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Best Checkout Page Layout to Increase Conversions

Best Checkout Page Layout to Increase Conversions [2024]

One of the most crucial points in the customer journey in your online store is the checkout page.

Even after a customer takes time to choose products in your store, he/she may end up not completing the purchase if you do not have an optimized checkout page layout.

As per a report by Baymard more than 60% of customers abandon their shopping carts while on the checkout page.

The problem with traditional checkout is that there are too many fields and details visible at the same time. This can often distract the buyer, or the buyer may feel it will take too long to complete.

And one of the best ways to tackle this issue is to optimize your checkout page design in a way so that your buyers do not consider leaving due to lack of time and can complete the checkout without any distractions.

In this article, we will look at some of the best checkout page layouts that can help you increase conversion and reduce abandoned carts whether it is in your regular WooCommerce store or in your sales funnels.

So let’s begin.

3 Proven Checkout Page Layouts to Increase Conversions

Depending on your business, you may need various types of details from your buyers. But if your prospects see that there are a lot of data to provide, they often think of leaving it for another day.

However, if you have a smart checkout page layout, you can make the same buyers feel comfortable going through the process without any second thoughts.

Following are 3 such layouts that you can incorporate into your checkout page design and get significant results.

1. Express Checkout Page Layout

The Express Checkout Page Layout is a unique checkout form that focuses on keeping the customer in track of what he/she is purchasing.

In this layout, the form is split into 2 columns –

  • The first column includes a multistep form to collect data.
  • The second column simply displays the order details (summary).
Express Checkout Page layout

The order summary on the right ensures the buyer is satisfied with what he is purchasing all the way through the checkout process.

But that’s not all. The multi-step form on the left helps to create a distraction-free experience for the buyer. It’s divided into 3 sections:

  • Basic details
  • Billing/Shipping information
  • Payment Process

So the buyer is not overwhelmed with too many things at the same time. He/she can focus on filling out each set of details at a time before moving to the next.

This keeps the buyer calm and he may not think about the time he requires to fill out the form.

Use WPFunnels to craft meaningful WooCommerce funnels and use this layout at the funnel checkout page to convert more buyers.

You may also try using the Woostify theme, which comes with the express checkout layout to help you replace your traditional WooCommerce checkout.

2. Multi-Step Checkout

The multi-step checkout is the next best thing to the express checkout layout.

In this case, the whole checkout is divided into 3 steps –

  • Billing Details
  • Shipping Details
  • Order Details & Payment
Multi-step checkout page design

This layout splits the checkout process into organized multiple steps so that the buyer can input the correct information for the right purpose.

In this case, you can exclude any fields you do not require and keep each step as simple as possible.

And overall, this layout is a completely distraction-free process where the buyer will only be looking at fields relevant to the purpose of the data.

3. Popup Cart & Checkout

Popups are quite annoying at times when it’s related to marketing. However, when using pop-up for checkout, it’s quite a different scenario.

A popup checkout is a unique way to let buyers complete their purchases real quick.

The idea is, that when someone will want to view the cart, it will appear as a floating popup. On this modal, the buyer can click on the checkout button to go ahead and input data to make the payment right then and there, while on the popup. A WordPress Popup plugin may help you with that.

Popup Checkout

The best thing about this approach is that you are not taking your buyer to another page for cart or checkout. It’s an instant pay-to-purchase approach that works really well for products that do not need too many details from the buyer.

This frictionless checkout process is especially useful when selling tickets, collecting donations, or downloadable products.

The Instantio plugin is a great choice to set up popup checkout in your WooCommerce store.

Bonus Tips:

  • Customize your WooCommerce checkout pages based on your business needs. Make sure to edit your WooCommerce checkout fields and only keep the ones that you absolutely need. There is no need to collect data that will not be helpful. For example, you do not need the address fields for virtual products.
  • Always exclude your checkout page from caching plugins, whether it’s your traditional checkout page or the checkout page of your sales funnel. This will help to avoid unwanted issues related to the buyers’ session.
  • Do not include too much extra content around your checkout form. For example, no Ad banners, or product suggestions should be visible while the checkout form is on. This can be distracting for the buyer.
  • If you do want to make an offer during checkout, include order bumps that are directly embedded into your checkout form. This will help you increase the order value, while not creating too much of a distraction.
  • Use abandoned cart recovery campaigns to bring back lost customers that left without completing the order. You may use Cart Lift, which is a simple but useful plugin to track and reach abandoned customers via email.

Final Thoughts

Improving your checkout page is very important in the long run to maximize your revenue. It’s not just effective in your regular online store, but also very effective in your sales funnels.

Among the 3 checkout page layouts mentioned here, Express checkout and Multi-step checkout are two of the most effective layouts for sales funnels.

In WordPress, you may use WPFunnels to easily create sales funnels and use these layouts during the funnel checkout process to maximize your sales.

And all of these layouts can be very effective when used in your WooCommerce store.

So go ahead and improve your checkout page and get more conversions.

Let us know in the comments if you have successfully used any of these layouts before, or share with us any other checkout page layouts that have worked well for you in the past.


Sakiba Prima

Sakiba Prima, the Content Editor at WPFunnels is passionate about making WordPress work wonders for your business. With a flair for simple yet effective sales & marketing tactics and handy tooltips, she turns complex ideas into easy reads.

Sakiba Prima

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