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Introducing Checkoutify Addon: Your All-in-One WooCommerce Checkout Customizer For Funnels

Ever felt tired by the complexities of your current checkout process?

We get it – the struggle is real. But don’t worry, because we’ve got just the thing to turn this situation in your favor.

Introducing the newest Checkout customizer for WPFunnels – Checkoutify Addon!

In this article, we’ll address the common concerns surrounding checkout hassles and introduce you to an easy and handy solution that’s going to transform your checkout experience.

So, let’s look at this newest addition to WPFunnels and what it offers,

What is Checkout Customizer

Alright, let’s break it down. If you have an online store you need to know a bunch of information about your customers before they purchase from you.

A Checkout Customizer lets you pick, choose, and customize the fields and how you want your online checkout to look and feel.

It gives you the power to decide which steps you want in your checkout, what info you want to show, and even how you want the progress to look.

For example, if you’re selling subscriptions of a product or a service online, you usually won’t need the fields like shipping address or zip codes. However, you might want to add different fields that you need for your service or organization. And you want to customize the entire checkout for your brand style.

That’s where our advanced checkout customizer comes in handy.

Instead of sticking with the default checkout that everyone uses, you get to make it your own. You are being able to add a personal touch to your online shopping experience.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech expert to do it.

Our new checkout customizer for funnels is all about making things simple and easy just for you.

1. Multi Step Checkout

The first special feature we’re offering is the multi-step checkout. Now you can forget about the overwhelming clutter of a single-page checkout. From now on, you can focus on creating a clean and organized multi step checkout.

Each step is purposefully designed to guide your customers through the purchase journey, enhancing their experience and reducing friction.

Then there’s a visually appealing progress bar indicator for multi step checkouts which by the way is customizable as well!

Multi-Step-Checkout in WPFunnels Checkout Customizer

2. Well-Organized Checkout Fields

Remove unnecessary fields with Checkoutify’s easy customization. Organize the steps according to your business needs and keep the important ones first.

Ensure that your customers only encounter the essential information required for a swift and smooth checkout process.

As they advance through each step, the progress bar will provide a clear visualization of their checkout journey.

3. Rearrange Steps, Move Sections: Customize the Journey

Create a customized buying experience by changing the order of steps and moving sections around to fit how you do business. Checkoutify gives you the flexibility to shape the customer journey based on what works best for you.

This way, each checkout becomes special and just right for your customers.

Rearrange WooCommerce Checkout Steps

4. Multiple Payment Gateway Support

Checkoutify supports multiple payment gateways, giving your customers the freedom to choose their preferred method. Whether it’s credit cards, digital wallets, or other payment options, it adapts to your customer’s preferences.

Whichever payment method you have enabled on your website, will appear on your user’s checkout automatically.

5. Custom Checkout Fields

With Custom Checkout Fields, you can engage with your customers on a deeper level. Request personalized information that aligns with your business model.

Adapt the checkout process to understand your customers and ask questions that cater to the unique needs of your business.

This adaptability ensures a more thorough order processing system which you can later use to make your follow-up communications more personalized.


6. Independent Order Bump: Boost Sales Strategically

Increase your average order value with the independent order bump feature. Strategically placed within the checkout process.

Encourage additional purchases, providing an opportunity to maximize sales without intruding on the customer experience ultimately increasing average order value.

image 1

7. Guest Checkout Friendly: Simplicity for First-Time Shoppers

Make a lasting impression on first-time shoppers by enabling guest checkouts with a simplified process.

It allows customers to complete their purchases without the need for a lengthy account creation process. It’s all about making that first interaction memorable and hassle-free.

Why Checkoutify is Perfect for WPFunnels Users

Now, let’s explore how Checkoutify benefits you as a WPFunnels user:

Customization Without Builder Dependency

Unlike other checkout customizers, Checkoutify eliminates the need for a builder. You can effortlessly customize fields without the complexities of additional design tools. It’s simplicity at its finest, putting the power of customization directly in your hands.

Adapt Checkoutify to Your Existing Funnels

Upgrade your existing funnels effortlessly. Replace the built-in checkout with Checkoutify and create a default checkout that seamlessly fits every type of funnel you currently have or plan to create in the future. It’s about adaptability and ease of integration.

Set as Default WooCommerce Checkout: Effortless Integration

Integrate Checkoutify into your existing funnels with just one click.

Replace the built-in checkout effortlessly or set Checkoutify as the default for every type of funnel you create. Adapt the Checkout customizer to your unique business needs without any hassle.

How Can WPFunnels Users Use The Checkout Customizer?

If you already have WPFunnels Pro, then you’ll find the addon in your useraccount. Just follow these steps.

→ Go to your useraccount.

→ Download the Checkoutify – Checkout Customizer Addon.

→ You’ll get the license key along with the addon.

→ Simply install and activate the addon on your WordPress Dashboard.

→ Start customizing your checkout however you want. Add it to your existing funnels and replace your current WooCommerce checkout.


So, if you’re tired of a complicated checkout, Checkoutify is here to make it easy.

This WPFunnels addon offers a personalized checkout experience – from organized steps and guest-friendly options to various payment methods. Standout with Custom Checkout Fields for tailored info.

You won’t even need any specific builder support. Just click to integrate into your funnels. Checkoutify – Checkout Customizer isn’t just an addon. it’s a game-changer for a hassle-free and personalized checkout.

Fatema Tuz Zohra Nabila

Nabila is a product marketing manager at WPFunnels. She is a vivid storyteller and loves guiding people on email marketing & sales funnel tactics. Follow her on Twitter @nabila_zohra98

Fatema Tuz Zohra Nabila

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