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Utilize WooCommerce Triggers in Mail Mint Automation

WooCommerce Automation in Mail Mint gives a powerful way to automate actions based on specific events of your WooCommerce store.

This documentation will guide you through the process of creating automation triggers for WooCommerce in Mail Mint. Each trigger has its own purpose and settings that you can configure on the right side of the interface.

Step 1: Create An Automation

Go to Automations Module and click on “+New Automation”

Create New Automation

Once you click on it, a new module will open with a few pre built templates for automation. You can use the ones that are built for WooCommerce in this case. Or you can create one from scratch.

WooCommerce automation templates

Step 2: Select The Type of Automation You Want To Create

You will find different types of Triggers or events you can use for creating WooCommerce Based Automation workflow.

WooCommerce Triggers in Mail Mint

Let’s see one by one what these triggers do and how they work.

First Order In Store:

This trigger is activated when someone makes their first purchase in your WooCommerce store.


You can use Welcome emails for your new customers to make them feel welcome in your store.

first order in woocommerce store

Product Ordered:

This trigger is activated when a product has been ordered in WooCommerce. When using this trigger, you must add a specific product.


You can use this trigger for creating upsell emails for defined products. Following is an example,

product ordered

New Order Placed

This trigger is activated when a new order is placed in WooCommerce.


  • You can send emails regarding their order, how you will ship the order, and how much time it might take for the order to be delivered.
  • Also, you can send simple Thank You Emails immediately after they have placed a new order.
New order placed in WooCommerce

Order Completed:

This trigger is activated when an order is marked as completed. When using this trigger, you must add a specific product.


You can use this trigger to thank your users for purchasing a product from your store, and you can even offer something special along with the email if you want.

Order Completed

Target Order Status

This trigger allows you to specify a particular order status and add actions in the automation workflow based on that status.

Status of Orders:

  • Pending: The order has been received but has not yet been processed or confirmed due to payment issues.
  • Processing: Payment was received by the admin and stock has been reduced; the order is now being prepared or processed.
  • Cancelled: The order has been cancelled by the customer or the seller and the stock of the product has been increased.
  • Refunded: The payment for the order has been refunded to the customer from the admin.
  • On Hold: This status is given when you are waiting for the payment, the stock has been reduced from your end, but you need to confirm payment from the customer.
  • Completed: The order has been successfully processed and fulfilled.
  • Failed: The payment from the customer failed or was declined (unpaid) or requires authentication.
Target Order Status

You can use workflows based on the status that you find suitable for your email campaigns.

Order Failed:

This trigger is activated when an order fails.


You can create an automation that sends an email to customers when their order fails, providing assistance or suggesting alternative products.

Order Failed

By utilizing these automation triggers available in Mail Mint, you can automate different email campaigns for your WooCommerce store.

Each trigger serves a unique purpose so that you can create personalized and timely interactions with your customers.

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