Email Acquisition Strategies To Increase Your Leads

10 Email Acquisition Strategies To Increase Your Leads

Collecting leads is vital for any business to succeed but it is often difficult to acquire leads that are qualified and engaged at the same time.

However, if you are able to use the right email acquisition strategies, then it is possible to get quality leads on a large scale without excessive efforts or additional costs.

Today, you will learn about 10 proven email acquisition strategies that can help you acquire more potential leads and help you grow your business significantly.

So let’s begin.

What is Email Acquisition?

Email acquisition refers to the process of collecting email addresses from potential customers and website visitors. It involves encouraging people to subscribe or opt-in to receive emails from your business.

Having a proper email acquisition strategy allows you to build an email list that you can market to directly. Email marketing has one of the highest ROI compared to other channels, so focusing on email acquisition is essential.

Benefits Of Proper Email Acquisition Strategies In Place

Implementing thoughtful email acquisition strategies allows you to enjoy exclusive benefits such as

  • Build relationships and engage with leads directly via email.
  • Enables more targeted marketing campaigns based on subscriber data.
  • Drives repeat business and referrals through ongoing communication.
  • Improves brand awareness as more people join your list.
  • Provides an alternate revenue stream through email promotions.

In short, proper email acquisition can help you get high results from your email marketing efforts.

10 Effective Email Acquisition Strategies To Get High-Quality Leads

Following are 10 proven strategies to acquire leads that are optimized for engagement and conversions.

1. Use Compelling Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are one of the most common elements used to collect leads. Basically, these are free, valuable content such as ebooks, cheatsheets, guides, etc., that you offer in exchange for a prospect’s email address or phone number.

For example, as an accounting firm, you can offer a downloadable tax preparation checklist as a lead magnet, and people have to opt-in to your email list to gain access to it. This practical resource is likely to appeal to those who may be interested in your main services. So the leads collected have more potential, and you can run tailored email campaigns to convert them later.

A lead magnet has to be something valuable that is relevant or useful to your target audience. So when planning one, you have to research your target audience and identify their pain points, needs, and interests. And then you may create a resource that is related to these data to ensure you get to collect leads that are potential.

Lead Magnet Ideas To Collect Emails Easily

Effective lead magnets feature relevant, useful intel or tools. The most compelling offerings demonstrate expertise while solving initial pain points. Consider these concepts:

  • Ebooks: Comprehensive digital books providing in-depth information or guides on a specific topic of interest.
  • Whitepapers: Authoritative reports or guides that present research, solutions, or insights on a particular industry issue or problem.
  • Cheatsheets: Condensed, easy-to-follow guides or summaries offering quick reference to essential information.
  • Free trial access: Offering limited-time access to a product or service to allow potential customers to experience its features and benefits.
  • Discount coupons: Providing special offers or reduced prices as an incentive for future purchases or sign-ups.
  • Checklists: Simplified lists outlining steps or tasks to accomplish a goal or solve a problem efficiently.
  • Toolkit/Resource kits: Bundles of valuable tools, resources, or materials that assist in achieving specific objectives or tasks.
  • Free consultation: Providing expert advice or guidance in a personalized session to address individual needs or concerns.
  • Interactive quizzes: Engaging assessments or quizzes that offer insights, knowledge, or personalized recommendations based on user responses.
  • Templates: Pre-designed formats or layouts that serve as a starting point for creating documents, presentations, or other materials.

Here’s a guide on how you can create a good lead magnet easily.

2. Implement Pop-Up and Fly-In Opt-Ins

You may initiate pop-ups or fly-ins to grab the attention of visitors and convince them to opt in by making contextual offers.

For example, when a person visits a blog on your website, you may trigger an opt-in and promise him to get valuable content sent out to subscribers similar to that one. People who will find it useful may opt-in.

Again, when someone visits one of your landing pages, you may set up a fly-in to allow a demo request opting in with email, name, and phone number.

The idea is to place such forms with relevant CTAs in various potential content on the website to get interested leads.

3. Leverage Gateed-Content For Email Sign-Ups

You may prepare high-quality content and offer a partial part of it for free viewers. And then, to view the full content, urge the readers to subscribe to your email list.

Content such as statistical reports, survey results, case studies, technical guides, etc., can be used in this strategy.

People who come to read this content are in dire need of help and certain interested in relevant topics. So chances are, they will not hesitate to subscribe.

This is a great email collection strategy when you have the option to prepare such high-value content.

4. Host Webinars and Exclusive Events

A great email acquisition strategy that is highly effective is hosting webinars or virtual events.

Basically, you may consider hosting free webinars or interactive virtual events to discuss topics that will address pain points, needs, or goals of your target audience.

However, make people register for such events using their names and emails and only send links to join the events via email.

People who will join are potential leads because they have certain requirements that you can help with.

5. Use Social Media for Email Collection

Social media enables you to forge connections with existing and potential customers on highly popular, accessible platforms. This exposure can then be leveraged to grow your email lists.

One prime tactic is running contests and giveaways on social channels. You may announce a giveaway contest and ask people to enter the contest by registering with a name and email.

Some social platforms allow offer lead ads to collect leads via paid promotion. For example, Facebook’s lead ads allow you to reach a wide range of targeted audiences to make them request communication by providing their names and emails. This may involve some additional money, but if done right, it can boost your lead generation by a huge margin.

You may also create a social community such as a Facebook Group or a Quora Space with people interested in a common topic related to what you offer. Make it mandatory for people to submit their email addresses to join. Use an automation tool that integrates with Facebook group questions to collect these emails actively.

Overall, social media has tons of ways to help you with email acquisition.

6. Use Exit-Intent Pop-Ups and Offers

An unpopular tactic to collect leads is by using exit-intent pop-ups. It involves strategically displaying compelling offers or incentives to visitors who are about to leave your website, encouraging them to subscribe via email.

These pop-ups trigger when a user shows signs of exiting the site, providing a last-minute opportunity to capture their attention and convert them into potential leads or subscribers by offering value in exchange for their email address.

Exit intents are often frowned up by many as it can be annoying for some people. However, if used smartly, certain niches can get lots of leads using this tactic.

7. Conducting Contests and Giveaways

One way to create an online buzz and acquire leads is to run a contest or giveaway event.

Basically, you can host an exciting contest, such as creating a creative video on a topic related to your target audience, and offer an attractive incentive in return. Make it so that the person has to register via an opt-in form to enter the contest.

Similarly, you may host a giveaway event where people have to join a raffle draw by using their emails.

This is a great way to get the more relevant audience excited about your brand and help you reach more prospects, helping with lead acquisition.

In 2006, Coca-Cola launched a unique and successful contest called “My Coke Rewards.” Customers were encouraged to collect codes from Coca-Cola products and enter them online for a chance to win various prizes, from merchandise to special experiences. This contest not only engaged customers in collecting points but also created a community around the brand.

Of course, these leads may not be highly engaging on the whole. You may have to use a nurturing email series to identify the active ones and exclude the inactive ones from your regular email campaigns.

8. Conduct Online Surveys

You may host surveys on public groups or via Ads to get industry data, while also acquiring leads.

For example, as a travel agency, you may create a survey asking about travel preferences and dream destinations. Upon completion, you may offer participants to subscribe to your newsletter for exclusive travel deals and destination guides.

This approach will allow you to collect valuable data about customer preferences while organically growing your email list by engaging participants with relevant content and incentives tailored to their interests.

9. Use Interactive Quizzes or Assessments

Interactive quizzes or assessments can be a great lead acquisition strategy.

You may create engaging quizzes or assessments that captivate users’ interest and provide valuable insights, often collecting leads through email opt-ins.

For instance, suppose you are part of a financial consulting firm. You may design a “Financial Health Quiz” allowing participants to assess their financial wellness. At the end of the quiz, you may offer participants a personalized financial tip or report in exchange for their email addresses.

This method not only engages the audience but also captures leads by offering tailored insights and nurturing potential clients through targeted follow-up emails and services.

10. Exclusive Email-Only Discounts or Offers

A unique way to collect leads is to offer special deals or promotions exclusively to individuals who sign up for your email list.

For example, suppose you own an online clothing retail business. You may offer a limited-time “VIP Access Sale” with a 20% discount code sent only to people who register. Display this offer prominently on your website and social media channels to entice visitors and convince them to join your email list to access the exclusive sale. Hence, you are able to capture leads who are interested in discounts by fostering a sense of exclusivity among subscribers.

This strategy encourages immediate sign-ups and also establishes a direct channel to engage and convert leads through tailored promotional content.

Best Practices To Collect Leads Efficiently

While you dive into lead acquisition, you should try to optimize the overall process by following some best practices as follows:

  • Only request essential contact details like name and email address
  • Use pop-up and embedded forms sparingly to avoid annoying visitors
  • Offer valuable lead magnets that provide solutions to your audience’s needs
  • Ensure your sign-up forms are easy to find and fill out
  • Have a compelling value proposition and headlines for opt-in forms
  • Send welcome and confirmation emails when someone joins your list
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe and manage preferences
  • Ensure data security and privacy policies

Reliable Tools To Collect Leads Efficiently

Now, one of the crucial parts of the whole email acquisition process is to have the right tool to be able to carry out your overall email collection strategies.

Following are a few reliable tools that can help you effectively acquire leads with high quality.

1. Mail Mint

Mail Mint is a reliable email marketing automation platform in WordPress that comes with exclusive lead capture forms to collect leads, effective email list management features such as custom segmentation, visual email automation workflows, drag-and-drop email builder, automated recurring campaigns, list-engagement automation, and many more. The plugin will make it super easy for you to acquire leads and run email campaigns without any complications while giving you full control.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation tool that enables website owners to create and display engaging opt-in forms, pop-ups, and other lead capture forms. It offers various targeting options and integrates with popular email marketing services to help grow email lists effectively.

Learn more about OptinMonster.

3. Sumo

Sumo provides a suite of tools designed to help websites increase their traffic, grow email lists, and convert visitors into subscribers or customers. It includes features like pop-ups, social share buttons, email capture forms, and analytics to optimize conversion rates and email acquisition strategies.

Learn more about Sumo.

4. OptiMonk

Optimonk is a conversion optimization tool that specializes in creating targeted pop-ups, exit-intent pop-ups, and other forms to capture emails and reduce website abandonment. It allows customization and targeting based on user behavior to increase email sign-ups and conversions.

Learn more about OptiMonk.

5. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a lead generation tool that helps identify website visitors and provides insights into their behavior, even if they haven’t filled out any forms. It integrates with Google Analytics to track and analyze website traffic, revealing which companies visited the site, their interests, and contact information when available. This data aids in lead generation and email list building by allowing businesses to target potential leads who have shown interest in their products or services.

Learn more about Leadfeeder.


Building a robust email list is one of the best investments you can make for your business. Leveraging these email acquisition strategies will help you grow your subscriber base and generate more leads over time. Focus on creating value for potential subscribers, and make it easy for people to opt-in.

Start implementing a few of these email acquisition tactics today to see your email list and conversions steadily grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some good incentives for people to opt-in to your email list?

Some great incentives include lead magnets like ebooks, exclusive discounts and sales, contests and giveaways, free trials, and content upgrades like templates or cheat sheets. Essentially you want to offer something valuable in exchange for their email address.

2. How do you write compelling headlines and copy for opt-in forms?

Focus on showcasing the value and highlighting what the person will receive or gain by signing up. Avoid generic phrases like “Sign up here!” and make sure your messaging is relevant to your offer. Test different headlines and copy variants to see what converts best.

3. What are exit-intent popups?

Exit-intent popups display a targeted offer or opt-in form when someone is about to leave your website. They help capture email leads who are interested in your content but haven’t subscribed yet. They should be used sparingly and with value-driven offers.

4. Are specific lead collection tools suitable for small businesses with limited resources?

Tools like MailMint, Sumo, Optimonk, and Leadfeeder are quite affordable and scalable solutions for small businesses. These platforms provide comprehensive features without overwhelming costs, ensuring that even with limited resources, you can effectively collect and manage leads.

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