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Top 4 Email Automation Tools In WordPress For Effective Marketing [2024]

Are you struggling to keep your email marketing on track without spending all day at your desk?

Good news: there’s a better way! 🎉

The right email automation tool can turn your WordPress site into a marketing powerhouse, giving you back time and boosting your results without breaking a sweat.

Especially if you’re using WordPress, these tools integrate smoothly and bring incredible benefits—think higher open rates, better conversions, and more time back in your day.

In this guide, I’ll unpack the top four email automation tools designed specifically for WordPress users like you.

By reading this article you will get to know about –

  • Best email automation tools for WordPress
  • Their features and pricing

Also, with each tool you will get an idea about the tools whether they are suitable for you or not.

So, Let’s get started with the benefits of Email marketing tools.

Benefits of Using WordPress Email Automation Tools

Time and resources are always valuable commodities for you When it comes to running a business successfully. This is why email automation tools are an essential component of your marketing strategy.

If you are an online store owner WordPress email automation tools can provide numerous benefits for your business. Here are a few specific examples:

i. Save Time For The Rest Of Your Marketing Campaigns

With email automation tools, you can set up your campaigns once and let the tool do the work for you. You don’t need to spend hours sending manual emails or creating new campaigns.

These Tools free up your time to focus on other areas of your business. You can focus on more creative work such as creating new products or improving your customer service in that time.

Thus, email automation tools can save time, increase efficiency, and helps you to achieve higher revenue. At the same time, you can focus on other marketing campaigns.

ii. Get More Sales With Less Effort

Email automation tools can help you segment your email list based on customer behavior, such as purchase history or browsing activity.

By sending targeted and personalized emails to these segments, you can increase the chances of converting them into customers.

Let’s say your customers are leaving their carts behind without going through the checkout step. Now you can run a special email marketing campaigns to win those potential customers back.

For that, you could set up an abandoned cart email campaign to remind those customers of items left in their shopping carts and encourage them to complete their purchases.

iii. Improve Customer Engagement Significantly

Utilizing email automation tools enables you to deliver personalized emails to your customers, taking into account their preferences and actions.

You can send a personalized welcome email to new subscribers, extend birthday greetings, or express gratitude after a purchase.

Let’s say you want to send a special personalized discount campaign to your customers who have their birthdays in March. So you can segment only those who have March birthdays and send personalized email campaigns to them

Such customized emails foster a deeper connection with your customers and ensure their continued engagement with your brand.

iv. Reduce Cart Abandonment With Ease

Abandoned cart emails are a powerful way to win back potential customers who have left items in their cart without completing their purchase.

With email automation tools, you can automatically send these emails to remind customers of their abandoned items and encourage them to complete their purchases.

v. Personalize Product Recommendations As Much As Possible

Email automation tools can help you recommend products to customers based on their purchase history or browsing behavior. By sending personalized product recommendations, you can increase the chances of customers making another purchase.

Let’s say, you sell t-shirts on your online store. Now, you can create an automation for if someone purchases a blue shirt from your store, then this workflow will be triggered. In this workflow, an email will be added where you can promote a personalized upsell that will include a discount code if the customer purchases three different colored tshirts.

vi. Measure Analytics For Better Outcome

You can easily track metrics like email open rates, link clicks, and purchase conversions if you use an email automation tool. This data helps to refine your email marketing strategy and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

For example, you can measure the open rates of your promotional emails that offer discounts on your specific products. If you analyze the data, with or without mentioning discounts. You can discover how changing subject lines generated higher open rates of your promotional emails.

These are some of the benefits you can have if you use the right email automation tools for your marketing campaigns.

But, You can be confused by so many tools available in the marketplace. If you are frustrated with your current tools or looking for easy and affordable tools then read the next sections for a better overview.

Top Email Automation Tools In WordPress

Let’s explore the top email automation tools specifically designed for WordPress, empowering you to streamline your communication and maximize the impact of your emails.

1. Mail Mint: An Effortless WordPress Email Automation Tool

Mail Mint - An Effortless Email Automation Tool

Mail Mint is one of the best email marketing automation tools that can help you implement the best email marketing tactics in less time and more efficiently.

It has one of the most convenient UI designs for email automation workflows. You can craft email automation workflows without any hassle and confusion.

The Easiest Visual Email Automation Workflow

The visual canvas will help you create automated workflows by keeping the whole picture in mind. This means you can literally visualize what the user will go through in each phase and step. So, that will help you add which actions you want your users to take accordingly.

Email Automation Tool O2

Ready Automation Workflows To Save Your Time

Email automation tool 03

Mail Mint offers you numerous pre-built automation workflows for WordPress, WooCommerce, and EDD-based events.

For example, if a user purchases a specific product from your store then you can create a specialized automated workflow for them. To do that, Mail Mint has a ready made pre built journey that you can tweak and enhance for your sales purposes.

Multiple Integrations

As you already know, Mail Mint has integrations with WooCommerce and EDD. These integrations help you accelerate your online business to a great level.

First and new order follow-ups and recovering failed orders are easier than ever with Mail Mint. Once you set up the Automation, you won’t need to worry about anything else.

Mail Mint also has integrations with popular Form Builders like Elementor Forms, JetFormBuilder, and Gravity Forms which help customers build different forms for collecting leads and automate the lead nurturing process using Mail Mint.

And if you’re an online course instructor and want to follow up with your students in a more convenient manner, then there’s good news for you.

Mail Mint has integration with TutorLMS to help you do that.

Special Integration with WPFunnels

Mail Mint has a special integration with the easiest sales funnel builder in WordPress – WPFunnels where you can craft your sales or lead generation funnel and add automation right then and there.

Advanced Analytics

Mail Mint offers advanced analytics for each automation that lets you figure out how many people entered your automation and how the performance is.

More Exclusive Features

Apart from the advanced email automation features Mail Mint has some amazing features like,

  • Unlimited Contact Import [Both Free & Pro]
  • Email Campaigns [Regular and Sequence]
  • Advanced Drag and Drop Email Builder
  • Built-In Form Builder
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • ChatGPT – OpenAI Integration


Email Automation tool 04

So, If you are looking for an affordable email automation tool that is easy to use, can incorporate with sales funnel builders, and advanced options for tailoring email drafts with ChatGPt you can definitely choose Mailmint.

2. FluentCRM: Marketing Automation for WordPress

Email Automation tool 05

FluentCRM is one of the most beloved email automation tools in WordPress. It is known to be a CRM platform that lets you create and add contacts, create email automation, and send targeted campaigns.

Email Automation

Fluent CRM has a very visually aesthetic email automation module that lets you create advanced automation very easily.

Email Automation tool 06

You can add triggers like New orders placed and then follow up with onboarding customers [For WooCommerce and EDD] as well.

By segmenting your customers according to the exact products or subscriptions they have purchased.

You can view the revenue report by product, subscription revenue, and time range, and compare those with other date ranges with Advanced Reports to understand how your store is doing.

Integrations With Multiple Tools

Apart from WooCommerce and EDD, FluentCRM has integration with LMS plugins such as Lifter LMS, LearnDash, TutorLMS, and LearPress to help course instructors automate their online classes in a more efficient way.

It also has a special Fluent Forms Integration that’s one of the best form builders in WordPress that lets the users follow up with their leads easily.’

Other than Fluent Forms, it has integrations with Elementor Forms, Divi Bloom Integration, ThriveArchitect, and Beaver Builder Form.

More Exclusive Features

  • Email Campaigns
  • Customer Relationship Management Features
  • Email Newsletter Solution
  • Membership Integrations


Email Automation tool 06

For those seeking a comprehensive CRM platform for WordPress email marketing automation with advanced automation features, FluentCRM is worth considering.

Now let’s explore another amazing email automation tool.

3. MailPoet: Simplify Email Automation on WordPress

Email Automation tool 07

MailPoet is one of the most popular email automation tools in WordPress with 600,000+ active installations.

It enables you to construct opt-ins for email address collection from website users.

Additionally, it enables you to send various email types directly from the WordPress dashboard to your clients and email subscribers.

Email Automation By MailPoet

MailPoet specializes in email newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to inform customers about the things you’re selling and any changes to your company.

You can quickly design distinctive newsletters using MailPoet. These messages can also be sent instantly or scheduled to be sent automatically at a particular time.

You can also set up an automation for your users to let them know whenever a post is published automatically.

Other than that, you may also create events like the following ones,

Email Automation tool 08

More Exclusive Features Of MailPoet

  • MailPoet Sending Service
  • Up to 1000 subscribers in the Free version
  • Translation Support
  • WooCommerce Emails
  • Multi Condition Segmentation
  • Google Analytics Integration


Email Automation tool 08

MailPoet is a great option for you If you’re looking for a tool with a focus on newsletters.

4. Omnisend: E-commerce Email Automation at Its Finest

Omnisend Homepage

Omnisend is a top choice for e-commerce businesses seeking a comprehensive email automation tool. Known for integrating multiple communication channels, Omnisend allows you to synchronize your email, SMS, and social media marketing efforts seamlessly into one platform.

Email Automation

Omnisend’s email automation capabilities are designed specifically with e-commerce in mind, offering features like pre-built workflows for cart abandonment, welcome series, and post-purchase follow-ups.

These automations are easily customizable with a user-friendly visual editor, enabling you to set up complex triggers based on customer actions like purchases or site visits.

The platform also allows for detailed segmentation, targeting customers based on their shopping behavior, order history, and campaign interactions.

Omnisend Automations

More Exclusive Features

  • Advanced audience segmentation based on shopping behavior and order data.
  • Multichannel messaging capabilities that include SMS and push notifications.
  • Interactive email elements like scratch cards and gift boxes to increase engagement.
  • Real-time analytics to monitor and optimize the performance of campaigns.
  • GDPR compliance tools to ensure your marketing meets legal standards.


Omnisend pricing

So, Omnisend is a great choice for you if you’re seeking a tool tailored for multichannel e-commerce marketing automation.

**Visit each WordPress email marketing automation tool’s website to get more required information.**


Save time and boost revenue by automating your email campaigns with an email automation tool. Deliver personalized and timely communication to your customers effortlessly.

After reading this article now you are equipped with enough information to take your decision.

At least, give them a try to discover the benefits they can bring to your business.

Already using any of these email automation tools? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below. Would love to hear from you!

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