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Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels – Comparing To Find The Better Sales Solution [2024]

Stuck choosing between Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels?

Let’s cut through the noise.

Both platforms offer similar core functionality, but there are key differences that may make one better suited for your specific needs. Choosing the right tool is important to ensure you have the features and capabilities required to effectively manage your sales funnel.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into comparing Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels. We’ll evaluate their features, pricing, ease of use and more to help you determine which sales solution is the better choice for your business in 2024.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of the strengths and limitations of each platform. This will allow you to confidently select the tool that aligns best with your goals and budget. Whether you’re just getting started with sales automation or looking to switch providers, this guide has you covered.

Let’s get started breaking down Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels!

What is Pipeline Pro?

Pipeline Pro homepage- Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels
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Pipeline Pro is a sales CRM and automation platform designed for small to midsize B2B companies. It provides core sales features like contact management and reporting plus multi-channel automation for email, SMS, and voice campaigns.

The platform helps sales teams manage their pipeline end-to-end, nurture prospects, and close deals faster. Pipeline Pro aims to optimize sales workflows and scale outreach through its blend of CRM, automation, and visual pipeline management.

Best Pipeline Pro Features

  • Contact Management: Robust CRM for managing contacts, accounts, and deals in one place.
  • Lead Scoring: Automatically track and score leads based on engagement and profile data.
  • Email Sequencing: Create targeted email campaigns to nurture prospects.
  • SMS Marketing: Send SMS messages to contacts straight from Pipeline Pro.
  • Progressive Profiling: Gradually gather more lead info through smart forms.
  • Sales Analytics: Detailed reports and dashboards to analyze your pipeline.
  • Gamification: Motivate sales reps with competitions, leaderboards, badges, etc.

Pros of Using Pipeline Pro

  • Specialized for B2B: Pipeline Pro is purpose-built for B2B sales with relevant features.
  • Intuitive Interface: A simple and visually appealing design makes it easy to navigate.
  • Lead Nurturing: Robust automation helps turn cold leads into sales-ready prospects.
  • Sales Focus: Provides in-depth pipeline analysis and metrics to optimize sales.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitively priced for small and midsize businesses.

Cons of Using Pipeline Pro

  • Less Customization: Provides less ability to customize fields and workflows than some CRMs.
  • Weak Reporting: Reporting and dashboards are basic compared to advanced CRM analytics.
  • Limited Integrations: Connects with popular apps but offers fewer integration options than other platforms.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Can take time for sales teams to learn the software thoroughly.
  • No Free Version: Does not offer a free CRM option, only free trials.

What is ClickFunnels?

clickfunnels homepage- Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels
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ClickFunnels is a sales funnel builder designed to help online businesses convert visitors into customers. It simplifies technically complex funnel creation including landing pages, email sequences, membership sites, webinars, and shopping carts.

With drag-and-drop editing and templates, any business can quickly build optimized funnels that attract leads and guide them through the buying journey. ClickFunnels consolidates tools for funnel building, email marketing, payment processing, and analytics so online businesses have everything they need to market, sell, and deliver products or services.

Best ClickFunnels Features

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Build sales funnels rapidly without any coding.
  • Premade Funnel Templates: Start with proven funnel designs for various business models.
  • A/B Testing: Test variations of pages and offers to optimize conversions.
  • Membership Sites: Create gated access sites with protected content for members.
  • Affiliate Management: Track affiliate promotions and commission payments.
  • Webinar Hosting: Schedule and run webinars directly within ClickFunnels.
  • Actionetics: Suite of marketing automation tools for emails, SMS, and messaging.

Pros of Using ClickFunnels

  • Speeds Up Funnel Building: Allows users to quickly build funnels without tech skills.
  • Simplifies Sales Process: Consolidates all steps from attracting to selling customers.
  • Great for Digital Products: Optimized for selling online courses, software, and services.
  • Top-Notch Tracking: Provides deep analytics on all stages of your sales funnel.
  • Prominent User Community: Large community of users creating funnels.

Cons of Using ClickFunnels

  • Steep Learning Curve: Takes time for beginners to learn to use it effectively.
  • Complex Pricing: Pricing tiers and add-ons can be confusing to navigate.
  • Not Ideal for All Businesses: Better suited for digital vs traditional brick-and-mortar.
  • Payment Processing Costs: Additional fees for using integrated payment processing.
  • Limited CRM Functionality: Less robust CRM features compared to dedicated CRM platforms.

Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels – Comparison Table

A glance at the comparison of Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels.

ToolsPipeline ProClickFunnels 
Main Use Case FocusSales and Marketing Automation Sales Funnel Creation and Marketing 
Ease of use for beginnersUser-friendly, Simple InterfaceBeginner-friendly with Drag-n-Drop
PricingSubscription BasedSubscription Based
Landing Page BuilderYesYes
Templates LibraryLimitedExtensive
Customization and FlexibilityModerateHigh Level
A/B TestingAvailableAvailable 
AnalyticsBasicHigh Functioning 
Email MarketingBasic FeaturesIntegrated Capabilities
Funnel Features (Lead Gen & Sales)Automation Sales Funnels 
Support AvailabilityEmail Support with Online ResourcesEmail Support with Extensive Documentation 

Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels : In-depth Key Differences

Let’s analyze the differences between Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels in depth.

i. Objective & Claims

Pipeline Pro positions itself as an all-in-one sales platform for small to midsize B2B businesses to manage their entire pipeline and close more deals faster through automation. It focuses on core sales CRM features plus multi-channel automation for email, SMS, and voice.

ClickFunnels is specifically designed for internet-based businesses to increase conversions through optimized sales funnels. It specializes in making technically complex processes like building landing pages, automation, membership sites, and payment integration easy for non-technical users.

ii. Ease of Use

Pipeline Pro has an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder for easily creating multi-touch sales automation without coding. Its clean sales CRM interface also has a relatively easy learning curve for agents to manage contacts and deals.

ClickFunnels has a steeper learning curve due to the breadth and depth of features for building complex, multi-step funnels. However, the funnel editor does simplify the technical process, allowing users to build funnels through a drag-and-drop flowchart. Premade templates also accelerate creation.

iii. Landing Page Builder

Both provide drag-and-drop landing page builders to create lead capture and opt-in pages. ClickFunnels offers far more page templates, especially for high-converting pages focused on selling or promoting offers. It has 100+ templates while Pipeline Pro has under 10 basic templates.

ClickFunnels also provides more design elements like countdown timers, progress bars, testimonials, pricing tables, and other optimization features useful for sales-oriented landing pages.

iv. Templates Library

ClickFunnels boasts an extensive template library with 50+ pre-made funnel designs suited for different business models like e-commerce, SaaS, coaching, etc. This makes initial funnel creation much faster.

Pipeline Pro has workflow automation templates but no sales funnel templates. The templates are focused on sequences for outreach, not full conversion funnel blueprints.

v. Customization and Flexibility

ClickFunnels offers greater customization flexibility as users have full control over pages, elements like opt-in forms, and the funnel flow with no hard-coded restrictions. Expert users can heavily customize funnels.

Pipeline Pro limits customization to preset fields and options in the platform UI. There is less ability to customize CRM objects, landing pages, or automation workflows beyond the out-of-the-box toolset.

vi. A/B Testing

Sophisticated multivariate and A/B split testing comes built into ClickFunnels for testing variations of headlines, copy, designs, offers, and flows. This helps optimize funnel performance. Testing capabilities are a core part of the platform.

Pipeline Pro currently has no native A/B testing capabilities within its toolset. You would need to integrate third-party testing tools separately.

vii. Analytics

ClickFunnels has robust funnel analytics capturing granular conversion data, traffic metrics, ROI, and engagement at every step from impression to purchase. Users can see which pages or offers have the biggest impact.

Pipeline Pro focuses more on general sales pipeline reporting and forecasting. The analytics are not as tailored to conversion funnel performance vs general sales activities and results.

viii. Email Marketing

Both platforms allow you to create and send emails, build email automation workflows, and integrate email with other channels like SMS.

ClickFunnels has more advanced email capabilities like autoresponders, broadcast emails, more templates, email list segmentation, and more powerful deliverability features. Pipeline Pro focuses on basic automation.

ix. Funnel Features

ClickFunnels offers a full suite of conversion-focused funnel features like upsells, downsells, webinars, memberships, subscriptions, affiliates management, and more for lead gen and sales.

Pipeline Pro focuses primarily on general sales automation. It lacks the breadth of conversion-centric funnel capabilities ClickFunnels provides.

x. Pricing & Plans

Pipeline Pro has three straightforward pricing plans scaling from basic CRM & automation to advanced functionality.

ClickFunnels has numerous plans for different needs, add-ons like email marketing, and confusing options. Overall, ClickFunnels offers more capabilities but also more complex pricing.

xi. Support

ClickFunnels provides far more extensive support through a comprehensive knowledge base, community forums, and direct coaching/experts.

Pipeline Pro relies on email & chat support which is still helpful and responsive but not as robust as ClickFunnels’ varied support resources.

The Better Solution – A Potential Alternative To Consider

As you saw in the comparison of Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels, they both have their unique advantages. But if you are looking for something that can give you the best of both of these tools, then you should consider a third option – WPFunnels (with MailMint).

WPFunnels homepage
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WPFunnels combined with MailMint provides a powerful alternative that offers the robust funnel-building capabilities of ClickFunnels along with the sales CRM and automation features of Pipeline Pro.

WPFunnels enables drag-and-drop funnel building with beautiful templates, landing pages, and forms – similar to ClickFunnels. MailMint provides contact management, pipeline analysis, multi-channel automation, and email marketing comparable to Pipeline Pro.

Together, WPFunnels and MailMint provide an all-in-one sales solution. You get user-friendly funnel creation paired with deep CRM and marketing automation features tailored for small businesses. And at a more affordable price point.

For today’s online businesses looking for the best of both worlds, WPFunnels + MailMint presents a compelling combined alternative to Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels individually. The integration provides strong funnel creation and optimization along with robust sales and marketing automation capabilities.

Is WPFunnels (with Mail Mint) A Better Option?

WPFunnels shares ClickFunnels’ strength in robust funnel building with its drag-and-drop editor, a wide range of professional templates, and easy creation of landing pages, lead flows, membership sites, webinars, and shopping carts. Like ClickFunnels, it makes technically complex processes straightforward for users without technical expertise.

When combined with MailMint, you also get the sales CRM and automation capabilities similar to Pipeline Pro for managing contacts, visualizing your sales pipeline, and creating multi-channel marketing automation. MailMint focuses on streamlining the sales process end-to-end.

Together, WPFunnels and MailMint provide a unified sales platform combining the best aspects of Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels into a single solution:

  • User-friendly funnel building and customization
  • Expansive template libraries for conversions
  • Advanced sales CRM features and automation
  • Deep analytics across pipelines and funnels
  • Email marketing and multi-channel messaging
  • Affordable and scalable pricing

For many online businesses, using WPFunnels alongside MailMint can eliminate the need for separate tools like Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels by consolidating the essential sales and marketing capabilities into an integrated platform.

Those looking for both optimized funnel creation and robust sales management may find WPFunnels + MailMint provides the most well-rounded, cost-effective all-in-one solution. It offers an alternative way to get the best features of Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels in one unified package.

WPFunenls And Mail Mint Pricing

WPFunnels pricing
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Mail mint pricing
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  • Next, a quick comparison between Pipeline Pro, ClickFunnels, and finally, WPFunnels+Mailmint
FeatureWPFunnels + Mail MintPipeline ProClickFunnels 
Visual Funnel MappingYesYesYes
Custom Landing PagesYesYesYes
Customized CheckoutYesYesYes
Sales funnel builderYes (via WooCommerce)YesYes
Lead funnel builderYesYesYes
Product ManagementYes (via WooCommerce)YesLimited
Lead CollectionUnlimitedUnlimitedLimited
Lead SegmentationYesYesLimited
Email MarketingYesYesYes
Email AutomationYesYesYes
Membership siteNoNoNo
Sales Solution BuilderYes (via TutorLMS & LearnDash)NoNo
Video HostingSelf-hostedNoNo
Affiliate ManagementYes (via AffiliateWP)NoYes
Integrate To Current WebsiteYes (for WordPress)YesYes
Support availabilityFastEmail Email 

When it comes to core funnel-building capabilities, WPFunnels provides a similar drag-and-drop funnel editor as ClickFunnels, making it easy for non-technical users to create optimized sales funnels. WPFunnels enables you to build high-converting landing pages, multi-step lead flows, upsell pages, webinar registration, and shopping carts rapidly with no coding needed.

Like ClickFunnels, WPFunnels offers professionally designed templates for different types of funnels and industries to accelerate the creation process. Users can either start from scratch or use pre-made templates tailored for lead generation, tripwire funnels, product launches, online courses, and more.

For customization, WPFunnels gives users full control over pages, elements like opt-in forms and headers, as well as the broader funnel flow. Experienced users can deeply customize funnels beyond the out-of-the-box options. This flexible editing matches the customization capabilities provided in ClickFunnels.

When it comes to analytics, WPFunnels provides detailed conversion tracking and funnel analytics to optimize performance. Users can see granular metrics on leads, conversions, drop-offs, and sales across each funnel stage. The analytics focus specifically on the health and results of the funnel versus general website analytics.

For email and automation, WPFunnels integrates with MailMint to connect funnels with email marketing workflows. Overall, WPFunnels mirrors the core funnel-building approach of ClickFunnels while focusing specifically on sales funnels. When paired with a robust email marketing platform, it can provide an integrated funnel solution for small businesses at a more affordable price point.

Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels vs WPFunnels: Which One Should You Use?

With different strengths and weaknesses, there is no definitive winner between Pipeline Pro, ClickFunnels, and WPFunnels. The best platform depends on your specific business needs and priorities. However, some general guidelines can help point you in the right direction:

If you are a small or medium B2B business focused mainly on sales CRM and process automation, Pipeline Pro is likely the best fit. Its blend of contact management, pipeline visibility, and multi-channel automation provides an intuitive sales platform optimized for B2B.

Being an online business selling products, services, or subscriptions directly to consumers, ClickFunnels may be the better choice. ClickFunnels specializes in building optimized conversion funnels to turn cold traffic into paying customers, ideal for e-commerce, SaaS, and digital products.

For a blend of sales CRM capabilities and the ability to quickly build sales funnels, WPFunnels + MailMint merits strong consideration. Together they provide well-rounded funnel creation and sales automation for modern online businesses selling to consumers in a blended B2C and B2B model.

Here are some key factors to help determine the right platform:

  • For advanced funnel creation and optimization is crucial, lean ClickFunnels.
  • If you mostly need general sales CRM and automation, Pipeline Pro fits best.
  • If you want both funnel building and robust CRM/automation, evaluate WPFunnels + MailMint.
  • In case a streamlined sales process is most important, consider Pipeline Pro or WPFunnels + MailMint.
  • Selling complex products/services online being your priority, ClickFunnels may be ideal.

While there is overlap in capabilities, choose the platform that aligns closest with your core sales objectives. Test out WPFunnels + MailMint if you want a unified solution with strong funnel creation and sales automation. As your business evolves, you may find you need capabilities across both platforms.


At the end of the day, the choice between Pipeline Pro and ClickFunnels comes down to your specific business goals and needs. Both have unique strengths tailored to different use cases.

If you’re a B2B company focused on lead nurturing and sales pipelines, Pipeline Pro’s CRM and automation tools are an excellent fit. But if rapidly building optimized funnels for digital products is key, ClickFunnels’ visual editor and analytics excel.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Evaluate each tool’s features against your goals, and take advantage of free trials to test them yourself. Don’t stress about the perfect choice – these platforms evolve, so revisit options as your business scales.

The most important step is implementing sales & marketing automation to grow smarter. Choose the best starting point for you and dive in confidently!


1. Which is better for managing sales contacts and tracking deals?

Pipeline Pro is better optimized for sales CRM features like managing contacts, accounts, and pipeline visibility. ClickFunnels focuses more on conversion funnel creation.

2. How difficult is it to build funnels in Pipeline Pro vs ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels specializes in easy drag-and-drop funnel building. Pipeline Pro is not designed for creating full sales funnels.

3. Which integrates better with email marketing platforms?

ClickFunnels and Pipeline Pro both integrate with leading email services like MailChimp. ClickFunnels also offers built-in email marketing.

4. Can Pipeline Pro automate my email and SMS outreach?

Yes, Pipeline Pro makes it easy to set up automated email and SMS sequences to engage prospects. Its workflow builder also simplifies creating multi-channel campaigns.

5. Does ClickFunnels have better analytics compared to Pipeline Pro?

Yes, ClickFunnels provides more robust funnel analytics to optimize performance at each stage. Pipeline Pro has more general sales metrics.

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