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Craft A High Ticket Coaching Funnel That Converts – Business Growth Hacks [2023]

Hight Ticket Coaching Funnel That Converts

Coaching services are usually of high cost, and as a coach yourself, it’s crucial to have a complete plan to start landing more clients.

Making high-ticket sales is not easy as people do not immediately trust you. You need to work on establishing your credibility and connecting with your prospects. And then, you need to find a suitable offer that your potential clients will love.

Today, we will look at how you can craft a high ticket coaching funnel that is proven to help you get more long-term clients and help you grow as a professional coach.

After reading this article, you will be able to:

  • Become a trusted individual to your target audience
  • Collect a lot of qualified leads that are more likely to convert
  • Make your high ticket offer to more potential clients

And eventually, land more clients that will be happy to take your service.

So let’s get started.

Stages Of The Perfect High Ticket Coaching Funnel

Since high ticket coaching offers are expensive, people are reluctant to purchase them right away.

Rather you need to craft a strategic plan that will guide your prospects into trusting you and eventually deciding to purchase your high ticket offer.

Now before we start planning your high ticket coaching funnel, it’s crucial to understand who your ideal clients are and what pain points they usually face.

Suppose you are a business coach who helps to teach retail business owners decide how to plan for constant growth in revenue. So you need to have enough knowledge on the possible barriers these owners usually face.

You may invest time in creating a few customer persona’s over the years to define the entrepreneurs and CEOs you want to target. This will really help you come up with a complete sales funnel that is backed up by just the right copies to trigger more sales.

This funnel plan will only be effective if you have the necessary expertise and are well aware of the needs of your target clients.

Now, a typical high ticket coaching funnel consists of about 5 stages, which we will discuss in detail in the next few sections.

Here’s a visual representation of how a typical high ticket coaching funnel may look like.

High Ticket Coaching Funnel Plan for online coaches

Stage 1 – The Qualified Lead Bucket

The first step of any marketing funnel is to source traffic and generate qualified leads. In a high ticket coaching funnel, you need to start by planning a lead generation funnel.

Following are the steps you can follow to collect qualified leads for further promotion:

  1. First, prepare a resource you are willing to give away for free. This resource should be valuable to your target audience in some way.

    For example, you can create a pdf for an action plan on “Measuring Your Business KPI Easily” to give away for free.
  1. Create a squeeze page funnel where you may offer this free resource while stating the advantages of using it and that you are giving it away for free.

    **It is also wise to prepare a Facebook group. And once people sign up here, you can ask them to join your group at the Thank you page, or via email afterward. This will help you to build up a community.
  1. Once you have your squeeze funnel ready, promote it on social media and via paid Ads to get relevant traffic.

**When running paid Ads, make sure to target the people with the right interests and the right designations.

This will help you get a good number of qualified leads. Some may skip this part and try different lead generation services that generate qualified leads.

Stage 2 – The Free Webinar Series To Establish Your Authority

Webinars are always a great way to demonstrate your expertise and pitch your services. And for high ticket sales, this is one of the best ways to get authority over your target audience.

So for a high ticket coaching funnel, you may plan a free 3 to 5 webinar series (the latter has proven to deliver more results for most coaches).

**Many also tend to conduct free boot camps or challenges to pull this off.

Following are the steps to compelling webinar funnels.

  1. First, plan your content for 5-webinars that you are willing to deliver for free, and decide on a launch date.
    Each webinar should have something unique and valuable, and each should be related to the previous one.

    Make sure to include a few examples from your real coaching experience to help your audience connect with you more.
  1. Create your webinar signup page explaining the key aspects you will cover in these free sessions.

    **In the copy for this sign-up page, break down the topics you will cover, mention the date and time when this webinar series will be launched, and include testimonials from entrepreneurs that you applied these tactics with in the past.
  1. Once this is ready, you can promote it on social media, via email to any existing leads you have, and via Paid Ads.

    **Preparing a short video for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Ads can help to deliver better results.
  1. Once people signup for the webinar, you can invite them to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with them more.
  1. The next thing to do is to host the webinars. You may host the webinars on your website or host them live in the private Facebook group you’ve created. Also, make the sessions available for the group members to re-watch later in case they miss them on due time.

Through this webinar series, you will be able to create a personal connection with potential clients. The webinar sessions will help you gain trust and authority and help you convince them that you are worth the investment.

Stage 3 – The Nurturing Email Campaigns

Nurturing emails is very important in any sales campaign to maintain brand awareness and keep prospects interested in you. The same is necessary for this funnel.

Following are the nurturing email campaigns you may prepare for your high ticket coaching funnel.

  1. When someone signs up via your squeeze funnel, you can set up a couple of emails to be sent in the next week with a few valuable items to give them more value than expected.
  1. When someone signs up for your webinar series, set up a 3-email sequence before the webinar is launched. In this email series, focus on highlighting the pain points you will cover and other companies that also faced it and managed to overcome them.

    The idea is to make the prospects believe that you know what they are facing and that you have helped others get past these barriers, i.e., you know your stuff. This will increase the number of people that will attend your webinars.
  1. After each webinar, send an email with the link to re-watch the session and add some extra value-added content to the email body.

    **Mention something interesting in the email that you will cover in the next session so that people are interested to join next time.

Stage 4 – The Special Live Webinar Bait

The special live webinar is a bonus session for your attendees where you will discuss the core points of your webinar series more practically while taking live questions related to the businesses of your potential clients.

Since the free webinar series are more generic, a live session with direct interaction will pique the interest of those who really need help. So this special session will act as a medium to separate the high-potential clients from the attendees and the leads you collected earlier.

Here’s how you can execute the idea.

  1. On day 3 of your initial webinar series, announce a 6th Webinar (which is the special live session).

    Pitch your attendees to sign up for the special live webinar where people will have to join live on a Zoom call. So there will be no second chance to re-watch this session. And this will be a personalized session where people will be able to ask questions directly.

    **You can set up a quick sign up form or ask them to PM you to get invited to the special live session.
  1. On day 4 and day 5, shed light on your coaching program and how it offers the solutions you’ve been discussing all along. Also, creatively repeat the pitch to join the special live session.

    While mentioning the details of your package, show that it’s worth a high amount, maybe over 50k (or any high amount). But this will be available at a super low price just for the people who will attend the live Zoom session.

    Don’t mention the actual price of your coaching program yet, keep it a secret to reveal in the special live.
  1. Plan your live webinar session with topics you will cover and how you would want to handle questions.

    Most will prepare a good presentation for this session before diving into having discussions with the attendees about their real business situations.

    Also prepare a few resources that you can afford to giveaway to people who attend this extra webinar. However, make sure these are actually high-value resources that you know people would normally pay to get.

    People love surprises and valuable giveaways.

Stage 5 – The “Final Call” Pitch

The special live webinar is the chance to sign up clients who are serious about your program. So if you can successfully show that you are worth the investment, this session could help you land personal calls with many potential clients.

Here’s how you can execute this.

  1. During the live session, focus on interacting with your attendees. Ask questions to find out what problems they are facing related to the topic being discussed at the moment.
  1. Try to provide an instant solution idea for a couple of prospects, without much detail. Plus, include a few examples of similar cases you solved in the past.

    Just presenting the idea and mentioning the successful outcome you expect is a great way to get them more interested in your service.
  1. Before the last topic, mention a few things that you will give away for free to people who are present at this session. Tell them that these are resources you normally don’t give away unless they are your paying clients.
  1. At the end of the session, recap the services you provide along with their market value, and this time mention the price you normally charge (which has to be way less than the value you will provide).

    For example, you can convey the news that the services and the resources you will provide are valued at over 50k, but you will offer it at only 4k a month, for 6 months. (So that sums up to about 24k.)
  1. Then, mention that there is a huge discount in store for people who attended this webinar and ask them to book a personalized call with you to find out the great offer.

    This pitch has to be well written and practiced before the webinar. You have to sound convincing enough so that people who really need your service will feel like you are making them special offers that they can’t miss out on.
  1. You can then provide them with a link to your calendar app via chat, or prepare a page to book the call with you, which you can share via chat. Also, once the webinar session is over, trigger an email to these attendees with the link to book your appointment.
  1. Those who book the call, trigger a nurturing email series where you can share success stories of businesses that you have helped in the past, facing similar pain points to your attendees.

And that’s it. The rest is all on to you. Whoever books the call, surely needs your service and you have to make sure you impress them in the personalized call with your plan for them and what outcome you may get for them.

Tips for closing the deal on the personalized call:

  • When on a call with the prospect, make sure to focus more on the prospect than just making a long pitch. You should conduct the conversation in a way that your prospect feels relevant to the call. It cannot be just a blatant sales pitch.
  • You can ask questions to find out about their troubles, and do a complete analysis of the business to come up with a plan, free of cost. And if this plan has all the right numbers, it will be enough to close the deal.
  • Offer extra services than what you pitched earlier to make it a bargain they can’t resist.
  • Do give a good amount of discount, maybe 20-40% (depending on your profit margin) so that the money is not an issue here.

And that’s it. Your high ticket coaching funnel is ready.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, this is a long-term plan where you need to put real effort into preparing the right content and building trust.

The copies you need throughout the funnel has to to be of high quality and the webinar sessions should add real value to the people who attend.

Let me summarize the whole high ticket coaching funnel journey for you which you can use as a blueprint:

  • Send Qualified Leads to signup for the Webinar Series
  • Conduct 5 Free Webinar Sessions to gain trust
  • Follow up and engage after each session
  • Arrange a Special Live Webinar to add more value
  • Have high potential clients book the Final Call with you
  • At last, convince them to join your coaching program on call

So, if you are a professional coach, then go ahead and start planning your own high ticket coaching funnel to get more leads and close more potential clients. Devise the perfect funnel and work your way up the ladder to become a 7-figure sensation.

You can consider using WPFunnels to build your own sales funnels easily.

WPFunnels is the easiest sales funnel builder in WordPress that comes with a visual funnel planner, opt-in form to collect leads, and everything you need to set up your sales offers. Plus, you can connect it to popular automation tools to run nurturing campaigns based on the actions of the prospects in your funnel.

If you want an easy funnel builder to execute your high ticket sales funnel, the go ahead and use WPFunnels.

Get WPFunnels now.

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