WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Support Release

The Wait Is Over – WPFunnels + Oxygen Builder Is Here!

It has been just 3 months since the launch of WPFunnels back in November 2021. And right from the start, we received a huge number of requests to make WPFunnels compatible with Oxygen Builder.

If you are one of the many that made this request, then there’s big news for you!

The wait is finally over!
WPFunnels is now fully compatible with Oxygen Builder!

You can now design all funnel pages within WPfunnels using the Oxygen builder.

Plus, we made sure you do not need to spend hours learning how it works. You will get everything you need to start creating sales funnels in minutes.

You will be able to use

  • 5+ Conversion Optimized Funnel Templates
  • 5 Dedicated WPF Elements
  • Any Oxygen Elements When Designing Funnel Pages
  • Complete Guides To Help You Build Your Sales Funnel

Everything You Need To Build Sales Funnels Using Oxygen Builder 

When using Oxygen builder along with WPFunnels, you will be in full control of your sales funnels and the page designs.

Plus, you will get funnel templates, dedicated elements, and a super-easy UI to help you create complete sales funnels real quick.

 1. Get 4+ Conversion Optimized Funnel Templates 

You will get the option to use one of the pre-made funnel templates that we have created to start using sales funnels on the go.

These templates are optimized in design and well-structured for conversion. All you need to do is update the content in the templates, and you can build a complete sales funnel in as low as 15 minutes – no coding skills required.

Initially, you will get the following exclusive templates

eBook Sales Funnel

eBook Sales Funnel

Opt-in Funnel For Consultancy

Opt-in Funnel For Consultancy

Supplement Product Sales Funnel

Supplement Product Sales Funnel

Life Coach Service Sales Funnel

Life Coach Service Sales Funnel

Evergreen Sales Funnel Template

Evergreen Sales Funnel Template

Weight-loss Product Sales Funnel

Weight-loss Product Sales Funnel

More templates are on the way. We will be releasing at least 2 new niche-specific funnel templates every month.

You may suggest your required templates here.

 2. Use 5 Dedicated WPF Elements 

WPFunnels comes with 5 dedicated Oxygen elements that you need to make the funnel functional. This means you do not need to use any shortcodes or custom codes when designing your funnel pages.

Following are the 5 WPF Elements you will get:

  • The Next Step Button
    A CTA button on the Landing Page to take the buyer to the Checkout Page.
  • WPF Opt-in Form
    A simple form to help you collect leads on the Landing Page.
  • Checkout Form
    This is the checkout form on the checkout page which you can fully customize.
  • Order Details
    Choose what details you want to view on the Thank You page after all purchases are complete.
  • Offer Buttons
    Buttons that you can place in the Upsell or Downsell pages to allow buyers to accept or reject the offers with a single click.

Use these elements in the right place to make your sales funnel completely functional with no shortcodes or complex mapping.

3. Use Any Oxygen Elements When Designing Funnel Pages    

You may use any elements that come naturally with Oxygen builder when designing your funnel pages. There are no limitations.

Basically, you will be designing a funnel page just like you would design any ordinary page in your website using Oxygen Builder.

You will be in full control with no restrictions.

4. Guides To Help You Build Your Sales Funnel 

We want to make sure you always have help available. As a result, we have created actionable guides for you to follow when designing your funnel pages.

Anytime you get stuck, simply browse through these guides, and you will find your answers.

Plus, you can always knock our support team in case you get stuck at any point. We are always happy to help.


As you saw above, it’s now super easy for you to use WPFunnels along with Oxygen builder.

Go ahead and start using WPFunnels and create highly converting sales funnels to boost your revenue.

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