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How To Design Your Funnel Landing or Custom Page – Oxygen Builder

WPFunnels allows you to create and edit your funnel pages using Oxygen Page Builder.

In this short guide, you’ll learn to design and customize your Landing or Custom page with Oxygen Page Builder.

Editing your Custom step is same as Landing step.

So, let’s begin.

Design Your Funnel Landing Page with Oxygen Page Builder

Follow these steps to design or edit the Landing page of your funnels using Oxygen Page Builder.

Step 1:

Create a new sales funnel using WPFunnels or simply start editing an existing funnel.

Step 2:

Click on the Landing step in your funnel canvas, and 3 new options will appear on top of it.

  • View
  • Edit
  • Configure

Click on the Edit icon and it’ll open a new tab with Oxygen, where you can edit this page.

WPFunnels edit Landing step

Note: If you set Oxygen as the default page builder the Landing page will open with Oxygen. You can change the default page builder from the WPFunnels Settings.

WPFunnels Edit With Oxygen Builder Option

Step 3:

From this page, change the Template to WPFunnels Canvas to get the full Canvas.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Full-Canvas Option

Step 4:

Now, to start editing the Landing page, click on the Edit With Oxygen button, and you will see that the Landing page is opened with the Oxygen builder.

Wpfunnels Oxygen Builder Editor

Step 5:

Now, to edit any segment, click on the section, and you will get the relevant options on the left side of the screen.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Edit Landing Page

Make any changes you want and to save the changes, click on the Save button on the upper right corner of the screen, and your landing page changes will be saved.

Step 6:

To add the Next Step Button to your landing page, click on the Add button from the upper left side of the screen, and you will get all the available Oxygen builder elements.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Add New Element

Click on the WPFunnels accordion, and the WPFunnels elements will be loaded below.

Oxygen Builder WPFunnels Elements

Step 7:

Click on the Next Step Button element, and it will be added to the landing page canvas.

If you select the button, you will get the button-related settings on the left side of the window.

Here, you can easily change the button text by replacing the button text field texts.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Next Step Button

Step 8:

To change any style of the button, click on the Button Style option from the left.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Next Step Button Design

Once you click on the Button Style, you will get the options to change the button style, such as Background Color, Background Hover Color, etc.

Also, you will get the Button Border and the Typography option under these options – you can change them as per your need.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Next Step Button Design Options

Step 9:

Finally, once the editing is done, click on the Save button from the top-right of the window and the changes will be saved.

WPFunnels Oxygen Builder Save Button

That’s it, your Landing Page is Ready.

Now you can go and start editing your Checkout Page.

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