnels, what if you could do all that within your WordPress dashboard?

WPFunnels lets you do just that.

You get the visual drag-and-drop canvas to plan your funnel journey, popular page builder support to design all your funnel pages within WordPress, custom checkout page layouts and designs, and performance analytics for every funnel to make data-driven changes.

Along with these, you get the core features that make a sales funnel special – order bump offers at the checkout, one-click upsell & downsell offers after checkout, and funnel-specific discounts.

But these are only the core features.

In the last 12 months, we’ve released tons of other crucial features that you can use to craft a compelling sales funnel to generate more leads & sales.

These include,

  1. Integration with Major Automation & CRM Tools
    Send buyer’s data to your automation tool based on their actions in the funnels, and then run email campaigns for more conversion.
  1. Dedicated sales funnels for Courses – LMS Funnels Addon
    Create sales funnels for LearnDash courses without using WooCommerce. Make discount offers, use order bumps at the checkout, or run upsell offers to sell more courses.
  1. Dynamic Sales Funnel For WooCommerce – Global Funnels Addon
    Create conditional sales funnels for your entire WooCommerce store based on cart total, category, tag, etc, and make dynamic upsell offers to make every offer meaningful to your buyers. You may even run time-based funnel campaigns for your WooCommerce store.
  1. Distraction-free checkout layouts
    Get the Express checkout, multistep checkout, and 2-step checkout form layouts to make the payment process distraction-free.
  1. Opt-in Form for Lead Generation
    Use the built-in opt-in form in your funnel pages and collect more leads easily. No external form builder is needed.
  1. Custom Step For Hybrid Funnels
    Use additional steps after the landing page to craft a hybrid funnel with both lead generation and sales campaigns, while staying in full control of the journey.

These are exactly the tools you need to devise a sales funnel that can help you double your revenue if done right.

Plus the UI is super easy to understand without any help from an expert.

So get WPFunnels today at 50% off and start making more money.

Prepare Yourself For Black Friday & More

With Black Friday and the holidays coming up, this is just about the perfect time to set up your sales funnels to convert as many prospects into buyers as possible.

And with a funnel builder such as WPFunnels, your holiday campaigns are destined to succeed with flying colors.

It’s really simple. Get the plugin at half the price today, and set up sales funnels that will generate thousands of dollars for you later.

What’s Next With WPFunnels?

As much as the plugin has gotten better, it’s only the beginning.

We plan on making WPFunnels a complete solution in the near future and you can expect tons of amazing features to come.

Immediately next, we are on the verge of releasing A/B split testing so that you can test out what works better for your funnel pages.

Let’s Start Celebrating Together!

They say “A well-planned sales funnel can take a business from zero to 7-figures in no time.”

And WPFunnels might just be the next big thing to help you craft the perfect sales funnels and hit your revenue goals.

So, claim your 50% off now before it’s too late.

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A professional in digital marketing, with a passion for Sales Funnels. Highly motivated and skilled in marketing and loves writing about advanced marketing tactics and eCommerce sales tactics.

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