Examples Of Reminder Email Subject Lines For High Open Rates

100+ Examples Of Reminder Email Subject Lines For Increased Open Rates

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Reminder emails are a common tactic used by businesses to re-engage customers. However, getting people to actually open and click these emails can be challenging.

The subject line plays a huge role in getting attention for your reminder emails. With the right subject lines that catch interest, you can drive more opens and clicks leading to conversions.

In this post, you will look at various types of reminder emails along with 100+ examples of effective reminder email subject lines that you may replicate to increase the performance of your reminder emails. These include subject lines for abandoned carts, events, expiring trials, payments due, and more.

By using the provided examples and tips, you will be able to:

  • Better grab attention and remind customers through emails,
  • Achieve higher open and click rates for your reminder campaigns, and
  • Learn formats, styles, and best practices for optimizing subject lines.

Keep reading for real-life examples of reminder email subject lines that engage subscribers and drive results!

What Is A Reminder Email?

A reminder email is exactly what it sounds like – an email sent to remind someone to take a specific action.

For example, if someone leaves items in their online shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, you can send them a reminder email encouraging them to come back and checkout. Or if a customer signed up for a free trial but hasn’t become a paying member yet, you can use a reminder email to prompt them to subscribe.

Reminders can also go out for upcoming appointments, webinar registrations, account renewals, events, and more.

The goal is to jog the receiver’s memory to complete a pending task or take advantage of an offer before it expires.

Impact of a Good Subject Line in Reminder Emails

The key element that determines whether a reminder email gets attention or not is the subject line. With inboxes flooded every day, a vague or boring subject will lead to the email being ignored or trashed.

However, catchy and personalized subject lines can significantly improve your reminder email open rates.

Some specific benefits of good subject lines for reminder emails include:

  • Grabs the reader’s attention right away amidst an inbox crammed with emails
  • Clearly conveys in a few words what action the email is reminding them to take
  • Triggers the memory of the reader so they recognize what the email refers to
  • Gets more open, increasing the chance they’ll complete the intended action after reading

In short, carefully crafted subject lines help your reminder emails cut through the noise, reconnect with recipients and ultimately drive more conversions by getting people to take pending or desired actions.

100+ Examples Of Good Reminder Email Subject Lines For High Open Rates

Crafting the perfect reminder email subject line depends on the campaign you are writing it for. There can be various types of reminder emails and the subject lines will vary depending on the campaign.

Now, let’s look into various types of reminder campaigns along with examples of 100+ reminder email subject lines to be able to improve your own campaign open rates.

1. Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Subject Lines

The purpose of abandoned cart reminder emails is straightforward – to bring customers back to complete a purchase they started but left without completing the process. It’s a way to persuade people to come back for products that they have shown interest in.

A good reminder email subject line can help more abandoned customers read the email and come back to place orders, helping you get increased revenue.

Here are five examples of effective abandoned cart reminder email subject lines:

  1. “Forgot Something? Your Cart Misses You!”
  2. “Still Thinking About It? Your Cart Awaits!”
  3. “Your Cart is One Click Away from Happiness!”
  4. “Looks Like You Left Something Behind…”
  5. “Complete Your Purchase in Seconds!”

2. Reminder Email Subject Lines For Subscription Renewal

If you sell subscription plans, then a crucial marketing strategy that you must adhere to is customer retention.

One of the crucial steps of retention is to use good reminder emails. You may use emails to remind customers that their subscription is about to expire and encourage them to renew. It’s a blend of providing a service (reminding them before they lose access) and driving your business (retaining a subscriber).

YouTube Premium Subscription Renewal Reminder Email
YouTube Premium Subscription Renewal Email

The right subject line here is crucial. It should convey urgency and the value of renewing, making it clear that action is needed to continue enjoying your service and it helps to reduce the unsubscribe rate.

Here are five example subject lines that work well for subscription renewal reminders:

  1. “Time’s Almost Up: Renew Your Subscription Now!”
  2. “Keep Enjoying Your Benefits: Renew Today!”
  3. “Don’t Miss Out: Your Subscription Expires Soon!”
  4. “Last Call to Renew Your Subscription!”
  5. “Renew Now to Continue Your Journey with Us!”

3. Subject Lines For Order Confirmation Reminders

Order confirmation reminders serve a dual purpose – they provide peace of mind to customers that their order is being processed and remind them of what they’ve purchased.

This type of email reassures customers that their transaction was successful and builds excitement for the arrival of their order. The subject line should be clear, reassuring, and reflective of the content of the email.

Effective subject lines for order confirmation reminders include:

  1. “Your Order is on Its Way!”
  2. “Confirmation: We’ve Received Your Order!”
  3. “Great News: Your Order Has Been Processed!”
  4. “Just a Step Away To Confirm Your Order”
  5. “We have received your order and can’t wait to send it out!”

4. Event Reminder Email Subject Lines

When arranging an event where people have to register, you may initiate multiple reminder emails before the actual event date. These emails help remind registrants about the event details and build anticipation.

A compelling event reminder email subject line should create excitement and a sense of urgency, encouraging recipients to mark their calendars and attend. You can also send an event invitation email before the main event takes place.

Here are five catchy subject lines for event reminders:

  1. “Get Ready: Your Awaited Event is Just Around the Corner!”
  2. “Mark Your Calendar: [Event Name] is Coming Up!”
  3. “Don’t Forget: [Event Name] Happens Tomorrow!”
  4. “Join Us Tomorrow for [Event Name]!”
  5. “Excited for [Event Name]? It’s Almost Time!”

5. Appointment Reminder Email Subject Lines

Appointment reminder emails are crucial for ensuring that your prospects remember their commitments. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, a dental appointment booking service, or a professional meeting, these emails help reduce no-shows and keep schedules on track.

A well-crafted subject line for an appointment reminder should be clear and direct, providing essential details like the date and time of the appointment, and it should convey a sense of importance to ensure people don’t overlook it.

Here are five subject lines that effectively remind people about appointments:

  1. “Reminder: Your Appointment with [Provider’s Name] on [Date]”
  2. “Upcoming Appointment Scheduled for [Date] – Don’t Miss It!”
  3. “See You Soon! Your Appointment is Set for [Date]”
  4. “Just a Reminder: Appointment With [Host name] on [Date] at [Time]”
  5. “Your Appointment With [Host name] is Coming Up on [Date]”

6. Subject Lines For Reminder Emails To Request Feedback

Feedback request reminders are sent to encourage your customers to provide their valuable input on a recent experience or service. These emails are important to improve your services and for your customers to have their say.

The subject line should be engaging and should make your customers feel that their opinion truly matters. It should also remind your customers of the interactions they had, prompting them to share their thoughts.

Here are a few examples of effective feedback reminder email subject lines:

  1. “We Value Your Opinion: Share Your Thoughts on [Product/Service]”
  2. “Tell Us About Your Experience with [Product/Service]”
  3. “Your Feedback Matters: Quick Survey on [Product/Service]”
  4. “Help Us Improve: Share Your Experience”
  5. “Got a Minute? We’d Love Your Feedback on [Product/Service]”

7. Webinar Reminder Email Subject Line

Webinar reminder emails play a key role in ensuring high attendance rates for online events. These reminders keep the webinar on top of your registrant’s mind and provide key details like the date, time, and how to join. It helps to create a webinar funnel and ultimately serves your purpose of webinars.

Kiwi Wealth Webinar Reminder Email
Kiwi Wealth Webinar Reminder Email

An effective webinar reminder email subject line should create a sense of excitement and urgency, reminding you of the value you’ll gain by attending. At first, you have to create a webinar invitation email, and when you see some people are not responding or may miss the chance of opening the mail. Then you can schedule your reminder email as well.

Here are five compelling subject lines for webinar reminders:

  1. “Don’t Miss Out: [Webinar Topic] Happening Tomorrow!”
  2. “Join Us Today for the Exciting Webinar on [Webinar Topic]!”
  3. “Reminder: Your Spot is Reserved for [Webinar Name]”
  4. “Ready for Today’s Webinar on [Webinar Topic]?”
  5. “It’s Webinar Day! Join Us for [Webinar Topic] at [Time]”

8. Limited-Time Offer & Sales Reminder Email Subject Lines

Limited-time offers and sales reminder emails are all about creating a sense of urgency. They’re designed to prompt your customers to take advantage of a special deal before it’s too late. These emails are particularly effective because they tap into the fear of missing out on a great opportunity.

A compelling subject line for these emails should highlight the exclusivity and the limited nature of the offer, encouraging you to act fast.

Here are five example subject lines that effectively communicate limited-time offers and sales:

  1. “Hurry! Sale Ends in 24 Hours!”
  2. “Last Chance: Exclusive Discounts Just for You!”
  3. “Grab It Before It’s Gone: Special Offer Ends Tonight!”
  4. “Final Hours: Don’t Miss Out on These Deals!”
  5. “Act Now: Your Special Discount Expires Soon!”

9. Subject Lines For Product Replenishment Reminder Emails

Product replenishment reminder emails are automated messages sent to customers to remind them to repurchase or reorder a product they have previously bought. These emails are commonly used in industries where products have a finite lifespan, such as consumables, perishables, or items that require regular replacement.

The subject line should remind them of the convenience of reordering and the importance of the product in their daily lives.

Effective example subject lines for product replenishment reminder emails include:

  1. “Time to Restock Your Favorites!”
  2. “Running Low? Reorder [Product Name] Now!”
  3. “Keep Your Essentials Stocked: Reorder Today!”
  4. “Don’t Wait: Replenish Your Supply of [Product Name]!”
  5. “Need More [Product Name]? We’ve Got You Covered!”

10. Account Activation Reminder Email Subject Line

Sometimes, you may initiate an additional account activation step to ensure security and engagement from your prospects. Basically, when a person registers, you may send out an account activation email to ask them to activate their account by clicking on an additional link. However, many may forget to activate it or leave it for later. So, you may initiate an automated email after a few days to remind them to activate the account.

The subject line should convey the importance of this action and encourage them to complete the process for a seamless experience.

Here are five subject-line examples that effectively remind prospects about account activation:

  1. “Activate Your Account and Get Started!”
  2. “Welcome to [Service Name]! Activate Your Account Now”
  3. “Just One More Step: Activate Your [Service Name] Account”
  4. “Complete Your Sign-Up: Activate Your Account Today”
  5. “Ready to Dive In? Activate Your Account and Enjoy!”

11. Trial Expiration Reminder Email Subject Lines

Trial expiration reminder emails are sent to inform your users that their free trial period for a service or product is coming to an end. These emails are significant as they prompt the users to make a decision: to continue by subscribing or to let the trial lapse.

The goal here is to remind them of the value they’ve been receiving and what they stand to lose. A good subject line for these emails should create a sense of urgency and highlight the benefits of continuing with the service.

Here are five reminder email subject lines to remind people to take action before the trial expires:

  1. “Your Free Trial Ends Soon – Don’t Lose Access!”
  2. “Last Day of Your Trial – Keep Enjoying [Service/Product]!”
  3. “Act Now: Your Trial Period is Almost Over!”
  4. “Reminder: Upgrade Today to Continue with [Service/Product]”
  5. “Final Hours of Your Free Trial – Stay with Us!”

12. Reminder Email Subject Lines For Shipping Confirmation

Shipping confirmation reminder emails serve to update your customers on the status of their orders. They reassure your customers that their purchase is on its way and provide details like the expected delivery date and tracking information.

These emails are important for maintaining customer satisfaction and building trust. The subject line should be clear and informative, giving you a quick update on your order’s progress.

Effective subject lines for WooCommerce shipping confirmation reminders include:

  1. “Good News: Your Order is on Its Way!”
  2. “Update: Your [Product Name] has been Shipped!”
  3. “Your Order is En Route – Track It Here!”
  4. “Shipping Confirmation: [Order Number] is Coming Soon!”
  5. “On the Move: Your Package is Headed Your Way!”

13. Membership Renewal Reminder Email Subject Line

Membership renewal reminder emails are crucial for services that operate on a subscription basis. These emails remind your users that their membership is about to expire and encourage you to renew to continue enjoying the service.

Apple Music Membership Renewal Reminder Email
Apple Music Membership Renewal Reminder Email

The subject line should portray the importance of uninterrupted service and the value you get from renewing.

Here are five subject-line examples that work well for membership renewal reminders:

  1. “Renew Your Membership to Continue Exclusive Benefits!”
  2. “Your Membership Expires Soon – Renew Now!”
  3. “Stay with Us: Renew Your Membership Today!”
  4. “Reminder: Keep Your Benefits – Renew Your Membership!”
  5. “Don’t Miss Out: Renew Your Membership Before It’s Too Late!”

14. Subject Line Examples For Wishlist Reminder Emails

Wishlist reminder emails prompt customers to revisit their saved wishlists and complete purchases for items they had previously shown interest in. These emails are effective because they’re based on your customer’s own choices, making them more personal and relevant. These work even more if your product was out of stock at the time they added it to their wishlist and you restocked it recently.

The subject line should rekindle your customer’s interest in these items, perhaps hinting at a special offer or limited availability to encourage them to take action.

Here are five example subject lines for wishlist reminder emails:

  1. “Your Wishlist Items Are Waiting for You!”
  2. “Your Favourite Products Are Back In Stock”
  3. “Still Thinking About Them? Your Wishlist Items Miss You!”
  4. “Your Wishlist Items Might Be Gone Soon!”
  5. “Special Offer on Your Wishlist Items – Grab Them Now!”

15. Referral Program Reminder

Referral program reminder emails are sent to remind your paying customers of the benefits they can gain by sharing services or products with friends. These emails encourage them to spread the word about a product or service they enjoy, offering rewards in return.

The subject line should be enticing, highlighting the mutual benefits of the referral program to motivate your customers to participate.

Effective examples of reminder email subject lines for referral program promotions are as follows:

  1. “Share the Love: Earn Rewards with Our Referral Program!”
  2. “Invite Friends, Get Rewards – It’s That Simple!”
  3. “Your Next Reward is Just a Referral Away!”
  4. “Spread the Word and Reap the Rewards!”
  5. “Got Friends? Get Rewards by Referring Them!”

16. Contest Deadline Reminder Email Subject Lines

Often you may run contests or some sort of competition for people to upload or submit UGCs within a time limit.

Contest deadline reminder emails help you communicate with participants in your contest or competition to notify them of the impending deadline for submission.

Subject lines for such emails should employ a sense of urgency, highlight the impending time constraint, and use compelling calls-to-action to prompt immediate engagement and encourage participants to submit their entries before the contest concludes.

Let us look at some contest deadline reminder email subject lines:

  1. “Last Chance to Win! Contest Ends Tomorrow!”
  2. “⏰ Don’t Miss Out! Contest Ends in 24 Hours!”
  3. “Final Reminder: Enter the Contest Before It’s Too Late!”
  4. “Time’s Running Out: Submit Your Entry Before Midnight!”
  5. “Last Reminder: Your Opportunity to Win Expires Tonight!”

17. Survey Completion Reminder Email Subject Lines

Survey reminder emails are essential for gathering valuable feedback from your customers. These emails serve as a prompt, reminding them to share their thoughts and experiences about a service or product. These insights are crucial for businesses looking to improve and tailor their offerings to better meet your customer’s needs.

Survey Completion Reminder Email by MailChimp
Survey Completion Reminder Email by MailChimp

A well-crafted survey reminder email subject line should be engaging and convey the importance of your client’s feedback, making them feel valued and heard.

Here are five subject lines for survey reminders:

  1. “We Value Your Input: Quick Survey Inside!”
  2. “Your Opinion Matters to Us: Share Your Thoughts!”
  3. “Help Us Improve: Take Our 2-Minute Survey!”
  4. “Got a Moment? Your Feedback Can Make a Difference!”
  5. “Share Your Experience: Help Us Serve You Better!”

18. Email Subject Lines For Anniversary Or Birthday Reminder

Anniversary or birthday emails are a great way to create a personal connection that shows your customers are valued. Here, along with a wish, you may add some sort of gift or discount to make this extra special.

For such cases, you may initiate a reminder email to claim the gift before it expires. The subject line should be warm and celebratory, making your users feel special and encouraging them to take advantage of any exclusive offers or greetings.

Here are a few examples of reminder email subject lines for anniversary or birthday celebrations:

  1. “Happy Birthday! A Special Gift Just for You!”
  2. “Celebrating Your Special Day with a Surprise!”
  3. “It’s Your Anniversary with Us! Let’s Celebrate!”
  4. “Make Your Birthday Memorable with Our Special Offer!”
  5. “Cheers to Another Year: Celebrate with a Treat!”

19. Follow-Up Reminder Email Subject Lines

Follow-up reminder emails are sent to keep a conversation going or to remind your users of an action that needs to be taken. Whether it’s a response to an inquiry, completing a task, or attending to an unfinished business, these emails ensure that important matters don’t slip through the cracks.

The subject line of follow-up emails should be direct and clear, indicating the purpose and its relevance to the users.

Here are five examples of subject lines that effectively remind customers of follow-ups:

  1. “Just Checking In: Have You Had a Chance to Review?”
  2. “Reminder: We’re Awaiting Your Response!”
  3. “Follow-Up: Don’t Miss This Opportunity!”
  4. “Let’s Complete What We Started: Your Action Needed!”
  5. “A Friendly Nudge: Your Feedback is Important!”

20. Payment Reminder Email Subject Lines

Payment reminder emails are crucial for ensuring timely payments for services or products your customers have used or subscribed to from any kind of payment gateway. These emails serve as a courteous nudge to remind them of upcoming or overdue payments, helping your users avoid late fees or service interruptions.

The subject line in a payment reminder needs to be clear and direct, yet polite, ensuring the users understand the urgency without feeling pressured. It’s about maintaining a positive relationship while ensuring the transaction is completed.

Here are five subject lines for payment reminders:

  1. “Friendly Reminder: Your Payment is Due Soon!”
  2. “Just a Heads Up: Invoice [Number] is Awaiting Payment”
  3. “Reminder: Your Payment Deadline is Approaching”
  4. “Action Required: Complete Your Payment Today”
  5. “Gentle Reminder: Don’t Forget Your Upcoming Payment”

21. Pending Action Reminder Email Subject Line

Sometimes your subscribers may have started an action but did not complete it. This could be anything from finalizing a registration to completing a profile setup. For example, they have started the enrollment process for one of your courses but didn’t finish the whole process.

In this case, you may send a pending action reminder email. Such reminders help keep things moving smoothly and ensure that important tasks aren’t forgotten.

Pending Action Reminder Email
Rdio Reminder Email

The subject line should be a clear call to action, reminding you of what needs to be done and why it’s important.

Effective subject lines for pending action reminders include:

  1. “Action Needed: Complete Your Registration Now”
  2. “Reminder: Finish Setting Up Your Account”
  3. “Don’t Leave It Halfway: Your Action is Required”
  4. “Almost There: Just a Few Steps to Complete”
  5. “Your Input Needed to Proceed Further”

22. Confirm Registration Reminder Email Subject Lines

Right after registration in an event, service, or any subscription confirmation, you may initiate a good email copy. But if people forget to complete the confirmation, you may then send out confirm registration reminder emails to try and remind them to take action.

A good subject line for these emails should emphasize the importance of confirmation and the value or opportunity at stake.

Here are five subject lines that effectively remind people to confirm registration:

  1. “Confirm Your Spot Now: Don’t Miss Out!”
  2. “Last Step: Confirm Your Registration for [Event/Service]”
  3. “Action Required: Confirm Your Attendance”
  4. “You’re Almost There: Confirm Your Registration Today”
  5. “Secure Your Place: Confirm Your Registration Now”

Best Practices In Crafting Reminder Email Subject Lines

Here are some best practices to ensure your reminder email subject lines are engaging and prompt the desired action:

  1. Be Clear and Direct: Your subject line should leave no room for guesswork. It needs to be straightforward, telling the receivers exactly what the email is about. Whether it’s a payment reminder or a nudge to complete a purchase, clarity is key. This approach respects your time and attention, making it more likely that you’ll engage with the email.
  2. Create a Sense of Urgency: Without sounding alarmist, your subject line should convey a sense of timeliness. Phrases like “Last Chance” or “Don’t Miss Out” can be effective. This tactic taps into a natural desire to not miss out on something important or beneficial, encouraging you to open the email and take action.
  3. Personalize When Possible: If you can personalize the subject line, do it. Including your name or a specific reference to an action you took (like adding items to a cart) makes the email feel more relevant to you. Personalization can transform a generic reminder into a message that feels tailor-made for you.
  4. Keep It Short and Sweet: With the majority of emails being opened on mobile devices, it’s crucial to keep subject lines concise. Aim for a length that’s easily readable on a small screen, ensuring that the key message isn’t cut off. A shorter, punchier subject line is often more impactful.
  5. Balance Urgency with Politeness: While it’s important to convey urgency, it’s equally important to maintain a polite and respectful tone. Your subject line should nudge, not push. Phrases that are too aggressive can be off-putting, while a courteous tone is more likely to be well-received.

Reliable Tools To Initiate Reminder Emails With Good Subject Lines

Setting up any type of reminder emails will require using an email marketing tool that allows setting up email automation workflows based on user behavior, status, actions, subscription status, etc. Plus, the tools need to allow the use of dynamic customer data for personalization and AI integration to generate good subject lines.

Following are a few reliable email marketing tools that you may use to set up reminder emails:

  1. Mail Mint
    Known for its user-friendly interface, Mail Mint stands out as a go-to tool for crafting effective reminder emails in WordPress. It offers a visualized UI for email automation workflows, full email customizations & personalization, and AI integration (via ChatGPT) to help you generate email subject lines and copy. This tool is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses due to affordable pricing plans and no limit to storing email lists.
  1. Brevo
    This tool is a powerhouse for email marketing automation. Brevo allows you to personalize your emails and subject lines based on user behavior, making your reminders more relevant and engaging. Its intuitive design helps you create emails that resonate with your audience.
  1. Constant Contact
    Constant Contact offers robust email automation capabilities. It’s particularly useful for crafting reminder emails with subject lines that stand out. The tool also provides detailed analytics to help you understand how your emails are performing.
  1. Moosend
    This tool is great for those who want simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Moosend offers email automation with a focus on personalization, which is key for reminder emails. Its AI-driven subject line creator helps you craft lines that catch the eye and encourage opens.

Each of these tools offers unique features to help you streamline your email marketing efforts, especially when it comes to sending out reminder emails with subject lines that engage and convert.


In the end, it all boils down to how effectively you can grab attention in a crowded inbox. Optimizing your reminder email subject lines is a necessity in today’s fast-paced digital world. By crafting subject lines that are clear, engaging, and personalized, you’re not just hoping for higher open rates – you’re actively working towards it.

Remember, each email you send is an opportunity to connect with your audience and drive action. Whether it’s completing a purchase, renewing a subscription, or attending an event, the right subject line can make a world of difference.

If you have a WordPress website, then we recommend you use Mail Mint to handle reminder emails due to its extensive automation features and AI integration to be able to generate great reminder email subject lines.

So, take the time to refine your approach, use the right tools, and watch as your reminder emails transform into powerful tools for engagement and conversion. Your goal is clear, and with the right subject lines, you’re well on your way to achieving it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What makes a subject line effective for reminder emails?

Effective reminder email subject lines are concise, convey urgency or value, and often include a call to action to prompt immediate engagement.

2. Should I personalize reminder email subject lines?

Yes, personalization, such as using the recipient’s name or referencing previous interactions, can enhance the relevance and effectiveness of reminder email subject lines.

3. Is it advisable to use emojis in reminder email subject lines?

Yes, strategically placed emojis can add visual appeal and help convey emotions, but use them sparingly and ensure they align with your brand and message.

4. What character count is ideal for reminder email subject lines?

Aim for brevity; keep reminder email subject lines under 50 characters to ensure they are concise, impactful, and fully visible on various devices.

5. How can I align reminder email subject lines with my brand voice?

Use language and tone consistent with your brand; whether it’s formal, casual, or playful, ensure that the subject lines reflect your brand’s personality.

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