Big News For Course Creators – WPFunnels LearnDash Integration!

Big news for course creators - WPFunnels LearnDash Integration

Sales funnels are the biggest marketing trend today, especially for course creators such as coaches, teachers, instructors, etc.

If you are a course creator, then there is a big news for you!

You can now create sales funnels for your courses in WordPress using WPFunnels and LearnDash!

This means, you too can visually plan, design, and launch sales funnels to sell more courses easily, without leaving your WordPress dashboard!

Sales Funnels For Course Creators Made Easy – WPFunnels LearnDash Compatibility

Ever since the launch of WPFunnels, we have been getting a huge amount of requests to integrate with LearnDash.

Even Chris Lema mentioned in his review that he would love to see an integration with LearnDash.

Well, you asked, and we delivered. You can now create sales funnels for your courses!

Simply use LearnDash and their WooCommerce addon to create course products. And then craft sales funnels in WPFunnels for those products. And that’s it!

Big news for course creators - WPFunnels LearnDash Integration

Believe me, this works like a charm and is super easy to use.

Your users will get enrolled, and you will get to sell more courses to every buyer through highly-converting sales funnels!

But Wait, There’s More – A Better Solution Is Out There!

Using WooCommerce is great. But is it the best option? The answer is NO.

We have something even better lined up for you.

For the first time ever – create sales funnels for LearnDash courses without WooCommerce!

That’s right.

We have released the most unique integration in WordPress – The WPFunnels LearnDash Integration via the LMS Funnels Addon.

This means you will be able to create effective funnels directly for your LearnDash courses without any extra tools!

Start Selling Courses Now

If you are already using WooCommerce and LearnDash, then go ahead and start using WPFunnels today.

Plan your funnels visually and craft highly-converting sales funnels in minutes!

Start selling more courses with WPFunnels now!

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