How To Create a Landing Page Using Gutenkit Block Editor For Funnels

How To Create A Landing Page Using Gutenkit Block Editor For Your Funnel [2024]

Have you ever wondered why some landing pages make you want to click that ‘Buy Now‘ or ‘Sign Up‘ button? It’s all in the design and setup.

Everyone loves a good-looking landing page. Everything on your landing page, including copy, visuals, and color contrast, affects your funnel conversion rate. So, creating a landing page requires extra attention to detail for a successful funnel.

So, If you’re ready to transform how you attract and engage visitors, this guide is for you.

Using Gutenkit, a user-friendly WordPress block editor, I’ll show you how to create a landing page for your funnel that not only looks good but converts.

Let’s get started. 

Elements and Key Features of a Landing Page

In simple words, a landing page is where visitors land by clicking an email, search engine result pages, or social media advertisement. And, you motivate visitors to take a specific action, such as buying something, becoming a subscriber to a newsletter, registering for a campaign & new product trial, or downloading resources like PDFs or templates.

This is why the landing page is also known as a standalone web page with a unified goal, for instance, a lead generation or click-through landing page. The design of a landing page needs to be distraction-free and minimalistic. 

Let’s see the essential components of a landing page:

  • Headline: The headline is a key element of the hero section to attract your visitors and draw them to the rest of the content on the landing page.
  • Subheading: A short description of your service or product that tells your USP (Unique Selling Point).
  • Benefits & Features: A compelling features & benefits-driven content section focusing on the value they want from your product or service. 
  • Visuals: Add some fine-quality images and videos to convey your message more intuitively and effectively.
  • Social Proof/ Customer Review: Nothing converts better than positive reviews. Show your existing clients and customer reviews to build trust and credibility among visitors.
  • CTA Button: The same strong and clear call to action (CTA) button should be repeated throughout the landing page.
  • Form: If your goal is to collect leads, you must include a well-designed contact form on your landing page.
  • FAQs: Your audience may have confusion and doubt. An FAQ section can help you answer some common questions from your visitors.

What Is Funnel Building?

Funnel building is the strategic approach to mapping your potential customer’s journey from initial awareness of your product to final purchase decision.  Different industries utilize various types of funnels, but the most common are sales funnels and lead funnels. 

Lead funnels help gather potential customer information and set them up for the next stage of the buying process with targeted marketing efforts. Whereas, the sales funnel aims to focus on converting customers into buying prospects.

Today, however, we want to focus on one crucial element that is vital for any type of funnel: the landing page. 

A landing page is the first place where your visitors come to know your business. Users land on your landing page through various channels. Most importantly, this is a crucial moment as it offers the prime opportunity to impress your customers.

Therefore, it should showcase the best of what you have to offer to your target customers. You need compelling copies and an intuitive design for your landing page. And, here’s the need for an easy-to-use funnel landing page builder.

For a WordPress user, there are different theme and plugin options. But, the easiest way will be using the block editor to create a lightweight and effective landing page. Then, use a block editor plugin like GutenKit on your WordPress website, it will help you to extend the default block editor functionality without disrupting loading time. 

You will get access to various customizing options blocks, modules, and premade layouts to ease your journey. Let’s see how to build a landing page with Gutenberg.

How To Create a Landing Page For Funnel Using Gutenkit Block Editor

GutenKit is one of the best FSE (Full Site Editor) compatible block editor plugin solutions in the market and empowers your Gutenberg website with cutting-edge page builder features & functionalities. It offers 50+ blocks & 16+ modules with 500+ readymade designs.

This block plugin is made by Wpmet which has been serving millions of WordPress users with effective plugins for years. It is equipped with blocks, modules, pre-made layouts, templates, and so on — letting you enrich all the aspects of your website from a single platform.

Regardless of the type of funnel landing page you want to create, GutenKit is an excellent choice for creating any type of funnel that boosts conversion.

Now before that, we want to give a quick tour of WordPress Block Editor and GutenKit.

Easily Customize Your Landing Page

Having a simple and straightforward UI is one of the key requirements of a good plugin. We have found no difficulty in getting familiar with the default block editor user interface and GutenKit. You can simply control all GutenKit blocks and modules with just one toggle button. 

Its block settings are native to the block editor, it’s the same as other plugins. However, GutenKit does slightly better with other feature settings like API integration and CSS Property Controls are easily adjustable. 

GutenKit Dashboard Settings

You’ll experience a drag-and-drop editor to create the web pages of your dreams in the easiest and fastest way. All design features like blocks and modules can be easily enabled and disabled by clicking a toggle button

In addition, the Settings area in the plugin dashboard lets you control various functions like integration, asset generation, global CSS properties, file uploading, version control, and many more. It means, GutenKit offers all configurations that are available with a modern page builder.

You can directly access the template library from the dashboard. Plus, easily import one with a few clicks and customize it to your needs. Once you drag & drop a block, it presents with a smart preview telling you exactly how to proceed with a design. 

Selecting a specific block opens its detailed content and design settings in the right sidebar of the editor dashboard, which breaks down all block controls into three tabs: Content, Style, and Advanced. Further, the responsiveness of each block can be controlled individually from the block setting area.

Creating a Landing Page Using Blocks and Templates

In this part, we’re going to show you how to build a landing page with WordPress. And, we’ve discussed using the GutenKit plugin to get more blocks, modules, templates, and other advanced functionality. 

Method 1: Using GutenKit Blocks

You can easily create and customize landing pages from scratch. For this, from your WordPress dashboard follow Pages > Add New

GutenKit Blocks

Doing so will take you to a new page, first give a page title. Then, click on the “+” icon to open the block list. You just need to drag and drop the blocks you want. 

Add GutenKit Container Block

For example, you need to design a hero section for your landing page. For this, you can use the GutenKit draggable container block. You can pick your desired layout and adjust the container’s width by simply dragging the border.

Then, you can use other native and GutenKit blocks to add text and visual content to your landing page. For instance, you can use the following GutenKit blocks for a comprehensive landing page design. 

  • Heading: Simply add an attention-grabbing heading with a subtitle, separator, and focus title.
  • Image: Add images in versatile ways with GutenKit blocks like Image Accordion, Image Comparison, Advanced Image, Image Hover Effect, Image Box, etc.
  • Video: Add self-hosted videos or insert links from YouTube & Vimeo to showcase videos in an organized and beautiful way with some beneficial functionalities like button, icon, active glow, etc.
  • Icon Box: An informative and interactive way to display your product features or service categories.
  • Stylish List: Another way to show product features or a list of items in an effortless way.
  • Testimonial: Show social or your real customer review in a credible way.
  • Pricing Table: Easily show a feature-descriptive and stunning pricing table of your product or services.
  • FAQ: Clear your visitor confusion using the GutenKit FAQ block to intuitively answer common questions. 

Also, there are other types of blocks to use for your funnel landing page, depending on your ideas and design preferences.

Method 2: Using a GutenKit Template

Using a pre-made template is particularly recommended for beginners. You only need a few clicks to set up a complete funnel landing page. Here’s a demonstration of using a GutenKit template:

Insert GutenKit Template Library

As in the previous method, add a new page. Look for the “GutenKit Templates” option in the header area and click it. 

Add New Page

You will see a new screen with a huge library of GutenKit templates. For your landing page, select the “Pages” category. 

At this stage, you will see all ready templates to use as a landing page. Choose a layout. Then, click the “Import” button and the layout will automatically load on your page.

Once a pre-made layout successfully loads into a landing page, you can completely customize it as you like. Another way of using the GutenKit templates is by using pattern templates. 

Utilize these sections to craft a distinctive landing page design for your funnel.

Add GutenKit Patterns

This template library has a big collection of section or pattern templates based on different categories like heading, timeline, image box, video, etc.. Utilize these patterns to craft a distinctive landing page design for your funnel.

Why Should You Use the GutenKit Block Editor Plugin?

In this part of the GutenKit review, we will explain the key functionalities of the GutenKit plugin to better understand what you can expect from this plugin. 

You’ll discover the range of features this Gutenberg blocks plugin offers, enhancing your Block Editor experience.

GutenKit FSE Compatibility

One of GutenKit’s key features is full-side-editor (FSE) compatibility. In recent times, WordPress has allowed its users to edit every part of their website from header to footer and body within it through Gutenberg blocks. 

GutenKit FSE Functionality

You have the opportunity to go one step further by applying your creative endeavors powered by GutenKit design elements. Following Appearance > Editor from your WordPress dashboard, you will see FSE-compatible GutenKit blocks are available for site-wide editing to design your unique website.

Optimized for Page Speed

What could be the bigger reason behind choosing Gutenberg Builder than a lightweight website? Using GutenKit would make no changes to your website speed. This plugin is developed with the smart utilization of CSS and JavaScript assets to ensure lightweight and optimized code.

GutenKit supported by Block API version 3 only loads the assets of the feature that you enable to use. Therefore, you aren’t sacrificing your website loading speed like one needs to do with a regular page builder. Hence, your website will have a higher SEO score.

50+ Design-friendly Blocks

There’s no point in using multiple plugins for different types of blocks when GutenKit alone can serve a huge collection of blocks to fulfill various design needs. It has 50+ multi-purpose Gutenberg blocks at its disposal.

For example, if you need to add a button function on your website, GutenKit comes up with three types of button blocks: Button, Dual Button, and Creative Button. Or, you can showcase multiple pricing tables to compare your product types or subscription plans.

Another beneficial aspect of GutenKit is its innovative solutions for complicated web design tasks like Nav Menu, Off-canvas, header info, advanced accordion, countdown timer, etc for the block-based website. 

One crucial thing is once you enter the Gutenberg ecosystem, you will start to expect everything like a conventional page builder. Hence, it’s more important to have a plugin with extensive support, whereas the GutenKit team is still developing this block plugin to enrich its list of blocks.

Let’s check the GutenKit current block list:

GutenKit Blocks
ContainerImage BoxSocial Share 
Advanced AccordionDual ButtonBack To Top
ButtonSocial IconsBusiness Hours
Blog PostsImage AccordionProgress Bar
Icon BoxDrop CapCountdown Timer
VideoOff-CanvasDonut Progress Bar
Fun FactTestimonialImage Comparison
Post TabPost GridAdvanced Tab
Page ListNav MenuAdvanced paragraph
Header InfoPricing TableAdvanced Image
Google MapFancy Animated TextStylish List 
BreadcrumbTimelinePrice Menu
Image Hover EffectFlip BoxRating 
Advanced MasonryWhatsAppUnfold
Query Loop BuilderChartLottie Animation
Reading Progress BarClient LogoCreative Button

Advanced Modules

GutenKit has 16+ versatile modules that are tailored to meet your special needs. Modules like layout and position provide complete control over the position of an element on a web page.


In addition, GutenKit ships with dynamic modules like icon pack, mega menu builder, motion effects, etc. These let you apply different animations, icons, and crucial website functionalities like building a mega menu.


For example, you can grab the visitor’s attention by applying distinctive animation effects. Modules such as Glass Morphism and Motion Effects can be useful for this purpose.

Pre-made Templates & Patterns

Ready-made templates are intended to ease the beginner’s journey. And, GuetnKit does it greatly! It has a library of 500+ professionally designed templates and patterns. You can create an entire website in no time.


From your Gutenberg editor, you’ll have perfect-matched templates for every page of websites for a wide variety of industries like personal portfolio, professional business, blogging, SaaS, and so on.

Draggable Container Width

Container is an important design component as it works as the framework for your web design. You need different types of customized layouts to showcase the versatility of your website design. This is where GutenKit can help you with a draggable container feature. 

The best part is, that you can easily adjust the container width by dragging the mouse cursor. Further, within this GutenKit editor you have controls of other layout settings like background, width, height, alignment, and setting up the gap between multiple containers, etc. Creating an enhanced layout helps to show the depth in your landing page design sense.

Complete Design Controls

When creating your complex design ideas on your Gutenberg website, you must have complete control over each design element. With this in mind, GutenKit Block Editor stands out as a true visual builder interface with everything at your fingertips to deliver a distraction-free landing page design experience.

You aren’t bound to basic design affairs like aligning text, styling typography, controlling image dimensions, etc. You can even go further and enjoy great expansions of your design works by adjusting padding & margin, applying hover & motion effects, and many more.

Icon Font Library


GutenKit is available with a huge library of symbols or small pictures to use as an alternative to letters and numbers. You can choose your icon from a built-in library of 900+ inline SVG icons. Also, you can insert your own SVG icon files. The icon size can be adjusted to your preferred size. Using these fonts won’t slow your website speed as they load like web fonts.

Device-Responsive Website Designs

GutenKit excels in the flexibility of responsive design. You can decide whether to display a design on a mobile device or not. You can enable or disable the visibility of a GutenKit block depending on a device type desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Block API Version 3 Support

All the GutenKit elements are supported with the Block API version 3. So, when you’re building up your website with this block editor plugin, the block editor will function within the iframe to enhance your website-building experience.

Any Drawbacks of GutenKit?

GutenKit has some downsides too. At first, new users may require a little time to cope with the block editor interface. And, you won’t be able to use some old combination of shortcuts as it isn’t consistent with the default block editor. 

GutenKit is a new plugin in the market. It lacks a few key features like a video gallery and popup, but these are under development as per the roadmap.

Create A High-Converting Funnel Using WPFunnels

Once you get your landing page set up with the Gutenkit editor, you can easily build a complete sales or lead generation funnel with WPFunnels. This tool is designed to simplify the creation of an effective funnel that captures and converts your audience.

Here’s how you can get started:

i. Pick Your Funnel Type:

You can choose the type of funnel that fits your needs. If your goal is to increase sales, a sales funnel will be suitable. If you’re looking to gather contact information, then a lead funnel is the way to go.

Choosing the funnel type

ii. Add Steps to Your Funnel:

You can create a 2-step lead funnel or multiple-step sales funnel.

For Lead Funnels: This type of funnel is typically more straightforward, primarily focusing on capturing emails or other contact details through signup forms.

2 Step - LeadGen Funnel

For Sales Funnels: You can add multiple steps such as upsell offers, downsell offers, and a checkout page to maximize opportunities throughout the buyer’s journey.

Multiple Steps- Sales Funnel

iii. Choose a Template or Start From Scratch:

WPFunnels offers prebuilt templates for both sales and lead funnels to help you get started quickly. If you want something more customized, you can also start from scratch and tailor each element to match your specific requirements.

Pre-built Templates or Start from Scratch

By using WPFunnels with your newly created landing page, you enhance its functionality, turning it into a powerful tool designed to meet your specific conversion goals. Whether you’re aiming to drive more sales or expand your mailing list, WPFunnels provides the necessary features to adapt the funnel to your needs.

Final Thoughts

Using the WordPress block editor is one of the most convenient ways of creating a funnel landing page. Plus, it helps to keep your website bloat-free. And, to empower the native block editor, you just need to take the support of a plugin. 

For beginners, GutenKit is the perfect answer to “Can I create a landing page with WordPress?” GutenKit ready-made template can be beneficial for creating the first landing page of a funnel campaign. And, the most important thing is that you need to keep it clean and simple. 

We hope this article helps you learn how to create a high-converting funnel landing page using one of the finest Gutenberg block editor. 

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