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OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels – Choosing The Better Sales Funnel Builder [2024]

Building an online business requires an effective sales funnel. However, setting up the required landing pages, checkout pages, and sales tools yourself can be challenging. Doing this all yourself requires a lot of specialized skills.

In this article, we will look at two popular sales funnel building tools – OptimizePress and ClickFunnels. We will compare the features and capabilities of each to help you determine which is better for your business goals. This OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels comparison aims to give you a clear understanding of which tool can better serve your online business.

After reading this, you will:

  • Understand the main uses and functions of OptimizePress and ClickFunnels.
  • See a feature comparison to reveal the strengths of each tool.
  • Learn which one excels for your specific business needs.
  • Discover if there are better alternative options.

Let’s dive in and determine whether OptimizePress or ClickFunnels is the superior sales funnel builder for 2024.

What is OptimizePress?

OptimizePress puts effective page-building strength in your hands, helping you grow your business and connect with more customers. You can easily add conversions-focused features in your WordPress without coding. This intuitive plugin lets you craft and visually build high-converting landing pages and sales funnels.

With drag-and-drop simplicity, you can create professional pages that capture leads and drive sales. The tool equips you to optimize your website and marketing without relying on designers.

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Best OptimizePress Features

Here are some of the key features that set OptimizePress apart :

i. Drag and Drop Builder

OptimizePress provides a user-friendly, drag-and-drop builder that you can use with intuitive design flexibility. This feature enables you to craft visually appealing and highly customized web pages effortlessly without extensive coding knowledge. You can simply drag elements into place, rearrange them, and create a website layout that aligns seamlessly with their brand and objectives.

ii. Order Bump and Upsell

One standout feature of OptimizePress is its capability for Order Bump and Upsell integration. You can effortlessly incorporate order bumps, use additional offers during the checkout process, and strategic upsells that can trigger your customers to upgrade or add complementary products or services.

iii. Optimized Landing Page

OptimizePress specializes in providing high-converting landing pages. These landing pages are strategically designed to capture your visitor’s attention, convey a compelling message, and drive conversions effectively.

iv. Conversion-Optimized Templates

OptimizePress offers a library of conversion-optimized templates that have a professional touch. These templates are crafted with industry best practices in mind, incorporating elements proven to engage your visitors and guide them through the conversion funnel. From compelling call-to-action buttons to strategically placed forms, each template is a testament to OptimizePress’s commitment to conversion-centric design.

v. Course and Membership Sites

OptimizePress has dedicated features for creating course and membership sites. You can structure and deliver educational content in a secure and user-friendly environment. This platform facilitates the creation of membership portals, allowing businesses and educators like you to monetize their expertise effectively.

Pros of Using OptimizePress

  • With its one-time payment model, you get access to a powerhouse of features without ongoing monthly fees.
  • Being a WordPress plugin, it gives you complete control over your website, allowing for extensive customization.
  • A strong user community and dedicated support team are there to help you navigate any challenges.

Cons of Using OptimizePress

  • It’s only available for WordPress users, so if you’re using another platform, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • With so many features, it might take some time to get fully acquainted with all the functionalities.
  • You’ll need to ensure it plays well with other plugins you might be using on your WordPress site.

What is Clickfunnels?

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one platform designed by sales expert Russell Brunson to simplify building high-converting funnels so entrepreneurs can focus on selling. Without needing to stitch together multiple software tools, you can visually create professional landing pages, order forms, upsell flows, and more to convert visitors into paying customers.

You can also build on proven sales principles, as ClickFunnels empowers both product and service businesses in any industry to engage audiences and boost sales.

optimizepress vs clickfunnels - clickfunnels homepage
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Best ClickFunnels Features

Let’s break down some best features of ClickFunnels to make your Sales funnel-building effort count

i. Crafting Funnels Made Effortless

You can effortlessly design a tailored funnel experience for any niche, complete with personalized landing pages, hassle-free checkout processes, and exclusive post-purchase promotions. The overall funnel construction process is user-friendly, allowing you to accumulate qualified leads.

ii. Global Product Creation

You can host your products within the ClickFunnels dashboard and smoothly integrate them into your sales strategies and funnels for an efficient user experience. Upload videos, and more to construct compelling landing pages that resonate with your audience.

iii. Collaborative Team

You can assign different funnel-building tasks to your team members and track progress in the Project Management interface for improved productivity using ClickFunnels. Delegate specific tasks in the funnel-building process to proficient team members, fostering a collaborative and productive work environment.

iv. A/B Testing

With the A/B testing feature of ClickFunnel, you can systematically analyze which variations resonate best with your audience. By comparing different elements, layouts, or content, you gain insights into what drives higher engagement and conversions on your website.

v. In-Depth Analytics

You can track key metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and user behavior using ClickFunnels. You can also make strategic, data-driven decisions to optimize your funnels for maximum impact.

Pros of Using ClickFunnel

  • Easy to use
  • Pre-designed templates
  • No technical Expertise needed
  • Good integration with popular marketing tools

Cons of Using ClickFunnel

  • A bit Expensive
  • Very less features in the free version
  • Not fully customization
  • Outdated Templates

OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels- Comparison Table

Main Use Case FocusSales Funnel buildingSales Funnel building
Ease of use for beginnersComplicated For BeginnersEasy
Pricing$147 – $297 /month (6 plans)$127-$208/month(3 plans)
Template LibraryUpdated Templates(All niches)Outdated templates( Specific niche)
Landing Page BuilderDrag and drop builderYes(In-app)
Checkout CustomizationYesYes
Drag and drop builderHighLimited
Funnel Building FeaturesOpt-in, Upsell, downsell & Order BumpUpsell,downsell & Order Bump
Email MarketingYesOpt-in, Upsell,downsell & Order Bump
A/B Split TestingYesYes
Affiliate ManagementYesYes
Analytics & ReportingDetailDetail
Support AvailabilityReliableNot Reliable

OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels- In-depth Key Differences

Let’s go into a detailed key difference between OptimizePress and ClickFunnels to help you make an informed decision :

i. Objectives and claims

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin focused on helping users create high-converting landing pages, sales funnels, and membership sites. Its core purpose is to assist you in turning visitors into leads and customers.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels is a standalone software designed specifically for building complete marketing and sales funnels beyond just landing pages. It provides a wider range of tools for email marketing, affiliate management, advanced funnel configuration, and more.

ii. Template Library

OptimizePress provides a large library of professional templates aimed at landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, and membership sites. These can help you get started quickly.

ClickFunnels offers an extensive set of pre-made funnel templates designed for a variety of purposes like sales, webinars, product launches, and more. The focus is on full conversion funnel templates.

iii. Landing Page Builder

OptimizePress provides a user-friendly page builder that integrates directly into your WordPress dashboard, allowing you to enhance your site with engaging landing pages and content. It’s like giving your WordPress site a superpower.

ClickFunnels offers a dedicated landing page builder that’s laser-focused on conversion. It’s designed to work seamlessly within the funnel framework, ensuring that each page effectively contributes to your overall funnel strategy.

iv. Checkout Customization

Checkout customization with OptimizePress is straightforward, leveraging the WordPress environment to create a familiar and cohesive checkout experience for your users. This integration makes it easier to manage and customize your checkout process directly within WordPress.

ClickFunnels takes checkout customization to the next level, offering a variety of advanced features designed to boost conversions. These include one-click upsells, order bumps, and customizable checkout forms, all aimed at increasing your average order value and overall sales.

v. Page Customization & Flexibility

OptimizePress offers significant flexibility in page customization, allowing you to tailor your WordPress pages to match your specific needs and brand identity. This level of customization ensures that your pages not only function well but also look exactly how you want them to.

ClickFunnels, while offering a structured approach to maintain funnel integrity, still provides ample customization options. This ensures that your funnels are not only effective but also align with your brand’s aesthetic.

vi. Funnel Building Features

When it comes to building and managing sales funnels, ClickFunnels stands out with its comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for this purpose. From lead capture to final sale, ClickFunnels offers everything you need to create a seamless funnel experience.

OptimizePress, while offering strong page-building capabilities, doesn’t provide the same level of specialized tools for funnel creation and management, making ClickFunnels the better choice for businesses focused on building complex funnels.

vii. Email Marketing

ClickFunnels integrates email marketing capabilities directly into its platform, allowing you to seamlessly connect with your leads and customers at each stage of the funnel. This integration simplifies the process of nurturing leads and moving them through your sales process.

OptimizePress, on the other hand, requires the use of external plugins for email marketing, which can add complexity to your setup and may require additional configuration to achieve the same level of integration.

viii. Affiliate Management

Managing affiliates is an essential aspect of many online businesses, and ClickFunnels offers an integrated affiliate management system to help you set up and manage your affiliate programs with ease. This built-in feature simplifies the process of recruiting, managing, and paying affiliates.

OptimizePress users looking to manage affiliates would need to rely on additional WordPress plugins, such as AffiliateWP, which can integrate well but may require additional setup and management.

ix. Analytics & Reporting

When it comes to analytics and reporting, OptimizePress offers basic analytics within its platform. However, for more in-depth insights, you might need to rely on third-party analytics tools. This means you may have to integrate additional tools to gather detailed information about your site and funnel performance.

On the other hand, ClickFunnels provides comprehensive analytics directly within its platform. This allows you to track various metrics, including funnel performance, conversion rates, and user behavior. With ClickFunnels, you get a more integrated and comprehensive solution for monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness of your funnels.

x. Pricing

Now, let’s talk about pricing. OptimizePress offers a one-time payment option for its WordPress plugin. This can be a cost-effective solution for those who prefer making a single upfront investment, especially if you want to avoid recurring costs.

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, operates on a subscription-based model. This means you’ll have recurring costs based on your chosen pricing tier. While this involves ongoing expenses, it often comes with a broader spectrum of features, providing you with a more extensive toolkit for your online marketing needs.

xi. Support Availability

In terms of support, both platforms aim to assist users effectively. OptimizePress provides support through documentation, forums, and videos. The support structure is comprehensive, ensuring that you can find answers to your queries through various channels.

ClickFunnels offers customer support through various channels as well, including live chat, email, and extensive documentation. The availability of support aligns with ClickFunnels’ commitment to ensuring users have the assistance they need when navigating the platform.

Ultimately, your choice between OptimizePress and ClickFunnels will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Whether you prioritize a one-time payment, comprehensive analytics, or the type of support available, both platforms offer distinct advantages based on your unique requirements.

The Better Alternative

As you saw, in the comparison of OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels, they both have their unique advantages. But what if you are looking for something that can combine the strengths of both tools? Then you should rather look into a third option- WPFunnels

WPFunnels Homepage

FeatureWPFunnelOptimizePressClick Funnel
Visual Funnel MappingYesYesNo
Custom Landing PagesYesYesYes
Customized CheckoutYesYesYes
Sales funnel builderYes (via WooCommerce)YesYes
Lead funnel builderYesYesYes
Product ManagementYes (via WooCommerce)NoYes
Email MarketingYes (via Mail Mint)YesYes
Membership siteNoYesYes
Vedio Hosting Self-HostedSelf-hostedHosted on ClickFunnels
Affiliate ManagementYes (via AffiliateWP)YesYes
Integrate To Current WebsiteYes (for WordPress)YesNo
Support availabilityFastFastFast

Is WPFunnels A Better Option?

WPFunnels gives you complete control to self-host your website and sales funnels without relying on an external platform which OptimizePress doesn’t provide. This makes it easy to integrate with other plugins to build customized funnels tailored to your business.

With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, WPFunnels prioritizes usability and simplicity in funnel building so anyone can create high-converting landing pages, checkout flows, forms, and more. Compared to ClickFunnels and OptimizePress, WPFunnels is much easier to use.

You can build a wide variety of funnels from lead generation and product launches. this funnel-building tool also stands out with quality customer support, which means that you’ll get timely assistance if any issues occur. This gives you peace of mind that expert help is available.

Finally, WPFunnels shines with budget-friendly pricing suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. Unlike other funnel builders like OptimizePress, WPFunnels has an affordable one-time license fee, making it accessible for any scale business to use the platform and own it.

WPFunnels is the easiest self-hosted WordPress funnel builder you can choose that puts you in full control to create high-converting sales funnels without cutting your pocket.

WPFunnels Pricing

  • Free on WordPress repo: Basic features for free (link)
  • Small Annual Plan: $8.09 per month (billed annually) for 1 site
  • Medium Annual Plan: $12.25 per month (billed annually) for 5 sites
  • Large Annual Plan: $19.75 per month (billed annually) for 50 sites
wpfunnels pricing

OptimizePress vs ClickFunnels vs WPFunnels: Which One Should You Use?

Acknowledge that there is no clear winner. It depends on what kind of sales funnel-building features your business needs.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you to build your sales funnel, and landing page with high speed, visual editing, and high customization then OptimizePress will be the best choice.

Clickfunnels would be a great choice if you prefer a tool that needs no coding knowledge and is easy to use.

However, We recommend that if you are someone who’s looking for a tool that has drag and drag-and-drop builder and can create landing pages quickly but without coding knowledge Then you should try using WPFunnels. It will be more affordable and easier to operate than other platforms with advanced features.


When deciding between OptimizePress and ClickFunnels for your business, first consider your core needs and budget.

OptimizePress offers simpler WordPress landing page building with a one-time license fee. This works well for bloggers and smaller brands optimizing their lead generation.

For larger businesses ready to invest in sales infrastructure, ClickFunnels provides an end-to-end funnel-building environment. Evaluate both platforms closely based on the key differences outlined regarding capabilities, integrations, and pricing models.

You can’t go wrong with either solution – both are good for creating high-converting funnels without coding. If you want the benefits of both, you can think of WPFunnels.

However, Pick the one tailored best to your goals and growth strategy.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ1:What happens if I stop paying for ClickFunnels?

As ClickFunnels works on a monthly subscription model, if you stop payments, you will lose access to the funnel editor, built funnels, and all platform features. With OptimizePress’s one-time pricing, you maintain full access forever.

FAQ2: Can I create an entire membership site with either platform?

Yes, both OptimizePress and ClickFunnels enable building full membership sites with protected content, dripping content, and member profiles. ClickFunnels tends to have more advanced membership tools while OptimizePress membership capabilities are more basic.

FAQ3: Which is easier for beginners to start with?

A: OptimizePress is generally simpler and easier for beginners to start creating sales funnels and landing pages. The learning curve is less steep compared to ClickFunnels which has a more robust set of marketing tools.

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