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7 Effective Squeeze Page Examples to Collect Leads in 2024

Generating high-quality leads is crucial if you want to grow your business fast, especially if you offer some sort of high-ticket product or service. And one of the crucial elements of any lead generation funnel is the landing page.

Without a well-planned landing page, your campaign may not deliver a satisfactory outcome, even if you offer the best lead magnet. In fact, you may lose several ideal prospects from opting in.

So, what is the best way to ensure you convert as many visitors into leads as possible?

The answer is a Squeeze Page.

A squeeze page is an alternative to a landing page where you offer a lead magnet in exchange for the names & email addresses of the prospects.

The copy and the design of a squeeze page are specially crafted to convince visitors of two things:

  • What you are offering as the lead magnet is valuable, and
  • They should try to get their hands on it immediately.

So you get qualified leads while your prospects get a valuable resource from you.

Today, we will look at 5 well-planned squeeze page examples that can be replicated easily to generate potential leads effectively.

After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of how each of these squeeze pages work, and later, use the one that best suits you to grow your lead list.

So let’s begin.

What Is A Squeeze Page And & Why it works?

A squeeze page is like a digital fishing hook. It’s designed to catch a visitor’s interest and reel them in by offering something valuable that is free and easily attainable. They only have to give their names and emails to get it.

Here’s the specialty of a squeeze page – your only goal with this page is to collect leads.

The copy, images, and page design of a squeeze page are all aimed toward making the prospect accept that your lead magnet is something they must have. Hence, they take the bait and provide their information.

Your squeeze page copy will be all about the benefits, use cases, and testimonials related to the free resource you are offering.

For example, let’s say you are offering a free “Beginners SEO Course” as the lead magnet on your squeeze page. On this page, you will only talk about the free course, how it will help the prospect, and why it’s a resource they must claim now. No distractions about your other services or your core business; just pure focus on the free course.

Many people will tell you only to use ebooks or maybe a course as a lead magnet for the best outcome. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter what type of resource you offer.

The key to the success of a squeeze page is the copy and the usefulness of your lead magnet. You must be able to convey the true value of your free resource. And the lead magnet must be a solution to a certain pain point of your target audience that is not easy to find or available for free elsewhere.

If you have these two things right, your squeeze page is bound to generate tons of leads.

Squeeze Page vs Landing page

Traditional landing pages are like detailed brochures for your product or service. You’re not just giving away free stuff – you’re trying to convince folks to make some sort of commitment or spend money on your product/service.

Simply put, lead generation is probably not the main goal of a landing page any day.

Let us look at a few key differences between a squeeze page and a traditional landing page.

CriteriaSqueeze PageTraditional Landing Page
Main Goal & ObjectiveCapture potential leads to be able to run targeted email campaigns.Convert prospects into paying customers or convincing potential buyers to make a buying decision.
Sole PurposeLead generationProduct/service promotion & conversion
Copy FocusFocused on lead magnet.Focused on product/service.
Action TriggerBenefits of the lead magnet.Features, use cases, and testimonials.
Design FocusMinimalistic and focused on the lead magnet.Well-designed with the visual representation of the product or service output.
Expected Action From VisitorsProvide name & email address.Take a purchase decision or make a commitment
Make decisions & click on the CTA buttonsDeliver results for all future promotions (with a reliable mailing list).Instant revenue generation.
Squeeze Page vs Landing Page

When Should You Use a Squeeze Page?

Reading the section title, you are probably thinking, “Easy. You’ve said that already. I should use it when I want to generate leads.”

But that’s not all it does..

Yes, a squeeze page is great for collecting leads. But you do not use it for any generic lead generation campaigns.

A squeeze page should only be used when you want to run a targeted lead generation campaign.

This means you should use one when you want to collect leads from a specific type or group of prospects.

Imagine you run a marketing agency, and you’re looking for e-commerce startups who may take your services in the near future. In this case, you may create a squeeze page funnel where you offer a valuable resource such as “The SEO Handbook for e-commerce startups.” This lead magnet is sure to attract any new e-commerce business owners.

Here, your targeted audience is “Startup e-commerce business owners.” And your squeeze page will be crafted to “sell” your free handbook to your prospects. Then when you drive traffic to this page, your conversions will be the leads you get.

When we launched our Mailmint plugin, we also used a squeeze page to collect leads.

real life squeeze page example
Mailmint Pre-Launch Squeeze Page

In our case, our target audience was marketing agencies, funnel specialists, and WPFunnels users.
And the lead magnet was an exclusive higher discount for the first 200 people from the waiting list who were to purchase Mail Mint.

It helped us get over 700 people into the list in a matter of 2 weeks. And we sold out our 200 licenses within 1hr since the launch.

Now, in the next section, we will look at a few squeeze page examples that can use to generate targeted leads to.

7 Squeeze Page Examples To Collect Leads Effectively

Following are 7 squeeze page examples that you may consider taking ideas for in terms lead magnet and the copy format..

1. The “Free Resource” Squeeze Page

Let’s start with a simple and effective squeeze page example called the Free Resource Squeeze Page. This page is all about giving your visitors something awesome for free in exchange for their contact info.

Think of it as a virtual giveaway, where you’re offering a valuable resource to your visitors who are willing to claim it..

Example of Free Resource Squeeze Page
The “Free Resource” squeeze page example
Image source: tinuiti’s free guide on email marketing

The main message of this type of squeeze page should be that the prospect should not miss the chance to get their hands on this free resource because it will offer important benefits and solve crucial pain points.

This page must include the following:

  1. A useful and value-added resource for free.
  2. Clear headline on what’s in store.
  3. Benefits of getting & using your freebie
  4. Topics covered or pain points it will solve
  5. Opt-in form with minimal information required.
  6. CTA with excitement

Do not over-complicate the design or the registration process. Simply be straightforward with your message and get your leads.

2. Webinar Registration Squeeze Page

Webinars always work when it comes to nurturing leads or selling high-ticket services.

A squeeze page can be a great way to land more registrations on your free webinars.

Groove Webinar registration - Squeeze Page examples
Webinar registration squeeze page example
Source: Instapage

A webinar registration squeeze page should be aimed at explaining who should join this session what core topics will be covered in the webinar.

So in the copy, you should either cover the end benefits people will get or the pain points they will get solutions to by joining your webinar.

This page must include the following:

  1. A webinar topic that will help your target audience.
  2. Time & duration of the planned webinar
  3. Benefit-rich headline that highlights a desirable outcome.
  4. Who should attend and why.
  5. Main points of discussion in the webinar.
  6. Benefits or pain points resolution you will discuss.
  7. Who is hosting the webinar and proof of expertise (if hosted by an individual)
  8. Opt-in form with one or two additional information.
  9. CTA to not miss this at any cost.

Try to make this page as short as possible and keep the visitors focused on the webinar topic. But still make sure to add the little details such as the time, duration, people hosting, and triggering CTAs.

In the opt-in form, try to collect a few additional information such as in the example above, you can see Groove is collecting the Company name and website address. These information will help in personalizing email campaigns after the webinar.

**You may also consider adding an introductory video in the 1st section of your page to invite people in. This will allow you to connect more deeply with your target audience and be as persuasive as you want to be.

3. The “Resource Preview” Squeeze Page

If you are offering a collection of useful resources as value, often giving people a glimpse of what is in store helps to hook them into opting in. Unlike the regular “Free Resource” squeeze page, here, you are actually showing some parts of the content you are giving away.

For example, if your content is a list of ChatGPT prompts to write email marketing content, then add a few examples of the Prompts you have in the free resource into your landing page, along with the outcomes. This will help people see exactly what you are offering and it’s true value.

In this squeeze page example, you may think of offering templates, documents, or even an infographic as your lead magnet.

This page must include the following:

  1. A collection of useful resources
  2. Benefit-rich headline that highlights a desirable outcome.
  3. What pain points it will solve.
  4. A slider section to give a preview of some of the resources
  5. Expected end results by using your resources
  6. Stats & proof of it’s real use and successful outcomes
  7. FAQs to answer technicalities related to ease of use and implementation
  8. Opt-in form with minimal information required.
  9. CTA to grab these resources to achieve the desirable outcome.

This squeeze page will be slightly longer than most other ones, and the copy has to be very persuasive. But it will help to get leads quite well.

4. The Engaging Video Squeeze Page

This is one of the best squeeze page examples where you use a persuasive video to convince people to sign up or request more information.

So, the idea is to use a video in the 1st section of the page beside a small copy and an opt-in form.

One of the best squeeze page examples using a video
Engaging Video Squeeze Page Example
Source: RoastMyLandingPage’s example of ImpactPlus

Here, your video will do the main promotional, while you will use minimal text-content to support it.

This page must include the following:

  1. A value or service you want to highlight.
  2. Engaging video to persuade opting in.
  3. Persuasive headline with benefit, desired outcome, or emotional reason.
  4. Some additional benefits of opting in.
  5. Opt-in form with minimal information required.
  6. CTA to sign up for a desired outcome
  7. Testimonials
  8. FAQs to answer questions of concern and process of collaboration
  9. A final CTA to opt-in for a desired value.

This may be used for many different purposes. You may want the person to join a community, request information, request an appointment, or simply opt-in to get notified of a future event.

Your copy should be highly persuasive and include a lot of emotional triggers and benefit focused CTAs. The size of this page could vary depending on what you are highlighting.

5. The Sneak Peek Squeeze Page

This squeeze page aims at giving a glimpse of what’s in store, but not literally. Rather, you give a short sneak peek, just enough to create excitement, but not so much as to get a complete walkthrough.

You will also be using a video in this page, but the context would be a bit different. The video will either be an animated explainer video or a promotional video where you will give shorts glimpse of what you are willing to offer to your prospects after signing up.

The sneak peeks you give should be glimpses of the best features of your product or service (or resource) you will offer and ask the people to register to be notified on when the offer is live.

This page must include the following:

  1. A sneak peek video of what you will offer later.
  2. Clear headline of a desired outcome using what you will offer
  3. Indicate who will be able to use it.
  4. What pain points your future product will solve.
  5. Opt-in form with minimal information required.

This is a type of squeeze page is commonly used during the early pre-launch stage of your marketing campaigns when you have new and upcoming product, service, or valuable resource.

Make sure not to add any false information for extra push as that will not help with conversion when the offer is live. People hate being lied to.

6. The Reverse Squeeze Page

The reverse squeeze page is an interesting approach where you do a bit opposite of what you naturally do with a squeeze page.

Usually you promise a valuable resource and ask for contact info upfront (as explained in the squeeze page examples above). In a reverse squeeze page, you directly offer free value without any obligation. And then allow readers to request access to more valuable resources.

Reverse Squeeze Page - Free Video
Reverse squeeze page example

Here, you gain trust before getting the information by offering value and useful knowledge upfront. This makes it easier for prospects to decide if they want more value from you or not.

In some cases, this can help land more quality leads than most other squeeze page strategies.

~ Here is a guide on how you can create a reverse squeeze page the right way.

7. The Waiting List Squeeze Page

The “waiting list” approaching has been a great way to generate leads for several businesses when it comes to new releases and exciting launches.

We’ve used it ourselves when launching both of our plugins, WPFunnels & Mail Mint.

Let’s look back at the Mail Mint squeeze page we used.

Waiting List squeeze page
“Waiting list” squeeze page example

Here, you can see we created hype and excitement before our launch to collect leads and get them warmed up.

This not only gave us leads, it also helped us estimate how well our campaign is going to turn out to be. The more people joined the list, the higher we predicted our revenue generation would be during the launch.

Plus, it also gave us some time to prepare for the launch, while the promotion has already started.

It’s a great approach to get early leads by leveraging people’s excitement with something new that’s coming up.

This page must include the following:

  1. An exciting upcoming launch
  2. Special offer or promise for people who joins the list
  3. Clear headline of the desired benefit.
  4. Direct message to promise & highlight your offer
  5. Clear CTA to join the list.
  6. Opt-in form with minimal information required.
  7. Additional sections to indicate what the upcoming launch includes.
  8. Final CTA to join the list to claim the special offer during launch.

The image above is just the 1st section of the waiting list squeeze page for Mail Mint. We then followed up with some of the core features and pain points it will solve to attract more people into signing up.

Overall, the idea is to get people more attached to what’s coming up by addressing the best aspects of your upcoming launch. If you can promise a good offer, people will surely join the waiting list.

How To Creating A Squeeze Page Funnel In WordPress

You may replicate some of the great squeeze page examples above easily in WordPress.

All you need is a reliable funnel builder to help you devise a squeeze page funnel without any hassle.

You may use the following tools:

  1. WPFunnels as your funnel builer
  2. Mail Mint as your tool to collect and convert leads.
  3. Elementor/Divi to design your squeeze page

~ Here is a detailed guide on creating a squeeze page in WordPress.

Final Thoughts

You’ve just learned about some of the best squeeze page examples out there. Now, the next course of action is to decide which approach would work best for you.

Remember, although, all approaches mentioned above seem like great squeeze page examples, not all of them will work for your business. You need to do some research and find out what type of lead magnets your target audience would be interested in. And then you may proceed with the squeeze page funnel that may resonate with your audience.

If done right, it will help you convert more visitors into leads that you would normally get with ordinary landing pages or lead forms.

So go ahead and use a squeeze page in your next lead generation campaign to start getting more quality leads.

It’s now super easy to plan and create a squeeze page in WordPress using WPFunnels. Here is a complete guide on how you can create a squeeze page funnel easily.

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