One Page Sales Funnel

The One Page Funnel – Advanced Tactic To Convert Prospects Into Clients in 2024

Sales funnels with upsell offers are super effective in persuading prospects to spend more. However, the hard part is to land the initial sales. It’s even more difficult for businesses such as counseling, event management, web development, online coaches, etc., where you may have to book a call before closing the deal.

Even if you are selling courses, your first need to devise a landing page that will tell the prospects that this is the right course for them. Sure, it is easy if you are already popular. But what if you are just starting out the solopreneur journey?

Well, there is a funnel strategy that can help you convert more prospects into clients on your initial landing page. This is a special strategy where you turn your landing page into a complete funnel.

The One Page Funnel
A one page funnel is a unique strategy where you organize a page into a step-by-step conversion funnel. Using this strategy you can convert a prospect from just finding out about your product, to trusting you, and purchasing or committing to the product, all on the same page.

Normally, you would resort to a strategy of collecting leads, sending nurturing emails, and then pitching your product. But how would you devise a proper copy that would convert the prospect when you pitch your products?

Or let’s say you decided to simply create a landing page for booking counseling sessions with you and want to drive organic traffic to it. How do you make sure most of these prospects convert?

The answer is the One Page Funnel. It is rather an advanced copywriting tactic where you control your prospect’s transition from curiosity, to authority, to building trust and finally closing the deal in a single page.

However, it will only work if done right. If any step is misplaced, it may reduce the conversion rate significantly.

The good news is, today, you will learn one to devise a one page sales funnel with all the right elements. You will get actional instructions so that you can prepare one yourself and maximize your conversion.

So let’s begin.

The Core Elements Of A One Page Funnel

The One Page Funnel structure consists of 5 core elements:

  1. The Persuasive “Dream” Headline
  2. A Video Sales Letter To Convey The Solution
  3. User Testimonials To Gain Trust
  4. A Guarantee To Break The Dilemma
  5. Call To Action For The Irresistible Offer

Let us look at each of them in more detail.

1. The Persuasive “Dream” Headline

The headline is a key aspect that can hook the prospect instantly, and it plays a huge part in a one page funnel.

Here, you need to use a headline that speaks of a dream outcome that your target audience is looking to achieve and might be able to achieve using your solution. Basically, it’s what your prospects what to experience after his/her pain point is relieved and a certain goal is reached.

For example, let’s say you are a fitness trainer and have a special routine that will help a prospect lose weight without relying on a diet control routine. So you may use a headline such as “Lose 30lbs in 60 days without changing your diet!

People who are serious about losing weight but also have an appetite for food will surely be hooked.

The headline will help to transition the prospect into the funnel. You may add a positive subtitle afterward to trigger more interest.

2. A Video Sales Letter To Convey The Solution

Right after the headline, a video is the best way to connect with the prospect and let him know what you have for him as the solution.


Here, you may either use a VSL or a Promo video.

  • Video Sales Letter
    A persuasive video that conveys a story on how you worked your way towards finding the solution and why it is the best solution. And eventually pitching the solution to the audience.
  • Promo video
    A special video to promote the product while highlighting its best features and use cases in a short but engaging video.

Following are guidelines for preparing a VSL and a Promo video.

Guidelines To Prepare A Video Sales Letter (VSL)

**This will be a 7-10 minutes video.

  1. Land a hook to connect with the right audience
    This can be done by specifying the industry and stating the problems you will give solutions to.
  1. Give a quick story on how you discovered the problem
    The best way here is to explain what you were trying to do but failed and later found out how many others were facing the same issues as well.
  1. Share what you found when you searched for a solution
    Here, mention a few possible solutions that you found after facing the problem. But then back off due to a barrier in them or due to not being feasible.
  1. Reveal the solution you have ready
    Now, mention that after failing to get the best solution, you decided to create one yourself. Then introduce your solution and revise the benefits of using this over the other options (unless it is a solution to a problem that was never resolved).
  1. Make an offer that is super attractive
    Here, you need to make an offer that people will get attracted to. A good discount for a limited number of people is a good way to pique their interest.
  1. A Strong CTA with FOMO
    Urge the viewers to get the product now and mention the deadline of the offer availability to create a FOMO effect.

Guidelines To Prepare A Promo Video

**This will be a quick 1-3 minute video.

  1. Mention the problem the target audience is facing.
  1. Give assurance that there are no worries, the solution is there.
  1. Present your solution as the best option.
  1. Highlight the benefits of using your solution.
  1. Give a quick scenario of what to expect after using it.
  1. Make a CTA to take the solution. (You may or may not mention the discount offer here)

VSLs tend to work better when it’s a limited-time offer, while Promo videos are handier when you want to use the same video to run Paid Ads on a long-term basis.

3. User Testimonials To Gain Trust

Right after the VSL, you need to present a few testimonials from real users.

You see, the VSL helps you present your solution and grab the attention of prospects, but it is often not enough to build complete trust. Hence, it’s important for you to add a section for testimonials right after the VSL. Words from real users help to reduce doubts.

user testimonial

This means you have to collect these testimonials before you set up a 1 page funnel.

One of the ways to collect testimonials is to offer your solution for free to a few clients before you launch your product.

You will notice that, in several social groups, from time to time, a person may post that he is willing to help 3-5 entrepreneurs with SEO/market strategy, etc., for free.

Now, here’s the thing. Yes, people really do offer their services for free, but not entirely. Most of them will agree with an entrepreneur that they will do everything for free, and all they require is a testimonial.

This is a great way to get credible positive reviews which will help you prepare the testimonial section of your one page funnel.

This section plays a crucial role in building trust with your prospect.

4. A Guarantee To Break The Dilemma

If your audience has scrolled down this far, this means they’re almost convinced to take your offer. To give a final push of confidence, all you need is to offer a guarantee of some sort.

A Guarantee

For example, you may state:

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • 14-day money-back guarantee if not found useful
  • Guaranteed results in 30 days or get your money back

The idea is to assure the prospects that they are not taking a risk.

It also highlights the fact that you are confident with your solution and is ready to offer a money-back guarantee if you fail.

If done right, by now, the prospect will be interested to find out how he can get the offer.

5. Call To Action For The Irresistible Offer

One specialty of a one page funnel is that it will work like a charm almost every time if you have a very good offer at hand.

One Page Funnel Call to action

After you have convinced the prospects that this is what they need, you do not want to back out due to money. So, the goal of this section is to make the prospects feel that they are getting a bargain. They should feel that they are paying way less for something that’s worth more.

You may make irresistible offers such as,

  • offering a huge discount,
  • making some free giveaways,
  • offering a few added benefits for free, which others have to pay extra to get,
  • offering something that others don’t have access to at all, etc.

But just offering something good isn’t enough. You also need to leverage the FOMO strategy here.

Give a vibe that this offer is only available for a limited time, or for a limited number of people only.

The prospect has to feel like he has to take a decision now or he may miss a great offer.

And this can be a very direct message such as a Title stating “Get everything + 10 extra templates at 50% off at $57 $230!” along with a subtitle, “Offer expires in 3 days!” (A countdown timer would make it even more effective.)

If you have made an offer in the VSL, this should be the same offer, or something better.

Now, in this section, or on the very next, right after the CTA, include a simplified checkout form to let the prospect place an order right then and there.

**On the checkout form, only include the fields that you absolutely require. For example, if it’s a digital product, then hide the address fields. You may also use a multi-step form to separate the user information and payment details to make it easier to go through.

**If you use a one page funnel template from online, make sure that all the above steps are included in that template.

And that’s it. Your one page funnel is ready.

How To Create A One Page Funnel In WordPress?

Now that you know how to create a one page sales funnel, let us look at how you can create one in WordPress without much hassle.

All you need is the plugin WPFunnels.

WPFunnels is right now the easiest solution for sales funnels and lead generation funnels in WordPress. You may easily create any type of funnel in this plugin and then run your sales or lead campaigns, track results, and generate more revenue.

Let us look at a quick step-by-step guide on how you can use WPFunnels to create a one-page funnel.

Suppose you want to create a one-page funnel for a “90- Days Weight Loss Program” for which you normally charge $200.

You will need to create two pages for this:

  1. The one page funnel to generate sales.
  2. A Thank You page with the order summary and instructions on what to do next.

Before you start,

  • make sure you have WPFunnels & WPFunnels Pro installed and activated on your site.
  • Install WooCommerce or LearnDash on your site (depending on what you sell)
  • You have created your product/course in WooCommerce or LearnDash

**We will be using WooCommerce for this guide.

Now follow the steps below.

  1. Go to WPFunnels> Overview
    Here all your funnels are listed.
Creating Funnel
Creating Funnel
  1. Click on “Add New Funnel.” This will let you create a new funnel from scratch or you may import a funnel template.
  1. Import the 3-step ‘Weight Lose’ funnel template.
Choosing Templates
Choosing Templates
  1. Right-click on the Landing step and click on the red cross (❌) to remove the landing page.
Removing Landing Step
Removing Landing Step
  1. Next, select the checkout step and click on the configure icon.
    It will open the checkout settings page, where you may add your product as the main offer product in the funnel.
Adding Main Product
Adding Main Product
  1. Now, go back to the canvas, select the Checkout step and click on the edit icon. This will open the page in the edit mode of your preferred page builder. (For this guide, we are using Elementor.)
  1. Improve the page design with your one page funnel copy and restructure elements where required.
  1. Remember to use the checkout widget for the checkout form and use the built-in checkout field editor to dish out unnecessary fields.
  1. Go back to the canvas, and now select the “Thank you” step. Then click on the edit icon to open it in the edit mode of your page builder.
  1. Here, you may use a simplified page design just to thank the prospect and instruct him on how to find the solution he paid for.

And that’s it. Your one page funnel is ready.

Remember to prepare multiple copies for this so that you may run A/B Split tests and come up with the best possible copy for the highest conversion. (You may easily run A/B split testing in WPFunnels.)

You may then integrate with Mail Mint for email automation and drive traffic to this page from various social channels and email lists or via Paid Ads.

You may even consider making one click upsell offers after the initial purchase to sell more services or affiliate products to the same clients.

Final Thoughts

As you say, a one page funnel is a brilliant way to craft a well-planned journey for your prospects on a single page.

Unlike traditional landing pages, this strategy tends to leverage the power of persuasive copywriting along with various psychological triggers to convert targetted prospects into sales.

Also, an attractive one page funnel template made by an expert works really well. Just make sure that all the information is provided by you since incorrect information may drive people away from your funnel.

So it’s high time you start using this strategy.

And if you own a WordPress site, then it is super easy to create one using WPFunnels.

So, get WPFunnels now,

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