Customize Double Opt-in Emails With Mail Mint!

Great News! Now You Can Customize Double Opt-in Emails With Mail Mint!

We have exciting news for all email marketing lovers!

Now, you can customize double opt-in emails using the advanced visual drag-and-drop email builder in Mail Mint!

This means that now when you collect leads, you can send a fully customized and visually appealing subscription confirmation email to ensure a higher subscription rate!

Why You Should Use A Visually Appealing Double Opt-in Email?

A double opt-in email acts as an extra layer of quality check to ensure that only the right people are subscribed to your email list.

However, there is more to that. A well-design double opt-in email will convey several advantages that you may want to leverage:

  1. Build Brand Connection
    You may customize your email using your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos, ensuring consistency with your overall branding. This will help subscribers easily recognize your brand and remind them when they have opted in. Thus landing more subscription confirmations.
  1. Convey Professionalism
    While casual emails are often useful, in certain industries, it is important for you to display high professionalism. This, in turn, helps to gain credibility and trust. A visually appealing email that is designed professionally will enhance the perception of your brand and encourage recipients to commit to the subscription.
  1. Grab Attention Easily
    Often, great attention to detail and an attractive email design can help connect with your audience more effectively. With carefully used colors and CTAs, you can trigger more people to confirm their subscriptions without a second thought.

In short, a well-designed double opt-in email can improve brand perception, increase engagement, and ultimately lead to a more successful email marketing campaign.

How To Customize Double Opt-in Emails In Mail Mint?

As you know, Mail Mint has a brilliant visual drag-and-drop email builder for campaigns and automation.

Well, from now on, you will be using the same visual email builder to customize your double opt-in emails.

It’s really easy.

Step 1 – Enable Double Opt-in Email In Mail Mint

  1. Go To Mail Mint > Settings.
  1. Here, toggle the option “Enable Double Opt-in” to enable it.
Enable Double Opt-in Email - Mail Mint

Step 2 – Set the Email Subject Line And Preview Text

  1. You will see the respective fields for the subject line and preview text. You can also use merge tags here to personalize the email.
Set the Email Subject Line And Preview Text for double opt-in emails

Step 3 – Launch The Email Editor To Customize Double Opt-in Email

  1. Click on “Open Template Editor.
Click on Open Template Editor
  1. This will open the email builder where, initially, you will be on the classic editor.
Email edit mode - Classic Editor
  1. Click on the respective icon to switch to the visual drag-and-drop email builder.
Customize double opt-in emails
  1. Now you may design the email however you want using the drag-and-drop builder.
  1. You can also choose to use our new Double opt-in email template – Confirm Your Subscription
Import the Double Opt-in Email Template
Double Opt-in Email Template - Confirm Your Subscription
Custom Double Opt-in Email Template Imported
  1. Now, you can adjust the designs and copy to match your brand.
  1. Once you are done designing, click on Save, check with a Test Email, and then click on Next.

That’s it. Now you have a custom double opt-in email set up.

What’s Next With Mail Mint?

We are constantly working on making Mail Mint one of the most convenient email marketing automation tools. As such we have some amazing features planned moving forward:

  1. Ability to customize WooCommerce transactional emails.
  2. Option to customize the default WordPress emails.
  3. More convenient automation triggers.
  4. Lots of email templates.

And many more.

Start Using Mail Mint Today And Elevate Your Email Marketing Game To Scale Up Your Business

As you saw, you will now be in full control when designing your double opt-in emails. And this is just one of the perks of using Mail Mints.

If you aren’t using the plugin yet, you will be surprised by how efficient its lead management, campaign builder, and visual automation workflow are.

Plus, you will get tons of other useful features such as abandoned cart recovery, recurring campaigns, email sequences, and many more.

So go ahead and start using Mail Mint!

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