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ZeroBounce Integration With Mail Mint For Email Validation

ZeroBounce is one of the best email validation tools to ensure you have an accurate email list with a high deliverability rate.

You can easily connect ZeroBounce with Mail Mint and start using its powerful validation service to improve and maintain the quality of your leads.

Follow the steps below to connect ZeroBounce.

Make sure you have the latest versions of Mail Mint and Mail Mint Pro and an account in Zerobounce.

1. Go to Mail Mint > Integrations.

Here, you should find the option to connect to ZeroBounce.

Zerobounce integration

2. Click on Connect.

It will ask for the following details:

  • Email Address that connects to your Zerobounce account.
  • API Key from Zerobounce.
  • A list to separate invalid emails.
Connect With Zerobounce

3. Go to your Zerobounce account dashboard and go to the API tab.

Here, either create a new API key or you may choose to use the default API key provided.

Zerobounce API Key

View and copy the API key you wish to use.

4. Go back to Mail Mint and input your Zerobounce account email and the API key.

Input API key for Zerobounce

5. Now, create a list where you want to separate invalid emails.

Assign a list to separate invalid emails

6. Then click on connect.

After it’s connected, you will notice, you will get 2 new buttons – Validate Emails and Disconnect.

Option to Validate Emails

7. Click on Validate Emails.

It will ask for your permission to scan through your existing email list and identify invalid emails.

Permission to validate existing contacts

Click on “Yes” and the process will go through.

8. Go to Contacts and filter by the list you just created.

Invalid Contacts

These are all invalid emails on your existing list and you can delete them from here if you want to.

Other Areas Where Zerobounce Integration Takes Effect

While you can validate you’re existing list, Zerobounce will also validate email when

  • Adding contacts.
  • Uploading contact via CSV.
  • Importing contacts.
  • Form submissions.

In these cases, if Zerobounce is connected, the emials will be automatically validated and excluded, skipped, or blocked from being added to your list.

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