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Sales Funnels In South Africa Made Easy – PayFast + WPFunnels Is Here

If you run an online business in South Africa, then there is great news for you.

WPFunnels is now fully compatible with PayFast!

This means you will not only be able to use order bumps during checkout, but you will also be able to run one-click upsell offers after checkout easily while accepting payments via PayFast.

How WPFunnels + PayFast Can Boost Your Sales In South Africa

As a businessman in South Africa, you probably have seen cases where your buyers want to pay with a local payment service, and not many have access to international payment options such as Paypal or Stripe.

Now, this is not much of a barrier when it comes to running a normal WooCommerce store.

But what if you want to use sales funnels in South Africa? What if you want to use one-click upsell offers after checkout for your local buyers?

FYI, upsells can increase your revenue by 10-30%!

And post-purchase offers, that buyers can accept with just a click, have proven to be one of the best tactics to increase your online sales!

Now, in South Africa, the only option you had until today was to go for a super expensive SAAS sales funnel tool. But spending $500+ a month just to run local sales funnels isn’t quite feasible.

Plus, the existing solutions within WordPress to make order bump offers or post-purchase offers for your WooCommerce store are pretty complicated and time-consuming to use.

But not anymore.

You can now use WPFunnels, which is the easiest sales funnel builder for WordPress & WooCommerce right now.

Plus, it is one of the most affordable WordPress plugins to create highly converting sales funnels for your online business.

Smart Ways To Use WPFunnels For Your Online Store In South Africa

As you can see, WPFunnels, along with PayFast, is a great option for you to start creating sales funnels locally. Here are some ideas you can incorporate immediately.

1. Create Meaningful Sales Funnel Flows For Best Selling Products

WPFunnels lets you create individual sales funnels for specific products. So, one proven tactic is to run a unique sales funnel for your best-selling product.

From your WooCommerce Marketing Analytics, you can easily identify which product is selling more.

You can then plan a tactical funnel flow that includes order bump offers and one click upsells & downsells offers to increase the order value.

For example, let’s say you sell different types of curtains, and a certain design is selling more.

So you can devise a funnel where you create a landing page to promote your best-selling curtain.

Then prepare the next step as the checkout page, where you can make an order bump offer to buy 6 curtains at a 10% discount.

Once the checkout is processed, you can immediately make a one-click upsell offer to buy 18 curtains sets of the same design at a 20% discount.

And end with a Thank You page.

You can then share the landing page on your social media and even run Ads to promote it to attract more buyers.

What this will do is it will increase the sales of your best-selling product even more, and you will be able to use the sales funnel to get larger revenue from every buyer.

2. Create Smart Sales Funnels Based On Cart Total

You probably have heard of target-based discounts. This is something similar, except this will take your buyers into a specialized sales funnel.

Here’s an example of how it works. Let’s say you sell clothes online.

Set up a condition so that if a buyer has products worth over 100 Rand, he will enter the funnel.

Then, once the checkout is processed, make a one-click upsell offer with another product from the same category as one of the products in his/her cart.

So, let’s say he has a T-shirt and a pair of Jeans in his cart. Then you can make a one-click upsell offer with another stylish T-shirt.

This will be a quick sales funnel that will give you a chance to have the buyer purchase another t-shirt without any extra acquisition cost.

You can easily create such a funnel using WPFunnels, and its Global Funnels Addon.

3. Make Quantity Based Offers To Trigger More Sales

You can also set up a quantity target for your buyers to claim a discount using WPFunnels.

Let’s say you set up a condition where a buyer will enter the funnel if any of his products in the cart has a quantity of 3 or more.

Then, after checkout, you can make a one click upsell offer to make the buyer purchase 3 more to get a 10% discount.

So, if the buyer had 4 t-shirts in the cart, you will be requesting him to buy 3 more to get a 10% overall discount.

This is another ingenious way to attract buyers to purchase more of the same product.

You can even keep a banner on your home page, promoting that you offer a quantity-based discount, to get better results.

You can also use smart order bump offers in your WooCommerce store to increase your revenue.

Final Thoughts

Today, sales funnels are the best way to convert more. And if you run an online store in South Africa, then it’s high time you start using sales funnels to get more local sales.

Start using WPFunnels along with PayFast and build high converting sales funnels for your WooCommerce store now.

CS Sultan

A professional in digital marketing, with a passion for Sales Funnels. Highly motivated and skilled in marketing and loves writing about advanced marketing tactics and eCommerce sales tactics.

CS Sultan

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