A/B Split Testing

It’s Finally Here! A/B Split Testing – The Most Demanded Feature By Marketers

It’s been just over a year since the launch of WPFunnels Pro and 1 particular feature has been demanded the most by marketers ever since.

  • A/B Split Testing

It’s certainly a vital feature that any marketer would love to use before going for a full-fledged lead generation campaign or exclusive marketing campaign.

With the visual canvas in mind, it was quite complicated to find an easy solution. But after a lot of intense planning and hard work, we are excited to release the most unique A/B Split Testing feature!

The Most Unique A/B Split Testing UI Ever

In marketing, it is important to test what works best for you before investing heavily in launching a campaign. And A/B Split Tests make it possible to help you understand what may deliver better results to reach your goals.

For example, if you want to run a lead generation campaign on the landing page, you can use a good catchphrase as the Headline. Now, on a second version of the same landing page, you may try using a persuasive video instead of the Headline. Then, distribute a fair amount of traffic to both of them and find out which one converts more.

This will help you maximize the conversion rate when you actually launch the campaign and start driving traffic actively.

When you think of this scenario, it’s quite difficult to picture it visually on the funnel mapping canvas. But guess what? We have come up with a UI that will change how you picture A/B testing completely.

Check out the WPFunnels A/B Testing documentation.

The Visualized Page Variants

With WPFunnels, you get to create variants for each of your steps visually, right on the canvas.

Simply choose a step, Click on the “A/B” icon and create a variant.

You will find the variant right below the step’s original page as version 2.

Create A/B Testing Variants - WPFunnels

Full Control Over Page Designs And Configurations

Just like you would edit a funnel page with your preferred page builder, you can do the same with each variant.

This means you are not limited to a fixed set of changes.

You can duplicate the original and make small design changes, change the sales copy, or use a completely different page template – your choice.

In fact, you may even run A/B tests with different order bump offers on the checkout.
(Learn more about it later in this article).

Unlimited Variants With The Same Control

Unlike SAAS tools such as ClickFunnels, you are not limited to a single variant. You can make as many variants as you want to make sure you have tested all of your potential ideas before settling for a winning variant.

Unlimited A/B Split Testing Variants

Easy Traffic Distribution And Execution

Once you have your variants ready, it’s time to run the A/B testing experiment.

Simply click on start, and you will get the option to determine how you want to distribute traffic among the variations.

Traffic distribution

Then start your test.

Simplified Stats For Your A/B Testing Results

Once you run the A/B Split testing experiment, you can easily view how your variants perform on a simple and easy-to-understand statistics window.

Simplified Stats

Declare A Winner And Choose The Best Variant

Once you have run the A/B Testing for a satisfactory amount of time, you can stop the test and determine a winner by looking at the stats.

A/B Split Testing Winner

Or, you may allow WPFunnels to determine the winner for you automatically, based on the conversion rate of the variants.

The variant with the highest conversion rate will be marked as the winner depending on the traffic threshold you set.

Unique Checkout Page A/B Testing Like Never Before

Most tools that offer A/B testing will limit you to changing page designs, copy, or sections. And in those tools, A/B Split Testing will help you determine the best way to reduce cart abandonment. 

WPFunnels gives you something extra. 

Normally, you can test the checkout page using different page designs and copies, just like in any other tool.

Apart from that, you will be able to make additional A/B testing control that you won’t get with most other tools:

1. Test With Different Checkout Form Fields

The checkout field editor in WPFunnels means you will be able to customize the fields you use on each variant of your Checkout page when using A/B Testing.

For example, in the original, you may use “Last Name,” whereas in a variant, you may use “Surname” instead, and in a third variant, you may choose not to collect the last name at all.

2. Different Order Bump Offers Per Variant

You can find out how your checkout page may perform depending on the order bump offers you make and how you offer them.

For example, you can choose to offer only a single order bump on one variant of the checkout page, and three order bump offers on another.

3. Testing With Different Order Bump Positions

You may alternate the positions of your order bump offers on your checkout page.

For example, you can use an order bump before the payment options in 1 variant and make the same order bump offer after the payment options in another variant.

4. Determining The Best Checkout Form Layout

The form layout can influence the performance of your checkout page, and finding the best layout for your audience can help boost your conversion rate.

For example, you may use the Two-step checkout in one variant, the Multistep checkout in another, and the Express checkout layout in another. Then decide which one converts more.

More Room For Improvement

Though this is already a great feature, we are well aware that a lot of improvements are required to make it the best A/B Testing tool out there.

That is why we are launching it as Beta.

During this time, you can actively use this feature and give us feedback to us with various suggestions that you may feel are required to get better results out of it.

So do not hesitate to reach us at [email protected] and share your thoughts on this amazing feature.

What’s Next For WPFunnels

It’s never the time to stop getting better. We have so much more planned for WPFunnels and with time, we believe we can become your go-to funnel-building solution in no time.

Having said that, immediately next, we have the following features planned:

  1. Import/Export of funnels
  2. Booking plugin support
  3. Membership plugin support

And many more are still being researched.

Final Thoughts

It was not long before WPFunnels was considered a startup with “a lot of improvements required.”

But now, over 3000 active users are happily using WPFunnels to run successful sales campaigns using highly converting sales funnels.

And the addition of A/B Split Testing just took the plugin to a whole new level.

So, go ahead and start using the A/B Split Testing. Determine what works best for you and boost your revenue using successful sales funnels.

If you haven’t already, get WPFunnels now!

CS Sultan

A professional in digital marketing, with a passion for Sales Funnels. Highly motivated and skilled in marketing and loves writing about advanced marketing tactics and eCommerce sales tactics.

CS Sultan

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  • Real amazing job on this plugin team! Looking forward to using the new A/B split testing wow. I love the visual interface and how easy it is to use. I can see you guys are on the path to dominate the funnels market for wordpress users. I would love to see more nicely designed lead generation templates to capture emails and make those pages easily connect to email marketing system like Aweber. Keep up the great innovative work!

    • Thank you for your suggestions. We are working on more templates real soon. And we have integration with Aweber, so you can start using it right away. 😊

  • I’m very excited about the new A/B Testing feature. I’m getting this setup on a client site today!! Thank you WP Funnels Team!!

    • Great! Do let us know your experience. We are willing to make it even better with suggestions from our users. 😊

  • Nice! Happy to see this new feature I’m a new WP Funnels member. Question: To get A/B testing activated do you need to click on the button “Start A/B Testing”?

    • Yes, once you have created a variant, if you click on Start, you will get the option to distribute traffic. Then click on Start A/B Testing and it will be active. Feel free to reach us via support if you have any questions.

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