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60+ Best Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines For High Open Rate

Think of Thanksgiving and what comes to mind? Family gatherings, delicious feasts, and, of course, a chance to reflect on what we’re grateful for.

But if you’re running an online business, there’s one more thing to add to that list: a prime opportunity to boost your sales and connect with your customers like never before.

HubSpot reveals a compelling insight: thank you emails boast an impressive open rate of 42% and a click-through rate of 14%, significantly outperforming many other email categories.

However, crafting effective Thanksgiving email campaigns is no easy feat. You have to come up with compelling subject lines that entice recipients to open and read your emails.

Don’t worry, in this guide, I’ll share 60+ best ideas for Thanksgiving email subject lines to drive higher open rates.

By the end, you’ll have a handy list of catchy subject lines to pick from for your upcoming Thanksgiving email campaigns. I’ll also cover best practices to make them even more engaging and tools to streamline your email creation process.

Let’s get started!

Why Is Thanksgiving A Great Time For Promotions?

Thanksgiving is a prime time for your promotions, and here’s why:

  • Everyone’s Shopping: People are already looking to buy, whether it’s for gifts or something special for themselves. Your promotions can catch their eye.
  • Good Vibes: Thanksgiving is all about feeling good and giving thanks. When you reach out with a warm message or a special deal, people are more likely to listen.
  • Ready to Spend: With the holiday season starting, folks have their wallets ready for the right deals. It’s a great time to offer something special that they can’t resist.
  • Stand Out: If you do something different or extra thoughtful around Thanksgiving, people will notice. It’s a chance to show what makes your brand special.
  • Build Relationships: A nice Thanksgiving message or a special offer can make your customers feel valued. This helps keep them coming back.
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Tapping into the Thanksgiving spirit with your promotions can really pay off. It’s all about connecting with people when they’re ready to shop and in a good mood to hear from you.

60+ Ideas Of Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines For Higher Engagement

Let’s dive into some examples of different kinds of Thanksgiving email subject lines.

1. Thanksgiving Sales Email Newsletter Subject Lines

Thanksgiving sales newsletters announce your best deals and promotions for the long holiday weekend.

These emails allow you to provide a sneak peek at upcoming doorbuster sales and discounts for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and beyond. Keep subject lines short, optimized for mobile, focused on highlighting your top savings and offers, and creating a sense of urgency around limited-time deals.

Here are 10 examples to get you started:

  • “Black Friday Starts Now – 50% Off Sitewide”
  • “4 Days Only – Our Biggest Thanksgiving Sale Ever”
  • “Cyber Monday Sneak Peek – 25% Off Everything”
  • “Last Chance For Savings – Thanksgiving Weekend Sale Ends Tonight”
  • “Time’s Running Out! Thanksgiving Doorbusters Expire In 24 Hours”
  • “Early Access! Black Friday Deals Just For You”
  • “Skip The Crowds – Online DoorBusters Are Here”
  • “Cyber Monday Starts Early – 50% Off Thru Sunday”
  • “Bonus Savings All Thanksgiving Weekend Long”
  • “Unreal Deals This Turkey Day!”

You can carry on with the information pile-up with Roundup emails that share interesting Thanksgiving statistics, facts, data, and trends are a great way to provide readers with value during the holiday season.

Choose subject lines focusing on teasing or revealing surprising numbers, popular food dishes, fun trivia, hosting insights, and more. Piquing readers’ curiosity about the content inside will drive more opens.

Check out these 10 trendy subject lines:

  1. “This Year’s Thanksgiving Must-Haves!”
  2. “Trend Alert: Thanksgiving Edition 🍁”
  3. “What’s Hot This Thanksgiving? Find Out Inside!”
  4. “Feast Your Eyes on the Latest Holiday Trends!”
  5. “Stay Trendy This Thanksgiving with These Tips!”
  6. “Thanksgiving Trends You Can’t Miss!”
  7. “Get Inspired: Thanksgiving Trends for 2023!”
  8. “From Our Table to Yours: Top Thanksgiving Ideas!”
  9. “Elevate Your Thanksgiving with These Trends!”
  10. “Thanksgiving 2023: What’s In and What’s Out!”

3. Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines For Vacation Ideas

Now bring up some fun activities. The long Thanksgiving weekend presents a great opportunity for people to take a quick vacation.

Subject lines for travel and getaway emails should zone in on deals, destinations, specific trip types, and activities to inspire the travel bug. Using location names, holiday theming, and seasonal keywords can catch subscribers’ attention.

Here are 10 subject lines to spark that wanderlust:

  • “Take The Whole Family To [Destination] This Thanksgiving”
  • “Escape From It All – Our Top Thanksgiving Getaways”
  • “Dreaming Of A Tropical Thanksgiving? Deals Inside”
  • “Cozy Cabins For The Perfect Thanksgiving Trip”
  • “Your Guide To A Southern Thanksgiving Vacation”
  • “Cozy Up For A Cabin Getaway This Thanksgiving”
  • “Take The Whole Crew To [Destination]”
  • “Experience A Thanksgiving Like No Other In [City]”
  • “Enjoy Thanksgiving On The Beach In [Destination]”
  • “Escape The Cold – Sunny Thanksgiving Getaways”

4. Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines For Product Recommendations

People would need things to accommodate vacations. Recommendation emails allow you to boost sales by suggesting relevant products tailored to Thanksgiving activities.

Subjects should speak to readers’ needs around cooking, hosting, home upgrades, outfitting family members, table decor, tech gifts, and more. Align subject lines closely to the products inside to generate interest.

Dive into these 10 product-centric subject lines:

  1. “Thanksgiving Essentials: What You Need This Year!”
  2. “Upgrade Your Thanksgiving with These Must-Haves!”
  3. “Our Top Picks for a Perfect Thanksgiving!”
  4. “Make Your Thanksgiving Shine with These Finds!”
  5. “Thanksgiving Shopping Made Easy: Our Recommendations!”
  6. “Get Ready for Compliments: Thanksgiving Edition!”
  7. “Thanksgiving Prep: Everything You Need in One Place!”
  8. “From Our Family to Yours: Thanksgiving Favorites!”
  9. “The Ultimate Thanksgiving Shopping List!”
  10. “Thanksgiving Success Starts with the Right Tools!”

5. Back To Home Promotion Thanksgiving Subject Lines

Other than vacations, people also travel during Thanksgiving for homecoming. The Thanksgiving holiday sees many college students returning home temporarily.

Send subject lines focused on welcoming students back, shopping for their homes or apartments, reconnecting with family, and saving on school needs. Resonate with themes of home, family, and seasonal joy.

Warm up with these 10 homey subject lines:

  1. “Bring the Thanksgiving Spirit Home with These Deals!”
  2. “Home for Thanksgiving: Make It Extra Special!”
  3. “Welcome Home: Thanksgiving Edition!”
  4. “Cozy Up Your Space for Thanksgiving!”
  5. “Thanksgiving at Home: Make It Memorable!”
  6. “From Our Home to Yours: Thanksgiving Warmth!”
  7. “Set the Scene for Thanksgiving with These Finds!”
  8. “Home Sweet Home: Thanksgiving Specials Inside!”
  9. “Make Your Home the Heart of Thanksgiving!”
  10. “Thanksgiving Homecoming: Everything You Need!”

6. Thanksgiving Clearance Sale Email Subject Lines

Post-Thanksgiving and Cyber Weekend are prime times for clearance and blowout sales. Subject lines should create urgency around deals that are ending soon.

]Use words like “last chance” and “final markdowns” and include dates, deadlines, and percent-offs. Promote the biggest savings and fastest-expiring offers.

Check out these 10 clearance sale subject lines:

  1. “Thanksgiving Clearance: Everything Must Go!”
  2. “Final Call: Grab These Thanksgiving Deals Before They’re Gone!”
  3. “Clearance Alert: Unbeatable Thanksgiving Savings!”
  4. “Last Chance: Thanksgiving Clearance Starts Now!”
  5. “Thanksgiving Blowout: Save Big on Clearance!”
  6. “Score Big: Thanksgiving Clearance Deals Inside!”
  7. “Thanksgiving Sale: Clear Out & Save Up!”
  8. “Huge Savings: Our Thanksgiving Clearance Is Here!”
  9. “Don’t Miss Out: Thanksgiving Clearance Extravaganza!”
  10. “Thanksgiving Clearance: Last Chance for Amazing Deals!”

7. Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines For Charity & Giving Back

Families keep their focus on the side of charity as well. For businesses with a charitable giving component, align Thanksgiving subject lines with themes of generosity, giving back, and doing good.

Invite subscribers to support families in need, donate to holiday causes, and spread extra joy. Tug at holiday heartstrings with charity messaging.

Inspire with these 10 charitable subject lines:

  1. “Give Thanks by Giving Back This Thanksgiving”
  2. “Join Us in Our Thanksgiving Mission to Give Back”
  3. “Thanksgiving Spirit: How You Can Make a Difference”
  4. “This Thanksgiving, Let’s Share the Joy of Giving”
  5. “Be the Reason Someone Smiles This Thanksgiving”
  6. “Thanksgiving Giving: Help Us Spread Warmth and Love”
  7. “Your Chance to Give Back This Thanksgiving”
  8. “Together, We Can Make This Thanksgiving Special for Everyone”
  9. “A Thanksgiving Gesture: Join Us in Giving Back”
  10. “Thanksgiving Appeal: Let’s Make a Difference Together”

Best Practices To Make Thanksgiving Email Subject Lines Engaging

Crafting compelling Thanksgiving email subject lines is a must for grabbing your audience’s attention.

Here are some best practices to make them engaging:

  1. Incorporate Holiday Keywords: Include Thanksgiving-specific terms like “grateful,” “feast,” or “thankful” to make your emails instantly recognizable and relevant.
  2. Create a Sense of Urgency: Use words like “limited time” or “exclusive” to evoke a sense of urgency, encouraging recipients to open the email promptly.
  3. Highlight Offers and Deals: If you have special promotions or discounts, emphasize them in the subject line to entice recipients with the promise of savings.
  4. Invoke Emotion: Connect emotionally with your audience by tapping into the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, creating a more personal appeal.
  5. Keep it Concise: With crowded inboxes, concise subject lines (around 7-10 words) are more likely to be read. Get your message across succinctly.

Tools To Prepare Thanksgiving Emails With Great Subject Lines

Getting your Thanksgiving emails ready is like prepping for the big feast, and having the right tools can make all the difference.

Here are five tools that can help you cook up some irresistible email campaigns:

  1. Mail Mint: Mail Mint is an AI-powered email marketing tool that helps generate catchy and relevant subject lines for seasonal campaigns, including Thanksgiving. With data-driven insights and A/B testing capabilities, it optimizes subject lines for improved open rates.
  2. leverages AI and A/B testing to provide real-time guidance for refining email subjects. It analyzes audience data and past performance to offer data-driven recommendations for optimizing subject lines during Thanksgiving campaigns.
  3. Phrasee: Phrasee uses AI to create high-performing subject lines tailored to your brand voice. By studying sent email data, it recommends proven, effective subject line templates that resonate with your target subscribers, making it ideal for Thanksgiving promotions.
  4. Constant Contact: Constant Contact is an all-in-one email marketing platform with easy-to-use tools for creating visually appealing emails. It offers customizable templates and analytics to track the performance of your Thanksgiving email campaigns.
  5. SendGrid: SendGrid is a robust email marketing solution known for its deliverability and scalability. With features like A/B testing, analytics, and a variety of templates, it provides a reliable platform for executing successful Thanksgiving email campaigns.

Wrapping Up

So, we’ve shared a hearty spread of ideas for your Thanksgiving emails. Remember to keep your subject lines straightforward, sprinkle in a personal touch, and infuse them with a bit of holiday spirit, following the examples provided in this guide.

If you’re managing a WordPress site, giving Mail Mint a go could be a smart move. It’s designed to streamline your email campaigns, ensuring your messages resonate well with your audience.

As Thanksgiving approaches, let the insights from this guide inspire your email campaigns. Cheers to crafting emails that your subscribers will be thankful for!


1. Why is Thanksgiving email marketing important for businesses?

Thanksgiving email marketing is crucial for businesses as it provides an excellent opportunity to engage customers, promote seasonal sales, and boost revenue during the festive season. With strategic email campaigns, businesses can effectively communicate their Thanksgiving offers, express gratitude, and connect with customers in a meaningful way.

2. How can I make my Thanksgiving email stand out in crowded inboxes?

Crafting compelling subject lines is key to making your Thanksgiving email stand out. Use holiday-specific keywords, incorporate urgency words, highlight customer benefits, and keep subject lines short and scannable. Testing different versions and timings, along with leveraging AI-powered tools, can also help optimize your email’s performance.

3. When should I start planning and sending Thanksgiving email campaigns?

Start planning your Thanksgiving email campaigns well in advance. Early November is an ideal time to begin with inspiration and planning content. Consider sending Black Friday and Cyber Monday teasers a week before Thanksgiving, and continue with specific campaigns for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the subsequent weeks.

4. What are some ideas for Thanksgiving vacation-themed emails?

Thanksgiving vacation-themed emails can suggest inspiring destinations for quick getaways or extended vacations. Provide travel recommendations, highlight deals, and include blog posts with comprehensive holiday travel guides. Personalize content based on subscriber preferences and create a sense of urgency for booking holiday trips.

5. How can I engage customers post-Thanksgiving with email marketing?

Engage customers post-Thanksgiving by offering deals for transitioning back home. Promote relevant products, such as laundry detergent, office supplies, and relaxation items. Create a sense of convenience with discounts on electronics, clothing, and self-care products. Time your post-Thanksgiving emails strategically to capture customers returning to their routines.

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