Guide To Creating WooCommerce One Click Upsell For Increased AOV

Guide To Creating WooCommerce One Click Upsell For Increased AOV in 2024

One-click upsells are a practical and effective way for online store owners such as yourself to increase sales and average order value (AOV).

It’s quite remarkable that some store owners have boosted their sales by up to 30% using one click upsells.

If you are running a WooCommerce store, then you must start using one-click upsells to ensure you are getting maximum revenue out of every customer.

Today, you will learn how you can set up WooCommerce one click upsell offers easily and start growing your overall AOV.

After reading this guide, you will have

  • a good understanding of what one click upsell is,
  • different ways to offer one-click upsells, and
  • how you can set up WooCommerce One Click Upsell offers using the right tools.

So let’s begin.

What Is One Click Upsell?

One Click Upsell is a strategic marketing technique where you make a special post-purchase offer to customers on supplementary products or upgrades, which the buyer can accept in a single click (without having to input payment information again).

For instance, when a customer buys a camera, right after checkout, you may offer a compatible memory card or a camera bag with a good discount. If the customer likes the offer, he may take it. But most importantly, he will just be able to press a button and the purchase will be made instantly.

This is a great way to optimize the buying process and tempt customers to spend more after every initial order.

Benefits Of Using One-Click Upsells In Your WooCommerce Store

Integrating one-click upsells into your WooCommerce store can transform your sales strategy, offering multiple benefits that are more than just increased revenue.

i. Increased Average Order Value (AOV)

With one-click upsells, you’re not just selling products; you’re strategically increasing the value of each purchase. When customers see the option to upgrade to a superior product at a good offer, that too with just one click, many are inclined to take it. This approach is a straightforward way to boost your store’s average order value.

ii. Enhanced Customer Experience and Convenience

It’s not all about the numbers. One-click upsells also make shopping smoother and more enjoyable for your customers. They provide a hassle-free way for shoppers to add better, more suitable products to their orders without the need to search through your store. This convenience saves time and makes the buying process more pleasant, leading to satisfied customers who are more likely to come back.

iii. Boost in Revenue Without Additional Customer Acquisition Costs

Perhaps the most significant benefit of WooCommerce one click upsell offers is the ability to boost your revenue without the extra acquisition cost to sell that extra product later. By maximizing the value from each visit, you’re effectively increasing your earnings without additional costs on customer acquisition.

Types Of One Click Upsells

One-click upsells primarily are of two types:

  • Pre-purchase one click upsell
  • Post-purchase one click upsell

i. Pre-purchase One Click Upsell

Pre-purchase WooCommerce upsell offers are a fantastic way to help customers with lucrative offers while shopping or during checkout.

You can create these offers using pop-ups based on the customer’s browsing history or the popularity of products. For example, if a customer is viewing a coffee maker, a pop-up might suggest a higher-end model or a coffee bean subscription as an upsell.

Another approach is to include relevant suggestions directly in the shopping cart. These suggestions should complement what the customer has already added to their cart. Suppose, a customer adds a laptop to their cart; you could suggest an extended warranty plan. These items add value to their initial purchase and can be easily added to the cart with a single click.

You can also use order bumps during the checkout process. These are typically lower-priced items that are relevant to the customer’s purchase. For example, if someone is buying a book, you might offer a bookmark at a discounted price as an order bump. This small addition can significantly increase the overall order value.

ii. Post-purchase One Click Upsell

After a customer completes their purchase, the opportunity for WooCommerce upselling doesn’t end. You can still present them with upsell offers by directing them to an offer page that shows items related to their purchase. For example, after buying a smartphone, the customer could be offered an exclusive deal on a screen protector or premium headphones. This offer feels more personalized and can be a pleasant surprise for the customer.

Another effective post-purchase Woocommerce upsell strategy involves sending targeted offers via email. These emails can recommend products related to or frequently bought with the items in their past purchase history. For instance, if a customer bought a yoga mat from your store, you could send them an email offering a special deal on yoga blocks or workout attire. This method keeps your store in their minds and encourages repeat purchases.

By using these pre and post-purchase Woocommerce upsell strategies, you’re not just selling more; you’re enhancing the shopping experience for your customers, making it more likely they’ll come back to your store in the future.

In the next section, we will discuss how you can create effective Woocommerce one click upsell offers effortlessly.

How To Create Effective WooCommerce One Click Upsell Offers?

Follow the guidelines below and see how easily you can create one-click upsell offers.

1. Get A Reliable Upsell Plugin

If you want to create an effective one-click upsell offer in WooCommerce, you need to start with a reliable & most importantly the right tool.

In this case, you can take WPFunnels into your consideration. WPFunnels is an easy-to-use sales funnel builder where you can easily create one-click upsell offers for your WooCommerce store.

2. Creating A Single Product Funnel With Relevant One Click Upsell Offers

Setting up a single product funnel with relevant One Click Upsell offers in WooCommerce is straightforward, especially with WPFunnels.

Let’s walk through this process using a fitness equipment store as an example:

Step 1: Choose and Import a Funnel Template

First, go to your WordPress dashboard and open WPFunnels. Click on ‘Add New Funnel’. For a fitness equipment store, choose a pre-made funnel template that’s suitable for a product let’s say a yoga mat. Look for a template with steps like Landing, Checkout, Upsell, and Thank You.

WPFunnels Canvas

Step 2: Configure the Landing Page

After importing the funnel, click on the Landing step. Here, edit the page to align with your yoga mat product and brand identity. Use the Elementor page builder to tailor the content, perhaps highlighting the unique features of your yoga mat, like eco-friendliness or extra cushioning.

Step 3: Set Up the Funnel Checkout Page

Next, on the Checkout step, add your main offer product, the yoga mat.


Step 4: Add an Order Bump

Now, on the checkout page for the yoga mat, add an order bump. This could be a yoga mat cleaner at a discounted price. It’s a relevant, lower-priced offer that complements the main product and adds value to the customer’s purchase.

setting order bump

Step 5: Introduce Post-Purchase Upsell

Once the customer completes the purchase of the yoga mat, present them with a post-purchase upsell offer. Let’s take a set of high-quality yoga blocks that are complementary to the initial purchase.

Setting up Upsell

Step: 6- Prepare the Thank You Page:

Finally, set up the Thank You page. Make sure it’s clear and provides all necessary order details.

If you want to get a more detailed guide to learning how you can create a single product funnel with one click upsell offer, read this guide.

Dynamic WooCommerce One Click Upsell Offers Based On Buyers’ Choice

To create personalized and action-based funnels in WooCommerce, the Global Funnels feature in WPFunnels works best. This allows you to set up dynamic, conditional offers that resonate with each buyer’s choices, enhancing the chances of conversion.

Here’s a straightforward guide to creating a dynamic conditional funnel:

i. Enable Global Funnel:

Start by enabling the Global Funnel feature in WPFunnels. This action transforms your standard product funnel into a dynamic, responsive one. It’s designed to trigger specific offers based on the conditions you set.

Enabling Global Funnel

ii. Set Up Conditions:

The next step is to define the conditions under which your funnel will operate. For a fitness equipment store, this could involve setting a condition like “If a customer adds any product from the ‘Fitness Accessories‘ category to their cart, they enter a specific sales funnel.” This condition could apply to products like resistance bands, yoga mats, or foam rollers.

Setting up Condition

iii. Proceed with Upsell Strategy:

Once your Global Funnel is active and the conditions are set, the approach to creating upsell offers is similar to the method outlined in the previous section on single product funnels. You would continue to add relevant order bumps and upsell offers based on the customer’s initial product choice. The process of configuring these offers, from the landing page to the thank you page, follows the same steps, ensuring a cohesive and effective upsell strategy.

By enabling Global Funnels and setting appropriate conditions, your fitness equipment store can offer a more personalized shopping experience.

Read this article for more precise guidelines.

Sending Upsell Offers Via Email

After your customers have made a purchase, there’s still a great opportunity to upsell, and email is an excellent medium for this. Mail Mint stands out as a valuable tool for crafting and sending specialized upsell offers directly to your customers’ inboxes.

With Mail Mint, you can create emails that highlight products complementing what your customers have recently purchased. For instance, if a customer bought a yoga mat from your fitness equipment store, your follow-up email could offer them yoga blocks or a high-quality yoga towel at a discounted rate. Including a unique coupon code in the email adds an exclusive touch to the offer, making it more appealing.

This approach is both direct and personalized. It focuses on products that enhance or add to the customer’s original purchase, encouraging them to consider additional items that could improve their fitness experience. It’s an effective strategy for driving repeat business and keeping your customers engaged with your brand.

Strategies for Effective One-Click Upselling in WooCommerce

To make the most of one-click upselling in your WooCommerce store, it’s crucial to have a strategy that resonates with your customers and aligns with your products.

Here are some effective strategies to consider:

  1. Send targeted upsell offers via email after order completion.
  2. Bundle up related products into attractive package deals.
  3. Offer product upgrades at tiered pricing levels.
  4. Create urgency with limited-time upsell offers.
  5. Incentivize higher spending with special deals.
  6. Introduce relevant upsells right after purchase.
  7. Encourage future purchases with free trials or samples.

To learn more about these strategies, read this article.

Analyzing and Optimizing One Click Upsells in WooCommerce

Effective analysis and optimization are key to maximizing the impact of your One Click Upsell strategy in WooCommerce.

i. Tracking and Measuring Upsell Performance

In WPFunnels, focus on key metrics like upsell conversion rate, average order value, and click-through rates. If these metrics are underperforming, consider adjusting your upsell offers or the way they’re presented. For example, a low conversion rate might mean your offer isn’t compelling enough, requiring a review of the products or the offer details.

ii. A/B Testing and Iterative Improvements

Utilize WPFunnels’ A/B Testing feature to refine your upsell pages. Test different versions of your upsell offers to see what works best. This could involve experimenting with various product combinations, pricing, or page designs. Use the data from these tests to make continuous improvements, ensuring your upsell strategy is as effective as possible in boosting sales.

Final Thoughts

Remember the importance of focusing on your Average Order Value (AOV). It’s a crucial metric that can significantly impact your store’s profitability. To effectively manage and boost your AOV, consider using WooCommerce one click upsell offers actively.

As you saw in this guide, WPFunnels makes it easy for you to create one-click upsell offers for your WooCommerce store. So go ahead and get this tool to boost your WooCommerce revenue significantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are one-click upsells effective in increasing sales?

Yes, one-click upsells have proven to be highly effective in boosting sales by encouraging customers to make additional purchases easily after their initial transaction.

2. Do one-click upsells annoy customers?

When done tactfully and offering relevant products, one-click upsells can enhance customer experience by providing convenient options. However, too many or irrelevant upsell offers might lead to annoyance.

3. Can one-click upsell work for all types of products?

One-click upsells can be effective for a wide range of products, but their success often depends on offering relevant and complementary items that align with the initial purchase.

4. Is WPFunnels expensive?

No, WPFunnels is one of the most affordable sales funnel builders you will get out there costing as low as $9 a month (billed $97 per year).

5. How can I track the success of my WooCommerce One Click Upsell strategy?

Success can be tracked by monitoring key metrics such as upsell conversion rate, the increase in average order value, and overall revenue growth attributed to upsell purchases via WPFunnels.

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