Introducing Mail Mint ZeroBounce Eliminate Invalid Contacts From Your Email Lists

Introducing Mail Mint + ZeroBounce – No More Invalid Emails!

Have you ever experienced high bounce rates in your email campaigns?

You put so much effort into collecting leads and preparing good email copies but the emails fail to deliver!

That’s frustrating, right?

Well, guess what? Today, we have an exciting new update that you will surely love!

  • Introducing ZeroBounce and Mail Mint integration!

Now, you will be able to connect ZeroBounce to Mail Mint and actively maintain a high-quality email list by removing invalid emails.

This means that your email campaigns will now result in high delivery rates, i.e., you will hit your campaigns with flying colors!

Let us look at this crucial feature more closely.

How ZeroBounce And Mail Mint Work Together To Maximize Your Email Marketing Results

As you know, Mail Mint is already quite efficient in collecting leads, running well-designed email campaigns, and setting up meaningful email automation workflows.

But when using the Mail Mint’s form to collect leads, you may often find it difficult to avoid getting spam or invalid email submissions.

In this regard, we offered two valuable features to help you maintain a quality email list:

  • Double Opt-in Verification

While these are quite effective when collecting leads, what if you already have a large email list but are unsure if all of them are valid? Or, what if you don’t even want people to be able to submit invalid emails in your opt-in forms?

Well, this integration will ensure you don’t have to worry about such cases anymore.

1. Validate & Cleanse Your Existing Email Lists In Just A Few Clicks

When you connect ZeroBounce to Mail Mint, you will get the option to validate your existing contact list in Mail Mint with just 4 simple steps!

  • Step 1 – Connect ZeroBounce API to Mail Mint
  • Step 2 – Click On The Button “Validate Emails” To Initiate The Process
  • Step 3 – Get A Separate List Of All Invalid Emails In Your Contact Lists
  • Step 4 – Remove All Invalid Emails Easily
Permission to validate existing contacts

And that’s it. You will not have a contact list without any unacceptable emails.

So the next campaign you send to these leads, you can expect a high delivery rate (and a low bounce rate).

2. Instant Email Validation When Importing Contacts

Whenever you attempt to add contacts to your Mail Mint lists, ZeroBounce will instantly validate the contacts and ensure any invalid email is not added to your lists.

Instant Email Validation With ZeroBounce & Mail Mint

So, whether you are migrating to Mail Mint from some other tool, or have purchased leads for email marketing, you can easily ensure only valid emails are being added.

3. No More Invalid Email Opt-ins On Mail Mint Forms

Suppose you are using Mail Mint’s form to collect leads while offering a free eBook. You will notice that many will subscribe to your list with incorrect emails just to get their hands on your free resource.

But, if you have ZeroBounce connected to Mail Mint, then your form will only accept valid emails (i.e., the form won’t submit with invalid emails).

Mail Mint Form Submission Email Validation With ZeroBounce

This will increase your chances of collecting leads that are more potential and likely to respond to your email marketing efforts moving forward.

How To Start Using ZeroBounce With Mail Mint?

First, you will need to create an account for ZeroBounce.

Then, follow this guide step-by-step to get started.

Start Getting More Results With Your Email Campaigns Now!

As you saw, using ZeroBounce with Mail Mint will not only help you cleanse your existing leads but also help you maximize your lead generation efforts by ensuring only valid emails are collected.

It’s quite simple

  • Use Mail Mint to collect leads and run successful email campaigns.
  • Add ZeroBounce to your arsenal to ensure high-quality email lists.
  • Start getting more results from your email marketing efforts.

But guess what? This is only a start. Many more great features are lined up that you don’t want to miss out on.

So, if you haven’t already, start using Mail Mint.

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