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Halloween marketing ideas

5 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Double Your Revenue Significantly in 2024

October is already here and only a few weeks left until the spooky Halloween 🎃! And if you are part of an e-commerce business, then it’s high time you start preparing for Halloween marketing activities.

According to stats, e-commerce sites contribute to 34% off all Halloween sales in October. This means, that this is an occasion where you can actually grow your revenue significantly with proper promotional campaigns.

Today, we will discuss about 5 Halloween marketing ideas that you can implement immediately to get the maximum results. These are ideas that have worked successfully for several e-commerce sites out there.

After reading this guide, you will have a clear idea of how to implement these strategies properly to grow your Halloween sales.

So let’s begin.

5 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost E-Commerce Sales

Since it’s the Halloween we are talking about, you have to take into consideration that most products sold are somewhat related to the Halloween theme. But, it doesn’t mean you can not benefit out of it in other cases. You just have to be creative with your approach to connect your offer to the occasion.

Let us look at 5 Halloween marketing ideas closely so that, no matter what type of products you sell, in most cases, you will still be able to benefit from Halloween promotions.

1. Curate A Special Halloween Category With Offers

Some products are usually in high demand during the Halloween season. For example, costumes, candies, party supplies, etc., are usually ordered a lot in preparation for the Halloween parties. If you are going to stock such products, then you can expect high traction.

However, if you do not sell such products, you may rather think of a way to connect your products to Halloween. For example, if you sell t-shirts, then you may stock some Halloween-themed t-shirts. If you sell shoes, you may bring in orange shoes to match the theme. You could even announce a discount on a few selected products in your store even if they are not necessarily Halloween-specific products.

And to promote them properly, you may create a separate category called “Halloween Specials” or something similar. You can highlight this category in your menu and promote it using a banner on the home page. Plus, you may share this category on social media as well. This will make it easy for potential buyers to find your special collection or offer.

But it shouldn’t stop there.

You may further plan a funnel journey for your buyers to convince them to buy even more.

For example, you may set up a post-purchase offer where once a person buys a product from this Halloween category, immediately next, he will be offered a random product from the same category at a discount. Since the buyer already purchased something, he wouldn’t mind buying more if it is desirable. The discount will give an extra push. (If you are already running a discount, then the post-purchase offer discount should be more by 5-10%.)

If you are a WooCommerce user, then you may create such a funnel using WPFunnels.

You may also send post-purchase product recommendation emails by suggesting more products and offers for Halloween sales.

Here’s a guide on planning product recommendation emails.

Overall, the idea is to promote and recommend products from a single special category for Halloween.

2. Run A Store-wide Halloween Discount

A site-wide Halloween promotion is a pretty common tactic but you can’t ignore it because it always works.

It’s simple. Decide on a discount percentage that you plan to offer on all products during the Halloween week. Then prepare your promotional materials to reach more potential buyers.

Halloween Marketing Offer Banner
Image by Freepik

Following are a few ways you may effectively promote this Halloween offer.

  • Create a discount banner for the home page.
  • Send out emails to your email list.
  • Issue a notification bar to let every visitor know about the discount.
  • Share the news about the discount on social channels.
  • Run Paid Ads by promoting your Halloween offer in the Ad banners.

This approach takes less effort and more sales potential.

3. Organize A Mystery Trick Or Treat Contest

This is a unique idea that you may use to make it more exciting for buyers during Halloween.

What you can do is, you may decide on a target amount to spend in an order. Upon reaching this target, you will issue a surprise gift to the buyer.

For example, you may announce that anyone who will order $200 or more will get a special Mystery Box. Then, give a glimpse of what sort of gifts may be included in this mystery box such as a chocolate bundle, a Joker mask, 50% off on the next order, etc., and announce that it may contain one of these selected gifts.

If the products listed in the gifts issued are somewhat attractive, then many people will try their best to order and reach the target.

Similar to this, you may decide on a Mystery Box Contest for your online store.

Then you may choose to promote this contest via social media, banner image on the home page, and email marketing.

4. Build A Special Halloween Sales Funnel

This tactic is somewhat similar to the first tactic in this guide but with a slight addition – a custom landing page and checkout page for Halloween sales.

Let me explain.

Suppose you have stocked your e-commerce site with a lot of Halloween-themed products. What you can do is you may prepare a special landing page where you will only list down these products and design the whole page to match Halloween.

Next, you may also prepare a custom checkout page just for your Halloween products. Here, you may make order bump offers on specific Halloween products right on the checkout page.

You may further tie it up with post-purchase upsell offers that relate to these products.

Once you have the sales funnel in place, you may run paid Ads and Halloween email marketing campaigns to drive traffic to this special landing page.

Apart from focusing on promoting through your site only, you may look for external sites that can help drive traffic to your site.

First, you may list your products on popular marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Facebook Dynamic Ads, eBay, Amazon, etc., or any local online marketplace. This will let you reach a broader audience and increase your chance of converting more prospects.
**You may easily generate product feed from your WooCommerce store using the plugin Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce. You should check it out.

Second, you may look for requests on SourceBottle, Connectivity, Featured, Responsa, and other PR platforms & magazines to suggest the best product(s) and Halloween offers. You may submit some of your products as a response to these and get a chance to be featured on high-traffic web pages.

Overall, these two approaches can help a lot to spread the news about your Halloween offer and products.

Wrapping Up

As you saw, it is not so difficult to get ready with your Halloween marketing plans. All you need to do is follow these ideas and you will start getting significant sales.

But it’s a lot easier said than done. How easily you can implement these ideas will depend on which platform or CMS you use for your website.

If you use WordPress for your e-commerce site, then it’s a lot easier to set up these tactics thanks to the plugins WPFunnels & Mail Mint. If you haven’t checked them out yet, then do take a look.

Now, it’s time to start preparing for Halloween. Go ahead and start getting ready to achieve Halloween sales today!

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