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How To Build Your Own Sales Funnel Agency – Complete Guide

Marketing is getting more and more challenging over time, and recently, the demand for sales funnel solutions is rising rapidly.

Nowadays, one of the most profitable businesses you can invest in is building a digital marketing agency or, rather, establishing a sales funnel agency.

Why? Well, it is already apparent that sales funnels can shoot up conversion rates when done right. And entrepreneurs are ready to pay quite well, even for a small project, as long as they get a higher profit.

“You will have a chance to earn 5-10k from every project you work on.

Now, without being an expert yourself, it may sound quite farfetched to succeed with this. But here’s the secret:

You do not need to be the expert here. You simply need

  • the right resources,
  • a few reliable tools, and
  • a proper marketing strategy.

And today, you get a step-by-step guide on how you can prepare and build your own sales funnel agency.

Let’s begin.

Step-by-step Plan On Building Your Own Sales Funnel Agency

Following are guidelines that you can follow to pave your way towards becoming a successful sales funnel agency from scratch, especially if you are getting involved in offering sales funnel services for the first time.

P.S. You could be a web development agency for years, but if stepping into the sales funnel realm is new for you, then this guide will be very fruitful for you.

Step 1 – Build Your Team Of Experts

The first step is to build a proper team that includes members with specific skill sets. You will need the following:

  • A Project Manager
  • Web developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Digital marketers with at least 1 copywriting expert

Since a sales funnel is intended to help a business earn more money, everyone in the team needs to be experienced and dexter in their work.

How this team will function is as follows:

  1. The Project Manager will define the project requirements for the team. He/she will also oversee the project and make sure everyone on the team is executing their tasks on time.
  1. The Marketing squad will analyze the client’s business and plan a suitable sales funnel.
  1. The Copywriter will draft the sales copies for the main pitch and offer products (if any).
  1. The Graphic designer will design every funnel page according to context and will get opinions from marketers.
  1. The web developers will help with developing the designs into the funnel pages.
  1. Once the sales funnel is ready, the marketers will proceed with their marketing tactics to start bringing in traffic to the sales funnel via Paid Ads, Social posts, etc.
  1. Marketing specialists will also be responsible for tracking performance, A/B Testing, and collecting analytics to prove to the client that the funnel works. You can use a digital marketing test to find the right marketing experts who are skilled at these requirements. 

Step 2 – Get The Required Tools in Place

Once you have the team planned out, the next thing you need is the right set of tools.

**Normally, you could get tools as per the expertise of your team members, or you could provide tools that are the right fit, and the members may have to learn and use them.

The following are the tools you will require:

  1. Tool to design the funnel pages.
    You need to provide your designers with the right set of tools to design the funnel pages You may get Sketch or Figma, along with Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.
  1. The platform to host funnels
    You have to choose where you want to host the funnels.
    • If your client already has a WordPress site or maybe doesn’t have a website at all, then the best option would be to build funnels in WordPress. There, you will get to use the plugins WPFunnels and WooCommerce to create sales funnels quite easily.
    • Or you may go for expensive SAAS platforms such as ClickFunnels or Kajabi.
      **However, the WordPress option would be much better as you could then operate at a lower cost and offer your services at more affordable rates for your clients.
  1. Choosing the right funnel-building tool
    • If you host on WordPress, then the best funnel-building tool you can go for is WPFunnels. What you can do is you can get the tool with a higher license limit and just use this license on the client’s site during the campaign. This means the client won’t have to worry about a thing. You take the task, and you execute it, while the client is happy to pay you for your wonderful service.
    • In case you go for a dedicated SAAS platform, for example, ClickFunnels, it will be expensive. And you won’t be able to use a license on multiple domains at a time. In this scenario, you will probably have to ask your client to purchase a license before you can start working for him/her.
  1. Get an easy-to-use email marketing automation tool
    • Email marketing is always crucial when it comes to launching sales funnel campaigns. Normally, your clients will probably have an email client that they use, and you may choose to link that to your funnels.
    • Or, you could recommend one to your clients, such as Mail Mint, FluentCRM, or Sendinblue, which are great tools for email marketing.
    • The bottom line is you need to have a good tool at hand that you will be able to integrate with your sales funnels to run email automation events based on the prospects’ actions in the funnels.
  1. Other essential tools for accuracy
    You would need a keyword research tool for your marketing team, such as SEMRush or Ahrefs, Grammarly for content accuracy, maybe PHPStorm for your developers, and a PM tool, such as Jira or Clickup, to manage projects.

Step 3 – Decide On Your Services & Pricing Model

As a business owner, you have to consult with the management and stakeholders to understand the amount of effort that may be required on an average and the expense of the team every hour, or on every project.

For example, you may assume a single sales funnel campaign may be of about 1-month. You can calculate how much you would need to invest in terms of salary, tool subscriptions, and other office expenses.

Then you can look into your ‘competitor research’ data to find out the current market rates for similar services.

Using these research data, you can then come up with a few plans with prices that will be at least 1.5 to 2 times your expenses, sometimes even more, depending on the complexity of the client’s niche.

**Sometimes clients may negotiate for a lower price, so keeping some room for price reduction is a good idea.

The following are examples of a set of service plans:

= Lead Gen Funnel Services =

  • Pay-per-result
  • $100 per 50 leads.

= eCommerce Sales Funnel Service =

  • $5k
  • Comprehensive market research
  • Long-term Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Funnel building and copywriting
  • Continued maintenance for 6months

= Custom Funnel Service =

  • Service fee is subject to discussion
  • Any custom funnel approach required
  • Multiple funnel implementation
  • Advanced funnels with automaton
  • Full service on a 6-month contract
  • Get A Quote

= Launch Lead Generation Funnels =

  • Service Fee: $5k
  • Comprehensive market research
  • Niche-specific funnel strategy
  • Funnel building and copywriting
  • Paid Ads
  • Take A Free Quote

= High-Value Sales Funnels Service =

  • $5k+
  • Complete funnel strategy
  • Copywriting, page design, Implementation
  • Guaranteed results
  • Get free appraisal

But, obviously, people would tend to look for custom projects more often than your pre-set service plans. So, you have to clarify that people have the option to discuss with you before going for a plan.

You can keep a contact form to book a call with you in case they want to share details on their custom requirements.

“Let us build your next sales funnel – Starting at as low as $500!
Share your goals and let us help you achieve it.
Book a Call with us”

Another good way to get started would be to ask them to take a free business analysis or appraisal. Or you may offer to provide a plan before signing a contract.

Step 4 – Build Your Portfolio

Once you have the business planned out, it’s time to prepare to become a pioneer or an agency people can rely on. Following are a few ways you can build a strong portfolio.

1. Do some free work for clients, friends, or family

You may offer your services for free to a few people to get some good inclusions in your portfolio.

This can be easily done through social media communities on Facebook or LinkedIn. You may simply post stating:
“I will help 5 businesses to collect 500 leads in 10 days for free. Let me know who is interested.”

Many will respond. You can then browse through them and choose 5 people you want to work with. Before you work with them, make sure to agree with each other that he will give a positive testimonial and will allow you to use the results and analytics in your portfolio.

Next, you need to put your team’s skills to the test and actually bring results.

**Well, it may not be 100% successful with every client when you start out. That’s fine. Even if you do not get the expected results, it was a free service, and the client won’t be too disappointed. But your goal here would be to use your team’s expertise and give them a glimpse of a real project while collecting data from the successful ones to strengthen your portfolio.

2. Create free funnel templates

Since sales funnels are always in high demand, creating free templates for sales funnels could be a great way to reach several potential clients.

You could ask them to provide an email and name to get the free template and mention your business details on the page to make them recognize you.

Later, you can ask for their feedback on your free template and use them in your portfolio.

3. Prepare case studies

Based on your experience with the free clients and planning the funnel templates, you can prepare case studies to show how you overcame obstacles to bring quality results.

These you can use to highlight your experience.

Step 5 – Create A Marketing Strategy

Another crucial part of this is preparing a marketing strategy.

1. Identify & Target Specific Industries

Now, even though you have planned on the team, and the packages, one crucial thing to remember is “Never target everyone.

What this means is it’s important to rather target a few niches that you think will get you more clients, and you will have a greater chance of getting them results than trying to hunt for clients everywhere.

So, conduct market research and find out industries that can benefit more from sales funnels. Then identify the ones you want to aim for.

This will help you to run Paid Ads to reach several potential clients.

2. Establish Authority

This part may be a bit tricky. You have already provided free service. So what else can be done to establish authority?

Well, a good option would be to host free BootCamps or webinars, where you may invite prospects from targeted niches to give them more knowledge on sales funnels, how they work, and how they can help to double their revenue growth.

This will not just help to get more clients interested in using sales funnels, but it will help you to connect with clients directly and prove to them that you know what you are doing.

The results you achieved with the clients (with your free service), and the case studies you prepared, will be valuable inclusions in your webinar or BootCamp resources as proof of your expertise.

And eventually, it will give you a chance to pitch to a few potential clients who attend.

The main goal here is to build authority. If your live sessions are detailed and useful, people will remember you as a brand and will probably consider your services if they plan on running funnels anytime soon.

**You may also make special discount offers to people who attend the webinars and BootCamps to try and close a few clients there.

3. Create A Content Marketing Strategy

Now, of course, you cannot solely rely on social media and Paid Ads to get clients. You also need to work on getting organic traffic.

To do this, you may work on creating informative articles and videos to team strategies for various businesses. This will help to gain the trust of potential clients that are trying to learn the tactics.

In these contents, you could leave soft hooks to promote your services. Meanwhile, it will also help you grow in the rankings for relevant keywords that your clients search for when looking for sales funnel services.

As a funnel agency, if you can prove that your strategic expertise is on a high level, you will be able to land many clients organically.

4. Run Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing Campaigns

You could also prepare free resources or host webinars to collect leads from a targetted niche.

Once you have leads, you can nurture them with value-added emails from time to time and, eventually, offer them your service down the line.

Here’s how you can collect leads & run lead nurturing campaigns using WPFunnels & Mail Mint

The idea is to have a series of emails that will paint a picture of various stages of a successful funnel strategy. And then, down the line, share how you helped businesses with this strategy to get more results and try to get them to book a call with you for a free session.

Since you will have targeted leads, this approach will help to land a few high-ticket clients, provided that you have great email copies.

Bonus section: Tips To Promote Your Services

So, a lot of extra activities can be done to build your presence in the industry.

1. Create A Social Presence

Create your business page on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and create communities such as a Facebook Group where you guys can share valuable knowledge.

On these social platforms, you will always have a free relevant audience to promote your services to from time to time.

You may use social media automation tools to manage your social presence more efficiently and effectively.

2. Join Relevant Forums & Communities

You and your marketing team should also join niche-specific Facebook groups, Reddit Spaces or Quora Spaces and often interact with queries. This may lead a few clients to approach you personally for your service.

3. Design and development platforms

Share your funnel page designs on places such as Behance or Dribble to publicly show off the funnel design skills your team has. Many entrepreneurs tend to look at Behance and Dribble to compare page design quality, and a good reputation there is definitely a plus.

You can also highlight your expertise in areas like platform development to attract potential clients requiring complex web-based systems and tools.

4. Have Some Budge For Paid Ads

Running paid Ads is crucial, but it may get expensive if you do not get it right. But as a startup agency, it is inevitable.

So initially, you must have some budget for Paid Ads. What you can do is you can run a few different types of Paid Ads and see which ones get you more results. Then finally, exclude the rest and simply promote the most successful one.

However, again, you must have a targeted niche in mind. Or else you may get exhausted on your budget real quick.

5. Actively Participate In Podcasts & Other Activities

Try to find connections that can help you be part of podcasts in your target niche. There you can highlight your expertise.

Also, you may try attending live events as a speaker to share your knowledge. For example, you may attend a WordCamp as a speaker to explain tactics to increase software sales. There you could really show off your skills with strategic knowledge.

Author’s Note

Anyone can start a business by having the investment money. But the success of your business totally depends on how much you are willing to work for it. This whole guide can be a great blueprint for you as a startup but believe me, it’s not as simple as it appears. You have to work hard and ensure you follow each step with complete dedication.

Initially, this will seem stressful, but once you finish that 5th step, it will all seem super valuable, and your life will get a lot easier.

Eventually, you will be a sales funnel agency serving clients to grow their revenue while you grow yours.

Use this guide as a blueprint to start your own sales funnel agency and pave your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

While you are at it, you may check out WPFunnels as your funnel-building tool and Mail Mint as your automation tool. These are specialized to make it easy for you to create sales funnels for your clients.

If you are already providing such services and have a unique way of getting clients, do share your experience in the comments below.


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