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Exciting News! You Can Now Offer Variable Products As Upsell! + More New Features

You will be excited to know that you can now offer variable products as upsell or downsell offers in your sales funnels using WPFunnels!

Plus, a few more useful features are here that you will love using.

Let’s look into the latest WPFunnels update and what’s coming next!

1. Variable Products Support For Upsell or Downsell

When selling a variable product in your WooCommerce store, it’s often a challenge to decide which variant you want to offer as upsell or downsell.

You no longer have to take that decision. Let your buyers decide which one they want and convert more.

Let me explain.

Suppose you want to sell a t-shirt as your upsell offer. Now, the size of a t-shirt is a vital factor, and it would be more sensible to allow users to choose what size they prefer when purchasing it.

That’s where this feature comes in.

You can now display your product variations on your upsell offer page!

This means your buyers will be able to select the available variations if they wish to purchase the offer without leaving any doubt in their minds.

Variable Product for upsell offer

Apart from viewing the variations, you can now dynamically display the price of the product!

Let’s say you are selling a jacket that has two material types – Leather and Denim. And let’s say the Leather jacket costs $200 whereas the Denim jacket costs $150.

In this case, depending on the buyer’s choice, the price will be updated in real-time!

Variable Product Dynamic Price

This makes selling products via sales funnels so much easier with no boundaries!

 2. Exclusive Discount on Main Funnel Product

Until now, you could only add a special discount for your offer products such as order bump, upsell, and downsell.

Now, you can also apply a special discount for the main products of your funnel right on the checkout step.

This will allow you to make better offers for your sales funnel, which will help to attract more buyers when advertised.

3. Register User As Subscriber for Opt-in

You can now turn users into subscribers using the WPF Opt-in form.

Opt-in Subscriber

This means you can set it up so that when someone submits data through the opt-in form, a user will be created as a Subscriber on your site (if the prospect is not already registered).

What’s Coming Next?

The features aren’t stopping anytime soon. We have so many amazing features lined up to be worked on next.

The immediate next features we are working on are:

  1. Integration With LearnDash Without WooCommerce
    This will be one of our major releases where you will be able to create courses using LearnDash, and then create sales funnels for your buyers using WPFunnels.

    And the best part is you will not require WooCommerce!
  1. Multiple Order Bumps
    Right now, you can only add a single order bump offer to the checkout step. But soon, you will be able to design and add multiple order bump offers right on the checkout step.
  1. Import/Export Funnels
    This is one of the highly requested features that we will work on. You will be able to create funnels on one website, export it, and then import it into another website via WPFunnels.

And many other features are planned, which include:

Final Thoughts

WPFunnels will keep on getting better and better, and very soon, it will become a tool that every business can use for sales funnels.

If you haven’t already, get WPFunnels Pro now and start creating highly-converting sales funnels to increase your revenue!

CS Sultan

A professional in digital marketing, with a passion for Sales Funnels. Highly motivated and skilled in marketing and loves writing about advanced marketing tactics and eCommerce sales tactics.

CS Sultan

Comments (8)

  • What version is this that came out?

    Can you provide training on how to do this?

    Could we also get support for different images as part of product variants?

    • Hi Paul, it just got released in WPFunnels v2.3.7 and WPFunnels Pro v 1.5.0.
      This doesn’t really need any extra effort. In the Upsell step, you can simply add a variable product as the offer product, and then when editing the page, you will see the variations selection select boxes are visible.
      You will also get the option to display the price in case prices vary with a variation.

      About dynamic images, and other customizations, we are still working on it. We plan to provide 2-3 types of widget templates for variable products.

      You always get help form our documentation or simply knock us in support and we will help you out with the plugin.

  • i already purchased but didnt start to use, since i have woofunnel licence, i belive you guys making good job but you guys have long way to achive really.

    Hope you guys succes!

    • Hi Eric, yes, we agree. Our plugin needs time to develop. It’s only been about 5 months since our Pro launch. But we plan on growing fast. So hopefully, it won’t be long before you can start using our plugin effectively.

      Meanwhile, I would very much appreciate it if you could share the scenario as to how you use a funnel builder. This would help us understand what’s missing with our tool for a certain Persona. Thanks.

      • I would suggest, you keep an eye on your competitors.. Woofunnels, Studiocart and Clickfunnels as well. Every month new players are seen in the market… I hope you will be able to provide competent value to let your customers stay with you.

        • Thanks. Yes, we are already taking inspiration from competitors and finding ways to offer solutions in a better way. We have a lot of things planned. It’s only a matter of time when WPFunnels becomes a much better tool.

    • I also purchased, but not started to use… There should be some beginner friendly onboarding and tutorials, covering multiple aspects of the product for those coming from different backgrounds.

      • Hi, you can always follow our tutorials here: WPFunnels Guides

        Video tutorials are on the way.

        Meanwhile, I would appreciate it if you could share the scenario as to how you use a funnel builder based on your industry (maybe with an example of your product). This would help us understand what’s missing with our tool for a certain Persona such as yourself. Thanks.

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