How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page For Business Growth

How To Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page For Business Growth [2024]

Every element of your WooCommerce store plays a crucial role in shaping the customer experience. We often do not realize this, but e-commerce transactions don’t end at the checkout; it marks the beginning of a relationship.

In the process, the thank you page can be more than just an order summary. It’s rather an opportunity to lay down the groundwork to set up your customer for future repeat conversions and retention.

Today, you will learn how you can customize your WooCommerce thank you page so that you can leverage it for marketing benefits. We will explore 7 effective strategies to make your thank you page an important part of your marketing success.

You will be surprised how effective it is to design your thank you page for various marketing aspects such as social growth, lead generation, etc.

So let’s begin.

How A Good Thank You Page Can Help With E-Commerce Marketing

Most people use the Thank you page as just a confirmation page for order completion. But you can strategically use a thank you page to extend your brand’s narrative, reinforcing the positive customer experience.

You may use a good thank you page to express gratitude and subtly invite customers to explore complementary products, take advantage of exclusive offers, etc.

Eventually, this is an opportunity to increase your marketing results without much effort. Hence, this is a perfect marketing strategy to implement.

7 Strategies To Optimize Woocommerce Thank You Page For Marketing Benefits

To power your WooCommerce thank you page to its full potential, you need a strategic approach and thoughtful implementation. Here are seven strategies to optimize this straightforward element and turn it into a powerful marketing tool. If done right, you will be getting long-term benefits.

1. Post-Purchase Engagement

Use a thank you page to trigger post-purchase engagements while building a lasting relationship with customers.

  • You can optimize this page by crafting meaningful content that includes a heartfelt thank you message, detailed order information, and an estimated delivery date. This will show appreciation and ensure your customers feel confident about their purchase and its expected arrival.
  • Embed social sharing buttons on your Thank You Page to encourage your customers to actively share their recent purchases on their preferred social media platforms. This will help you get some additional exposure and referrals from their social friends.
  • Take advantage of the Thank You Page as a platform to gather crucial insights. Implement post-purchase surveys or feedback forms to gather feedback on customer satisfaction, shopping experiences, and any suggestions for improvement. This will help you get additional details on your customer and their preferences to help you optimize your store and marketing content.

In summary, by leveraging these strategies effectively on your Thank You Page, you can trigger post-purchase engagements, strengthen customer relationships, and gather invaluable feedback crucial for continual growth and improvement.

2. Social Growth via Your Thank You Page

You may use your WooCommerce thank you page for social growth.

  • First, encourage your users to visit your social pages and follow/like them. Many people are more active on social media and they will be more than happy to check out your social pages.
  • Second, you may ask customers to join exclusive social communities related to your brand, such as a Facebook Group. Participation in these groups can lead to increased interaction, discussions, and sharing of experiences, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty and advocacy. Plus, this is a great way to grow your community and build up a space where you can actively promote your products to people who you know have an interest.

Overall, this is a brilliant way to boost your business’s social presence.

3. Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

The thank you page can be a strategic arena for upselling and cross-selling.

Since the buyer just made a purchase, you now have an idea about your customer preferences. You may then suggest products on the thank you page that relate to the customer’s product category.

In some cases, this will pique the interest of the customer to buy another product.

Now, if you are selling a subscription-based product with multiple pricing plans, you will be able to set up CTA’s to upgrade to a higher tier. A well-placed product image and good copy can help with the conversion.

In such cases, you may keep the section for the order summary mini-malistic and focus on promoting the additional products.

4. Promotions and Discounts

You may use your WooCommerce thank you page to promote any recent discounts or promotional campaigns.

  • Encourage repeat business by presenting exclusive discounts or coupons for your customer’s next purchase. Ensure these are prominently displayed on the Thank You Page to catch their attention.
  • Generate a sense of urgency by crafting time-sensitive offers and highlighting them prominently on the Thank You Page. These time-bound offers create a feeling of immediacy, compelling customers to consider making another purchase right away.

This gesture not only shows appreciation for their current purchase but also motivates them to purchase again, fostering loyalty and boosting retention rates.

5. Membership or Loyalty Program Promotion

Loyalty programs are designed to encourage and reward repeat business from customers. You may highlight your loyalty program on the thank you page to encourage the buyer to purchase more often.

You may even promote a special membership to get additional long-term benefits such as additional discounts on your usual promotional campaigns, and special gifts on the target amount spent.

Inform your customers about exclusive perks, discounts, or rewards they can claim by becoming a member, enhancing the overall value of their shopping experience.

6. Email Signup or Newsletter Subscription

You may allow guest checkouts on your website. But this means you don’t have access to customer information for marketing purposes (unless you collect consent during checkout).

But, you can rather keep the checkout page distraction-free and conduct the lead collection process on the thank you page. Simply add an opt-in form on the thank you page for your customers to join your email list or subscribe to your weekly newsletter.

You may even encourage the customers to opt in by offering a discount or a free gift for signing up.

7. Referral Programs

Referral programs are often very effective. You may craft a lucrative referral program where people can get special store credit on discount coupons by referring their friends to purchase products from your WooCommerce stores.

In this case, you can use a custom WooCommerce thank you page to place a special banner promoting the customer referral program.

People who shop frequently, and have other friends who do the same, will be excited to take the opportunity to promote your products for you to get the bonus reward.

How To Customize Woocommerce Thank You Page For Business Growth

Customizing the WooCommerce thank you page is quite easy and you can do it in two possible ways:

  • Customize WooCommerce Thank You Page Manually
  • Use A Plugin To Customize The Thank You Page

Normally, the default thank you page design will vary depending on your theme. But to be able to change the elements on the page, you need to customize the page exclusively.

However, the problem with customizing the thank you page manually is that it’s not a separate page. The thank you page you normally see in WooCommerce is a modified version of the checkout page, handled by the checkout shortcode “[woocommerce_checkout].” This shortcode is used to display both the checkout form and the order summary afterward on the same page. So, you need to modify the codes in the plugin to be able to customize the elements in the Thank You page using filters. Here’s a quick guide on how.

While this works, we strongly recommend against it. We rather request you to use a custom thank you page via a plugin. You will find several plugins out there that offer great features to craft custom checkout and thank you pages for WooCommerce. Such tools will let you customize the overall checkout process along with the thank you page elements and design.

WPFunnels is a great plugin that allows you to customize the overall customer journey along with checkout pages, thank you pages, and post-purchase activity, i.e. build a sales funnel. The plugin comes with a special addon called “Global WooCommerce Funnel” which allows you to modify the sales process of your WooCommerce store by setting up conditional custom funnels for your online shop. This means you will be able to set up custom checkout pages, thank you pages, upsell offers, and exclusive discounts based on customers’ products in the cart, cart total, category of products in the cart, etc.

So, this is the perfect tool to set up custom thank you pages for your WooCommerce store with dynamic product suggestions or unique designs based on your buyers’ choice before moving to the checkout process.

How To Use WPFunnels To Customize Woocommerce Thank You Page

Let us get a quick guide on how you can set up a custom WooCommerce thank you page with the help of WPFunnels.

Step 1 – Get The WPFunnels Pro Medium Plan To Get Access To Global Funnels

To set up the custom thank you page, you will need WPFunnels Pro along with its Global Funnels Addon, which is included in the Medium plan or above.

Step 2 – Install And Activate The Plugin Files

Go to your accounts page and download the WPFunnels plugin files along with the Global Funnels Addon. Then install & activate them and activate the license as well.

Make sure to go through the setup wizard properly.

Step 3 – Create A Funnel In WPFunnels

Simply go to the WPFunnels overview page and start creating a new funnel. You may use one of the pre-built templates or create one from scratch (in which case, you later need to add the funnel steps and design them manually).

As it is your first time, go for a 3-step pre-built template. It will generate a funnel with its desired steps on a visual canvas.

3 Step Funnel For Custom Checkout And Thank You

Step 4 – Enable Global Funnels Mode

On the top right corner above the canvas, you will see a toggle to enable Global Funnels. Enable it.

You will notice that any steps before the checkout step will get disabled. As per this journey, you will have a checkout step and a thank you step.

Enable Global Funnels for WooCommerce

Step 5 – Configure Your Funnel Condition

Select the checkout step and click on the settings icon. On the window, you will get the option to define when a customer will enter this journey. You may choose a specific product, a product category, a cart total, etc., as the condition.

WooCommerce funnel conditions

If you want to use this custom journey for your entire store, then you will find the option to choose “Any products” i.e., anytime a person is ready to purchase, no matter the product, he will enter this funnel.

However, it’s best to choose one of the conditions to make the journey more personalized.

For example, you may choose that people with products from the category “Men’s Clothing” will enter this funnel only.

Men's clothing

This means that if a person is buying a shirt, he will enter this funnel.

Step 6 – Customize The Funnel Pages & Thank You Page Content

Now, you may customize the design of both the checkout page and the thank you page using your preferred page builder.

While editing the Thank you page, you may place the order summary and then place additional content such as product suggestions, banners, opt-in forms, etc., to implement the strategies explained in this article.

Custom WooCommerce Thank You Page

Since you can control what target audience will enter the funnel, you may tailor your product suggestions or offers on the thank you page to give a personalized experience to your buyers, increasing customer satisfaction and higher conversions.

Step 7 – Get The Funnel Live

Once you are happy with the customization, get the funnel live and it will automatically replace the default WooCommerce checkout and Thank you pages with the funnel you just created.

Then, you may further optimize this funnel with dynamic upsell offers and exclusive discounts to make the funnel conversion-optimized.

It’s as simple as that.

Final Thoughts

Customizing your WooCommerce thank you page is not merely a technical enhancement; it’s a strategic move to elevate your business growth. By implementing the outlined strategies, such as post-purchase engagement, promotions, and personalized offers, you can transform routine confirmation into a dynamic platform for customer interaction.

However, you don’t want to break your bank just to use these strategies. Go for an affordable tool such as WPFunnels that will not only allow you to customize your WooCocommerce thank you page, but also set up a custom funnel journey for your entire store. This is a great value for money and you will be able to focus more on business growth thanks to its extensive sales funnel features.

So go ahead and get WPFunnels to optimize your WooCommerce thank you page and get higher marketing success.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

1. Why should I customize my WooCommerce thank you page?

Customizing your thank you page will help enhance brand identity, encourage additional purchases, and elevate the overall customer experience. It’s a great way to gain some additional marketing advantages from the thank you page.

2. How can I track the effectiveness of a customized thank you page for business growth?

Measure metrics like conversion rates, and average order value (AOV), or use analytics tools to assess the impact on customer retention and sales due to the strategies you implemented on your thank you page content.

3. Are there any SEO benefits to customizing the WooCommerce thank you page?

You may optimize the thank you page with links to various blogs on your website to drive traffic, which will contribute to the overall SEO analytics.

4. Can we place an opt-in form in a WPFunnels thank you page without custom code?

Yes, WPFunnels gives you full control in customizing the thank you page. So you may place any lead capture form there to collect leads.

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