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Understanding The Purchase Funnel: A Comprehensive Guide to Consumer Behavior-Based Marketing

As an online business owner, you would always want to find better ways to increase conversion and acquire more loyal customers who purchase from you again and again.

The main challenges here are

  • Driving relevant traffic that converts
  • Convince more visitors to complete purchases
  • Influence buyers to come back and purchase again.

Today, you will learn about the Purchase funnel, a customer-based funnel strategy that will ensure you start getting more sales and more repeat buyers.

This strategy is specially built for online businesses that are willing to take extra steps to increase conversion rates and customer retention.

After reading this article, you will understand the steps and strategies you can follow to craft a successful Purchase funnel.

Stages Of A Purchase Funnel

A purchase funnel is an extended version of the AIDA model where you carefully lay down tactics to meet all four stages – Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action – plus additional stages afterward.

Let us look at the stages of a purchase funnel that can quickly make your online business profitable.

1. Bring in high-potential traffic into your purchase funnel landing page (Awareness)

Bring traffic from social media, running targeted paid Ads, and promoting on proven online marketplaces. Do this before diving into the direct sales approach of the purchase funnel. here is a comprehensive guide for bringing traffic from different channels.

2. Persuade first purchase (Interest)

Once someone visits your site, you have to ensure the prospect has more chance of considering a purchase. In this case, you can try using these tactics:

– Offer a discount for the first order

– Run flash sales and promote on the home page

– Add a quiz to find out what the user is looking for and present relevant results.

You can do these easily by using a sales funnel builder. Here is a guide for creating a basic purchase funnel using a WordPress plugin.

3. Optimize Product Tile, Description & Image (Desire)

For creating a consumer purchase funnel, while a user browses your products, the titles of the product should highlight critical features of the products. The description should be benefit-focused for the consumers, and the Image should clearly give a real-life idea of how your product looks or how it may perform.

4. Increase AOB (Action)

Once someone has decided to purchase a specific product, at the checkout page, make special offers (i.e., order bumps) on additional products that are usable along with the main product or somewhat relevant. This will ensure the buyer spends more.

5. Offer More After Initial Purchase Funnel (Post-purchase Upsell)

Now that the user has already made the payment, instantly make another offer with a more expensive relevant product or a better alternative at a higher price. If the copy is well-written and the price is reasonable (with a generous discount), then the buyer may consider purchasing, increasing the amount spent by the buyer without any additional acquisition cost.

here is a basic guide for creating upsell and down-sell offers in your purchase funnel journey.

6. Email Funnels Or SMS Offers (Post-purchase actions)

So, the buyer has completed his first purchase, and you may set out to deliver the product in due time.

Once the product is delivered, now it’s your turn to try and bring him back to purchase more. You can do this by creating a suitable email funnel or SMS offers.

Post Purchase Funnel Strategies For Nurturing

There are a couple of strategies you may follow for nurturing your consumers after the purchase funnel. You can use an email marketing automation tool like Mailmint with your sales funnel builder for sending follow-up emails.

1. Curated Email Funnel or SMS funnel

Once a product is purchased from your initial purchase funnel, you can set up a series of emails or SMS’s to be sent in the next month with well-planned offers.

For example, if a person purchased a t-shirt, after 3 days, you may send an email/sms with a 10% discount on 3 t-shirts from the same category. Then after another 4 days, make an offer on a pair of jeans at a 10% discount. And finally, 2 weeks after the purchase, offer 20% off on a bundle of 2 shirts and a pair of jeans.

2. Email Series Of Weekly discounts on relevant products

This is long-term email automation you can set up to try and bring back the buyer in the next six months after someone buys your product through your purchase funnel.

Seemingly, send an automated email or SMS every week with a suitable discount offer on a random relevant product for the next 6 months. This could be a random product in the same category as what he already purchased.

3. Promote target-based coupon offer

After the first purchase from your purchase funnel, you can create a target-based coupon discount and insist the buyer return to claim the discount by hitting the target. For example, you may suggest the user spend a total of $100 on the next order to claim a 20% discount.

4. Bi-weekly flash sale

Flash sales are always exciting and a great way to bring back buyers just for the excitement.

Since the initial purchase after purchase funnel, send an email or SMS to invite the buyer to check out the flash sales one-day prior to the end of the current flash sale campaign. This will remind the user that more discounts are on the way and may bring the user back just out of curiosity about what’s available offer this time.

Additional Useful Tips For Generating Higher Conversion From Purchase Funnel

Besides your purchase funnel activities, it is also vital to run other essential activities for higher conversion from your purchase funnel marketing. That may include:

1. Collect reviews from buyers

2. Run seasonal discounts

3. Update product content for SEO

4. Share products on social media

5. Provide quality support when required.


As you saw, a purchase funnel is similar to a typical sales funnel but with more focus on increasing sales and customer retention, and if done right, it will help to increase revenue for any type of business, whether it is for a regular e-Commerce site or for a digital product. And for doing this properly, a sales funnel builder like Wpfunnel and an email marketing automation tool like Mail Mint could be your helping hand.

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