How to Upsell - Crucial Tips & Examples

How to Upsell – 10 Crucial Tips & Examples

Congratulations, the order is confirmed. You made a sale!

At the beginning of a business, regular product sales are a big deal. But then you crave a high profit from your business, Right? -That’s where upsell comes into play.

In this article, we’ll go over 10 ways you increase your profit by upselling to your existing customer base.

Let’s get right into it!

What Do You Mean By Upsell?

Upselling strategy is to offer your customers to buy a higher-cost product than the one they originally planned to buy.

Upselling is simply a strategy of offering something additional to your customer or upgrade after he/she has made a purchase, with the goal of increasing the overall order value.

For example, if a customer is buying a Camera, right after the purchase, you may offer a lens, that goes well with the Camera, at a discount.

If offered properly, the customer may end up adding the lens to the order as well.

Again, suppose a person purchased a small plan among 3 tiers of a membership plan. You may then follow up via emails with offers on higher offers to make him pay and upgrade.

10 Tips On How To Upsell In The Most Optimized Way For Higher Conversions

Following are a few tips that you should use when offering upsells to ensure maximum conversions.

1. Offer relevant products to go with the order

It is important that the product you offer as an upsell is somewhat related or complimentary to the one that the buyer has initially purchased.

For instance, if a customer is buying a lawnmower, recommending supplementary products like gardening gloves, protective eyewear, a trimming shear set, or lawn fertilizers could serve as appealing upsell options. But here, if you rather offer a laptop bag or maybe a skincare product, even at a good discount, it won’t be very appealing to the buyer.

Following are a few types of products that you can offer as upsell:

  • Version Upgrade – a higher version that’s more updated, or more equipped version of a product.
    Example: If a person bought a bicycle from model A100, you can offer him to purchase the upgraded model A200 instead.
  • Accessories – small additional products that can enhance the experience of using the initial product.
    Example: When purchasing a laptop, you may offer a wireless mouse or a laptop stand.
  • Customization – some sort of custom build or improvement in the looks or functionality of the product.
    Example: You may allow a person to add a custom design to a custom t-shirt for an additional $10 when a person is buying a single-colored t-shirt.
  • Extended Service Period – increased subscription or contract period.
    Example: You may allow a person to upgrade a monthly subscription to a yearly plan at a discounted upgrade price.
  • Complementary Product – a product that is necessary to use the initial product.
    Example: Offer a pair of socks when purchasing sneakers.
  • Addons – add small additional features or items.
    Example: Charge an extra $1 for extra cheese on a burger order.
  • Bundle – a compilation of products that go well together.
    Example: If a person is about to purchase a face cream, offer a bundle that includes this cream along with lotion and face wash, at an overall discounted price.

2. Make the upsell offer optional

Even though upselling can increase your sales, you can’t annoy your customers. That’s why it is very important to make the upsell offer optional. Make it easy to understand that they can accept it or reject it.

Make Upsell Optional - Allow to Accept or Reject Offer

3. Use social proof on the upsell sales page

Building trust is a great way to trigger actions out of buyers.

When making the upsell offer, you may use real social proof or customer testimonials as part of the upsell offer page to help build the confidence of the customer in your offered product.

This is especially useful when you are offering an upgrade or a product of high value as an upsell.

4. Make personalized recommendations

A great way to drive higher conversion with upsells is to offer products that are personalized to the buyer.

This means you may either offer dynamic post-purchase upsell offers based on what the buyer purchased initially or send out post-purchase emails with a discount offer on hand-pick items that the buyer browsed in the past.

If you are running an online store using WooCommerce, then you may use a powerful plugin called WPFunnels that comes with an exclusive addon, Global Funnels. This addon allows you to define conditional offers as upsell while viewing dynamic product data.

For example, suppose you are an online clothing store. You may set up a dynamic upsell to offer a higher number of whatever the buyer initially purchases, as upsell. So, when a buyer purchases a t-shirt, you may instantly offer the buyer to purchase 3 t-shirts instead to get a $10 discount on the total.

This is a great way to make the customer feel important and tempted to take the offer.

5. Use FOMO techniques in the copy

Implementing Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) tactics within the upsell offer copy can create a sense of urgency and scarcity, compelling customers to take immediate action.

You may add phrases such as limited-time offers, countdown timers, or showcasing limited stock availability can create a sense of urgency, prompting customers to make quick decisions. You may use FOMO on the CTA as well.

Overall, this is a great way to make buyers take the upsell offer immediately.

6. Make an offer they can’t refuse

You may make the upsell offer irresistible by proving to the customer that it is more value for the money.

This may involve presenting customers with significant value additions, such as compelling discounts, exclusive access, or bundled bonuses.

For example, while you are offering a business growth course at a discounted price as an upsell, you may add a free business planning workbook and a set up pre-written business email copies as part of the deal.

The added value will make it irresistible and will tempt the buyer to spend that extra amount on your upsell offer.

7. Highlight benefits and savings

On your upsell page copy, focus on highlighting the benefits of your product/service to connect with the buyer more efficiently.

If the buyer can see the practical value of your product, he is more likely to accept the offer. And if there is a discount involved, fusing how much they will save can be a great purchase trigger.

For example, suppose a person went for a low-tiered plan because the high tier costs $100 more. Now, as post-purchase upsell, you offered to upgrade at just $50 more, which means the buyer will be able to save $50 and get access to the higher tier plan. This is a great opportunity that the buyer is less likely to miss.

8. Use a video or attractive product images

Visual elements play a crucial role in captivating customers’ attention and effectively convey the value of an upsell offer.

You may use high-quality images or engaging videos showcasing the upsell item’s features, benefits, and usage scenarios to help the buyer realize the importance of getting this offer.

9. Ensure the offer is non-existent elsewhere

If you are making post-purchase offers as one-click upsells or via email, then the best action would be to make it exclusive and not available in the store at the moment.

For example, suppose, a laptop bag normally costs $50, but as an upsell you offered it at $35. Make sure the buyer is not able to get that price (or lower) anywhere else on your website or promotional campaigns at the moment.

This will allow you to highlight the offer as a great opportunity that the buyer can avoid.

10. Highlight CTA phrase & button

Optimize the Call-to-Action (CTA) phrases and buttons by making them prominent and action-oriented. Craft compelling copy that prompts immediate action, directing customers to accept the upsell offer confidently.

Ensure the CTA phrase is concise, persuasive, and aligned with the benefits of accepting the upsell.

Additionally, employ contrasting colors, bold typography, or strategically placed buttons to draw attention to the CTA, making it easily accessible and visually appealing.

When To Make Upsell Offers For Best Conversions

When and how you make your upsell offers have a significant impact on their conversion rates.

The following are when you may make upsell offers to get maximum conversions.

i. Upsell On The Checkout Page

Implement order bumps during the checkout process to present relevant upsell offers.

Make sure these are of low cost and easily affordable, which will ensure more people accept your offer and increase the AOV.

ii. Upsell Suggestions On The Cart Page

After the customer has added products to the cart, before placing the order, he will visit the cart page.

Here, below the products selected, you may recommend a few relevant or complimentary products for the customer to consider purchasing. While an offer on these are not necessary, if they are on sale, people will often choose to consider adding them to the order.

iii. Post-purchase One Click Upsell

Use a good funnel builder or a one-click upsell plugin to set up post-purchase upsell offers.

Post-purchase upsells are the most effective because the buyer has just spent money and won’t mind spending more if he has the budget.

If you can make a good offer, the ability to accept it with one click will help most buyers make instant decision purchase it right away.

Overall, it’s one of the best ways to increase AOV without additional acquisition costs.

iv. Pop-up Upsell Offer

While a person is browsing through your store, you may make special upsell offers via pop-ups.

The offers may be on a product that’s relevant to the category the buyer was browsing, or a product that the prospect purchased in the past, or simply your most popular offers in the store at the time.

Most people will only look for products that they had pre-planned to purchase. So this pop-up is a great way to showcase more products they can buy.

v. Upsell Offer via Emails

This is just straightforward. Once a person completes a purchase, trigger an email automation workflow to send out emails with offers on products that are upgrades, or relevant to the purchase.

Depending on the product type, this is a very effective method. For example, this will be super effective on food items such as chocolates or chips.

Tools To Set Up Upsell Offers For WooCommerce

If you are using WooCommerce to run your online business, then the following are a couple of tools you can use to make upsell offers in your store.

1. WPFunnels

WPFunnels is an easy-to-use sales funnel builder for WooCommerce to help you create a sales funnel for your products easily.

You may either create a sales funnel journey for individual products or create conditional funnels with dynamic offers for your entire WooCommerce store easily.

The plugin allows you to create custom landing pages and checkout pages, customize the checkout form, make order bump offers at the checkout, set up post-purchase upsells (both static or dynamic), make exclusive discounts, and set up conditional funnels for your WooCommerce store.

2. Mail Mint

Mail Mint is one of the easiest email marketing automation tools for WordPress and WooCommerce.

The plugin comes with extensive automation triggers for WooCommerce to set up post-purchase email offers for your customers after they complete their purchase. Plus, it allows you to collect customer data, run email campaigns, and design emails easily with a drag-and-drop email builder.

You can use seamless WooCommerce integration of Mail Mint, an Email Marketing Automation tool that will help your upsell strategy.


Now that you know what is upsell and how you can use upsell offers the right way, you should invest time in learning various upselling strategies to implement on your store immediately.

Go ahead and start using upsells in your online store to boost your AOV and grow your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some effective ways to make upsell offers irresistible?

To create irresistible upsell offers, focus on providing substantial value additions such as exclusive discounts, bundled bonuses, or limited-time offers. Craft personalized recommendations based on the customer’s preferences or purchase history, making the upsell relevant and compelling. Additionally, leverage social proof, showcase benefits and savings, and employ FOMO techniques in the copy to instill urgency and persuade customers to take immediate action.

2. How can I determine the right products to offer as upsells?

Identify the right upsell products by analyzing customer purchase history, browsing behavior, or past interactions. Tailor your recommendations based on complementary items, frequently bought together products or items that enhance the primary purchase.

3. What role does urgency play in upselling strategies?

Urgency triggers the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), compelling customers to act swiftly, thus increasing the likelihood of upsell acceptance and conversions.

4. Are there specific tools optimized for upselling on WooCommerce?

Yes, there are several tools optimized for upselling on WooCommerce. WPFunnels enables order bump offers, one-click upsells, and dynamic upsell offers. Mail Mint facilitates effective upsell offers via emails, implementing automation for post-purchase upsell emails.

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