Skyrocket Your Sales Using Dynamic WooCommerce Funnels

Take your buyers into a sales funnel directly from the WooCommerce store and increase revenue with dynamic order bump, upsell & dowsell offers.

 dynamic WooCommerce funnels

Make Targeted Offers Based On Conditions That You Define

Trigger meaningful funnels based on the buyers' choice in your store and set up conditional sales offers on product categories, price range, quantity, and many more!

Dynamic Category-based Funnels
Dynamic Category-based Funnels
Target Cart Total To Get Offers
Target Cart Total To Get Offers
Sales Funnel For Popular Products
Sales Funnel For Popular Products
Dynamic Offers On Specific Products
Dynamic Offers On Specific Products

Use Dynamic Upsell Offers Like You've Never Seen Before

Take your buyer's experience to a whole new level using unique product offers for every buyer with dynamic product data.

Dynamic WooCommerce funnels

Craft Your Own Dynamic WooCommerce Funnels Easily!

It’s super easy to start using global funnels. Here’s how it works:

WooCommerce + Global Funnels = Money

Use the promising Global Funnels Add-on with WPFunnels and ramp up your WooCommerce revenue like never before.

Specific Conditions To Trigger Funnels

Choose between several conditions when a buyer will enter the sales funnel from the WooCommerce store.

conditional funnels

Dynamic Product Offers Per Category

Make meaningful order bump, upsell or downsell offers with a specific, random or highest sold product in a category.

dynamic product

Special Layouts For Dynamic Data

Display dynamic offer data on your offer pages using exclusive Layouts for product data.

dynamic data

Leverage the visual funnel builder to your advantage and grow your business with conditional sales funnels.

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You need WPFunnels Pro and the Global Funnels addon for this feature to work.

Simply purchase any plans of WPFunnels except the Small Annual plan, and you will be able to use the Global Funnel Addon.

Take your buyers to a conditional funnel from your WooCommerce store after they add products to their cart.
A Global Funnel doesn’t have any landing step like a traditional funnel as it initiates after the cart page.

Yes, you can add as many as you want using different conditions!

Currently, it’s compatible with Simple products, Variable products, and Subscription products (created with WooCommerce subscription plugin).

Yes, you can! 

Trigger your Global Funnels based on these exclusive conditions:

  • Based on product category, product tag, product quantity
  • Highest sold product, Most popular product, Highest rated product, Most reviewed product in the cart
  • Based on the Shipping Class
  • Based on the User Role
  • Run funnel for a specific date, or a date range

Multiple conditions are applied as “Or” for initiating your Global Funnel.

Right now the following conditions are available for showing dynamic offers:

  • Specific product
  • More quantity of the main product in cart
  • Random product in category
  • Highest sold product in store
  • Highest sold product in category
  • Random product in tag
  • Random product in shop

Yes, simply select the condition: Enter funnel if – “specific date” or “date range” for initiating a funnel. 

Yes, you can create a single sales funnel for your entire WooCommerce store using the condition “Any product is selected”. Just follow this tutorial.

You can easily exclude some product categories from your funnel using the condition “Product category is not”. Just follow this tutorial.

Yes! Global Funnel has extensive conditions on Cart Total. You may follow this tutorial for purchase amount conditions.

Take your sales to the next level using Global WooCommerce Funnels

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