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The New Funnel Analytics

Just Out! The New & Improved Funnel Analytics – Performance Tracking Made Easy in 2024

Analytics is one of the most crucial elements of any marketing tool. If you are using WPFunnels to craft sales funnels, then tracking your funnel performance is super important if you want to scale up your campaign success rate.

Well, guess what? We just rolled out a huge update on funnel analytics that you will love!

Now, you no longer need to use one tool for tracking traffic, another tool for conversion, and yet another tool for revenue metrics.

With the new and improved analytics, you will be able to track every crucial metric such as

  • traffic,
  • conversion,
  • bounce rate, and revenue generated,

in a more clear and concise manner!

Let us take a closer look at the new and improved WPFunnels analytics.

1.  A Simplified Overview of Your Funnel Metrics

Now, you’ll be able to track your funnel traffic, conversions, and revenue earned in a simplified analytics overview.

A Simplified Overview of Your Funnel Metrics

This will include

  • Gross Sales
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Revenue Earned via Order Bumps
  • Revenue Earned From Upsells
  • Revenue Earned From Downsells
  • No. of Optin Submissions

You will know exactly how well you are doing in terms of revenue earned or lead generation from your funnel at a single glance.

2. Crucial Metrics For Every Funnel Step

Whether you want to understand your landing page performance, judge if your page is interactive enough, or identify which offer is working well, you can easily get a straightforward performance breakdown of your funnel steps.

Funnel Analytics For Every Step

For every funnel page, you will be able to track:

  • Total Visits – Overall traffic
  • Unique Visits – Unique traffic
  • Conversion Rates – % of visitors who converted
  • Bounce Rate – % of visitors who bounced

This will help understand which pages to improve or which tactics to re-use in your upcoming campaigns.

3. Introducing The New Customer Bounce Rate

After getting feedback from the community, we decided to listen to you and introduce a new and crucial metric – bounce rate.

Now, if any visitor comes to a page by does not interact in a meaningful way within 10 seconds, then it will be considered a bounce, and you will be able to get individual bounce rates calculated for your funnel pages.

This is a crucial metric that will help you identify which pages aren’t engaging enough and need improvement.

4. A New Look With Revenue Tracking

Let’s forget all confusing charts and line graphs. We have simplified how you may compare your revenue performance over time.

New Look For Revenue Tracking Report

Get a beautiful bar graph and get a comprehensive idea of how well you are doing in terms of revenue generation and compare it with the past day to understand the current performance growth.

Here’s A Video Of How It Turned Out

How Can We Improve Our Funnel Analytics Even More?

Well, so far we have done our best to get feedback from you and improve the funnel analytics to make it more meaningful for your funnel-building journey.

But we are not done. We want to make it even better. This is where we need YOUR HELP.

Share your ideas on how we can make the analytics feature even better. Send us an email or leave your ideas in the comments.

Let’s work together and make WPFunnels even better.

And if you haven’t already, get WPFunnels Pro now!

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  • Ever wondered how to effortlessly dissect your data maze? This insightful read not only unraveled the mysteries of performance tracking but left us genuinely enlightened. Kudos to the author for turning analytics into an enjoyable journey of discovery!

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